The Easiest Ways to Remove Watermark from Picture

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The Easiest Ways to Remove Watermark from Picture

When a photographer is uploading a photo to the internet or publishing a picture, most often, a watermark is added. It is something familiar, and you can see photographers who live all around the world follow this practice. However, the watermark can also be annoying to you at certain times. In such situations, you will come across the requirement to get the watermark removed from the photos. You don’t need to seek the assistance of a professional photographer to remove watermark from photo. You will be able to do it on your own with the right method. Here we will talk about 6 effective ways to remove watermark from images.

AceThinker Watermark Eraser

If you want to remove a watermark from a picture, AceThinker Watermark EraserAceThinker Watermark Eraser is a great tool available for you to consider. It has a simple and easy to use interface so that even newbies with no computer skills can get the work done easily. Simply add the photo that you want to get rid of the watermark, select the watermark area and it’s done. In a few seconds, the program will provide the watermark-free image in high quality. Moreover, it well supports batch removing watermarks to save your time. Below are the steps you can follow to erase watermark from photo using AceThinker Watermark Eraser.

Step1 Download and install the app

First, visit the official website of AceThinker Watermark Remover to get the installer, or click the button below to download the tool. Then, proceed on installation by following the setup wizard.

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Step2 Open the image with watermark

Once you installed the app, run it, then add the image with a watermark by dragging the photo to the tool, or click the “Add images” button and choose the picture. Then, continue removing the watermark.

watermark eraser step 2

Step3 Start removing watermark from image

Lastly, highlight the watermark by dragging the mouse cursor with it, and click the “Convert” button. It will automatically remove the watermark, and save it to its origin folder. Once the conversion is done, it will redirect you to its file location, showing that the image doesn’t have the watermark anymore.

watermark eraser step 3


webinpaint cover WebInPaint is a web-based tool, which is ideal for removing watermark from photo online. The ability of this tool to deliver impressive results is proven as well. Therefore, any person who is looking for a dependable watermark remover can think about using it. The post editing capabilities offered by WebInpaint are outstanding. While you remove a watermark from an image, you will also be able to use this tool to crop and get much other work done. You will be able to enhance the appearance of the photos with the built-in clone stamp tool as well.

Crop the Photo to Remove Watermark

remove photo watermark by croppingCropping the photo to remove the watermark can be considered as a relatively straightforward method available for you to do and remove the watermark from images. You can try this method if you can see the watermark at the edge of a photo. You just need to make sure that you are only cropping the watermark so that you keep the subject of the entire picture as it is.

Edit the Photo Using Clone Stamp

use clone stampYou can also use the clone stamp to remove the watermarks that can be found in the picture. The clone stamp tool can assist you in cloning one part of the photo and replacing that with another part. Therefore, you can look for an identical section in the picture and use that to replace the watermark. This can deliver fantastic results in many different instances as well.

Erase Watermark with Your Own Watermark

replace watermark to delete watermarkIf you have a robust watermark, you can just put that on top of the watermark that you see on the photo. It is another effective method available for you to get rid of a watermark. However, you need to make sure that your watermark is in a position to overlap the existing watermark. After you apply it, the initial watermark or even the traces of it should not be visible.

Look for Free Stock Photos

look for free stock photosThe stock photos don’t come along with any watermarks. Therefore, you will be able to use them without any issues. Consequently, it is worthy of taking a look at the websites, which provide you with the opportunity to get your hands on free stock photos. You will be lucky enough to find the same picture as well. Alternatively, you can quickly locate a similar photo, which you can use without any hassle.


As you can see, there are many different approaches available for you to consider to remove a watermark from a picture. It is up to you to take a look at the best methods out of them and proceed with them accordingly. Then you will be able to come up with perfect looking photos by removing the watermarks that you can see. You will be able to receive outstanding results from the usage of such applications as well. That’s because you can make the photos look perfect by removing all distracting watermarks from them.

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