Top 8 Alternative Sites Like Pexels for Free Stock Images

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Pexels is a great website for free stock images. However, the reality is that even a site like this can’t have all the pictures you want. That’s maybe why you need to take your time and actively figure out if there are any other similar sites like Pexels. Thankfully there are many Pexels alternatives where you can enjoy and download free images, and some of them may be even better than Pexels in some aspects. It will be a great experience and a fantastic opportunity to access the content you expect and want, so don’t hesitate and check the best 8 websites like Pexels to enjoy a vast number of free stock photos.

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The first website like Pexels on the list is Pixabay. When you visit Pixabay, you know what to expect. The site is created with a significant focus on sharing lots of images, and you also have videos, vectors, photos, and illustrations here as well. It’s a great Pexels alternative just because it has a ton of images. New stuff is coming out all the time, and you can enjoy it without any problem or anything like that. Granted, it does take a bit of time to check it out adequately, but it works, and you will enjoy it all the same. You can use images from Pixabay for both personal and commercial use without worrying about the copyright issues.


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Unsplash is one of the websites like Pexels that stands out with its focus on collections and high categories. You will always find it easy to enjoy and explore all the features you want, and the great thing is that you have customizability and exciting, new features right in front of you all the time. In fact, it just makes the entire process more convenient, and you will particularly appreciate the high quality and attention to detail delivered by the whole process. That alone makes Unsplash a great alternative site to Pexels since everything is of excellent quality and you obtain extraordinary images quickly.


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The next website similar to Pexels for free stock photos is Flickr. The main strength behind Flickr is that it has been here for a very long time. Finding images has never been more comfortable here, and you will be delighted and excited about the way everything works. Rest assured that it’s unique and fun to check out and the best part is that you can always find new and creative things all the same. You have to keep in mind that licensing here can be a bit iffy at times, but for the most part, it will be worth it, and you will enjoy using the platform for sure.


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StockSnap is also a great site like Pexels, which has a massive range of images that you can check out, and all of them are of outstanding quality. You also have filters and tags too, not to mention things like downloads and so on that make it easy for you to access the content you want in no time. They don’t have a lot of pictures either, but you can find free stock picks as you see fit. Also, that alone makes this website a very powerful, albeit a bit intriguing one. So you should check it out and try it at the very least.

Negative Space

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Negative Space is one of the sites like Pexels without much popularity, it should have more exposure since it delivers plenty of cool features and some great ideas that you can try out and enjoy. It might not have the same complexity and function set that other similar sites do but designed with a focus on quality and a great experience all the same. It might take a bit of getting used to, however, just because it’s so exciting and straightforward to check out. You will appreciate and enjoy using it for sure, especially if you want to find one of the sites like Pexels with a great community and unique photos.


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Gratisography does a fantastic job just like many of the websites like Pexels. It has a pretty substantial amount of images you can access, and the great thing about it is that you can always find the newest photos on the first page. They do have various licenses, and you can browse categories to find the images you want. While the website does take a bit of time to get used to due to its design, accessing and downloading images is not that hard, and that makes the experience of using it a great delight. Sure, you can’t create an account or access favorites, but it’s still lovely and an excellent tool to use either way.



With more than 300,000 images to access in FreeImages, this site might have all the stuff you want and so much more. Just like the other websites like Pexels, you do have new and favorite photos, lots of categories and plenty of collections for you to check out. Yes, it’s a bit of a challenge to enjoy and explore all the experience, but that’s the thing that makes this a great website. You never really know what images you can find, and you will be quite amazed by the level of detail and great results.


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You don’t have to be a wizard to access the best images out there. With Pikwizard, you can get the Pexels alternative you always wanted and so much more. They put a lot of detail into everything to ensure that your content is exciting and fun, and at the same time, you have lots of categories as well. Despite being free, the website is quite full of content, and you can find tons of images. It’s not as comprehensive as the stock libraries out there, but in the end, it doesn’t have to be like that. You need to check it out, and you will have a great time with it.


While Pexels is a great free image hosting website, other similar sites will give a fantastic experience too. So there you go, we hope you will like these free stock photo websites like Pexels. All of them will make it easy to find beautiful images without that much of an effort. You have to make the right pick and give it a try, it will work quite nicely, and that’s what matters in the end. By the way, you can leave your comments below if you know any other better solutions or if you have any question about this article. Any opinion will be appreciated. Thank you!

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