How to Remove Watermarks in Photoshop

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How to Remove Watermarks in Photoshop

Watermark is usually a text, logo or pattern that is appeared on the image or video to recognize the ownership. These are placed to avoid copyright issues. Mostly brands and companies use to put a watermark on their products, videos or images so that no other person can copy it. Also, these watermarks are translucent and very hard to remove. Problems in removing the logos or watermarks mostly depend on the color, image, position, and size. You will find numerous tutorials accessible on the web that can help you to remove logos or watermarks from the photos by using Photoshop. However, many of these tutorials are complicated and hard to learn. We will give you a clear description of how to remove watermark in Photoshop.

How to Remove Watermark in Photoshop

photoshop cover Adobe Photoshop is the best graphics editor software which was established and published by Adobe Inc. This app allows you to manage, compose and edit the images in numerous layers. It can be used to change or remove the background of a photo. Also, photoshop can be utilized by many people to remove the watermarks from the images, you can use the color of the image, and remove any logo or watermark if it is placed on any image. In fact, if you want to recycle and reuse the watermarked images for your purposes, you will need to change it or eliminate it. Below, you will find the ways about how to remove logo or watermark from the image by using photoshop.

Step1 Download and install Adobe Photoshop

First, visit the official website of Adobe Photoshop to get the installer and continue on installing by following the installation guidelines.

download PS

Step2 Open the photo with watermark

Next, run the app, and open the the image with watermark by clicking the “Open” option, under the “File” menu list. Also, you can drag and drop the photo to the tool to open it.

open image

Step3 Start removing the watermark

You can start removing the watermark, we need to draw a rectangle with the same color as the background. To do that, from the leftmost part of Photoshop, you can see the toolbar, choose the “Rectangle tool” to start the drawing the shape. Then, make sure that the color of the shape is the same as the background, click the “Fill” tool for you to choose a color.

remove the watermark

Step4 Save your edited photo

Finally, you removed the watermark from the image. You can save your photo under “File” menu, then select “Export,” then choose “Save for web” to save the picture. You can also click “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S” at the same time to save the image.

export your work

Alternative Option - AceThinker Watermark Eraser

AceThinker Watermark Eraser is an essential yet capable device for ousting watermarks from video and pictures. Everything considered, besides watermarks, it can erase logos, watermarks and any undesired articles from your record. The whole technique for removing a watermark is basic and smart. It is a handy software that lets you easily remove a watermark from an image or video with high proficiency. If removing watermark in Photoshop is still a little complicated for you, you can use this alternate option to clear the watermark as you want. Follow the below steps, and you will get your work perfectly done.

Step1 Get and install the app

Go to AceThinker Watermark Remover website and download the installer. You can also get the installer by clicking on the “Download” button below.

Try It Free

Step2 Add the image with watermark

To proceed on editing, click the “Add image” button to add the image with watermark. Once you added the image, you can start to remove the watermark.

watermark eraser step 2

Step3 Begin to delete the watermark

After opening the image to the tool, you can remove the watermark by highlighting it, just drag the cursor of the mouse to select the watermark. Then, click the “Convert” button to start to remove the watermark. Once the conversion is finish, it will bring you to the file location of the edited image, you can see that the picture doesn’t have the watermark anymore.

watermark eraser step 3


Now you’ve got the idea about how to remove watermark from image in Photoshop. For some people who don’t want to use Photoshop, we have also given the solution – AceThinker Watermark Eraser. You will also find a lot of other applications that are intended to remove the watermark from the photos. All software is accessible on the web. Whenever you need to eliminate any type of watermarks, there is nothing to worry about. By reading this post, we’re sure you understand all about removing the watermarks from images as well as from the videos.

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