10 Alternative Websites Like Shutterstock to Get Quality Images

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Shutterstock is one of the best sources for royalty free images that you can find in the online world. You can find almost everything you require on Shutterstock. However, the services and prices of Shutterstock are quite expensive to some people. That’s probably why so many people are looking for sites like Shutterstock where you can get either more pictures at a great price or even sites with free stock pictures. Keep in mind that there are lots of websites like Shutterstock out there, including both the paid and free ones. So make sure that you check the list below and pick the right one to suit your needs.

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Pexels (Free)

Pexel mainpage screenshot

Pexels is a Shutterstock alternative that many people like because it’s simple, easy to use and very adaptable to your projects. You have only 30-40k pictures here, so it’s nowhere near the millions of images on Shutterstock. The photos are professionally taken, and the site does have a dedicated app and PS plugin. So you can find and access the stuff you want whenever you need it without visiting the website. It’s a great concept, and it’s one of the few sites like Shutterstock but free that actually provide this type of feature. You rarely have that, and it goes to show the value that you can obtain from all this kind of stuff all the time. Also, Pexels shares content under the Creative Commons License, so all images are suitable for commercial use if you want to use them that way.

Pixabay (Free)

pixabay mainpage screenshot

Pixabay is excellent because it has more than 1 million images and they are also under the Creative Commons License. Another great thing about this site is that unlike others in this list, this one actually has royalty-free vector graphics, videos, and illustrations too. The content quality is, and the fact that you can use this commercially is beneficial for sure. If you want to find websites like Shutterstock but free, this is by far one of the better options. Do keep in mind that you need to use categories and the right keywords, as some images might be harder to find. It’s a worthwhile ShutterStock alternative if you are focused on finding images for your current project.

Unsplash (Free)

unsplash screenshot

Unsplash is all about offering you a whole bunch of cool images. It covers a ton of categories, be it health, arts, culture, experimental, spirituality, food and drink, fashion, travel, animals, business and work, architecture, textures, wallpapers and so on. It’s important to note that they have a section for current events, something that other websites don’t really seem to have nowadays. The search system is simple, and the fact that they do feature some of the latest images on the site means every time you can find something new and exciting. That alone really makes things very interesting and impressive, especially if you are passionate about finding great images.

StockSnap (Free)

Stocksnap mainpage screenshot

While not a lot of people know StockSnap site, it’s a good ShutterStock alternative because it has lots of great photographers sharing content here. Again, everything is shared under the Creative Commons License, which is very exciting for every creator. They do tend to offer more gadget-centric images if anything, but there are some other nice categories that you can check out too, which is vital to keep in mind. For the most part, you will find this website very easy to approach and its overall feature set really pays off. Just make sure that you input the right keywords.

The Stocks (Free)

the stocks main site

The Stocks is different mainly because it doesn’t have its own images. Instead, it pulls images from other stock websites that are free of charge. As a result, you can find the right pictures you want without a problem. Because it’s mostly a search engine for sites like Shutterstock, it can take a bit of time to find the right images here. However, it’s great because you can also find fonts, colors, icons and videos here. It’s a wonderful tool to use especially if you want to get the best content in the online world. You do want to check it out and give it a try, as it helps a lot if you’re not going to search every stock site for an image.


istock mainpage screenshot

The Stocks does an outstanding job in offering amazing images from all over the world. They also feature illustrations, videos, audio content and photos too. Their internal search engine is, and they also have boards that bring you fantastic support and benefits all the time. All you have to do is to check it out, and you will be more than happy to assist. The price points can be a bit confusing. However, this is a good ShutterStock alternative especially if you want quality content at a very good price, so try to keep that in mind if you want nice pictures for all budgets.


123Rf main site screenshot

Since you have millions of photos, video clips, vectors and music files you will find this site to help you quite a bit. The licensing is easy to understand, and they do have a great 123RF subscription plan that you can enjoy all the time. With that in mind, they do have a credit system too, not to mention they add hundreds of images every day. So there’s new cool content to check out, as well as very professional images for every project. The addition of footage and other great features really make it impressive and unique, so you should consider giving it a try if possible just because it’s a great and reliable website for those in need of stock content.


Fotolia main website

Fotolia has been around since 2004, and it continues to be one of the top services for those that want websites like Shutterstock. It’s an Adobe-powered service, and they do know how to give you the best value and quality for the money. They have a plethora of different categories to choose from, and the interesting thing is that they are also selling images, videos, templates, 3D and editorial content, among many others. There’s always something suitable for your projects here, and their internal search engine is very customizable and easy to use. It is undoubtedly worth your time if you are a professional looking for good content.



Dreamstime covers more than 101 million images, videos, audio content, editorial and so on. They are also offering regionalized pricing, which is important to note. Unlike other websites similar to Shutterstock which are paid, this one is actually delivering some public domain images too. That being said, the image quality is incredible, and you will get 4K footage too, something awe-inspiring and interesting all the same. You should totally check it out, as it’s incredible to see the tremendous amount of content that you can find here. Do keep in mind that if you download lots of images, this can be a bit expensive.

Getty Images

getty images-main-sites

Many people consider that GettyImages is one of the most powerful image search websites that you can find online. The great thing is that you have just about all kinds of images out there. They have high-quality pics, videos, and music. All of that is stock content that you can access right away. Getty Images also features celebrity-related content and news images too. So here you can pretty much find all kinds of images that will suit all the projects you are working on. It’s interesting and unique, but also extremely powerful and distinctive. Check it out, and you are bound to enjoy this website just because it’s affordable and it has a wealth of content.


There are lots of sites like Shutterstock out there. Even if you can’t find the image you want on Shutterstock, there are many other websites ready to help you. Some are paid, others are free, but you can still find great content regardless of how much you are willing to take out of your pocket. Just remember, focus on quality and make sure that the images you want look great and suit your project. Once you have all of that, you will get amazing results. Yes, it’s better to find free images, but if you can’t then to with the paid Shutterstock alternatives, as they are just as good!

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10 Alternative Websites Like Shutterstock to Get Quality Images

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