Top 3 Tools to Remove Watermark from Photo Online

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Watermark is a logo of a specific organization or producer, superimposed on a picture or a review with the goal that it can’t be replicated or abused. On the web, pictures are an incredible apparatus to get a group of people for any post. Regardless of whether it’s about web journals or web-based life, photos do it for you. Regularly, we get issues in utilizing pictures because of their watermarks. Scanning for a similar picture of the same quality takes a great deal of time. The main alternative we have is to remove the watermark from image. If you want to remove watermark from photo online, you can check our review of the best 3 online photo watermark removers here.

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webinpaint logoWebInpaint is a well-known online watermark remover that can help you remove watermark from image online without additional installation. Users just need to upload the image in the site and feature the region of the watermark by choosing it. After you have selected the required area, you need to tap on the run catch and dispose of the watermark after it has been handled. This tool is straightforward to use one as you can see how it functions and you won’t have any issue regardless of whether you are utilizing it out of the blue. It shows the best results related to removing watermarks from the images. The detailed steps to remove watermark from pictures through WebInpaint are as below.

Step1 Upload the image

First, visit the official website of Web-inpaint and upload the image that you want to edit. You can either click the “Upload image” or drag and drop the file.

Upload an image

Step2 Higlight the logo

Next, locate the logo eraser. On the left-hand side of the main interface of the tool, click on the “red circle” icon to highlight the logo you want to remove. Now, to fully remove it, click the “Erase” button.

execute changes

Step3 Download to save the picture

Once the logo is successfully erased, click on the “Download” button locate at the upper right side of the interface. The file then will be saved on your “Downloads” folder. Just note that if you want to download the watermark-free photo, you will need to pay.

save the video

Pixlr Editor

pixlr editor logoPixlr is a standout among the most generally utilized photograph editors that assist to remove watermark from photo online for free. Aside from erasing watermark online, it has highlights of altering the photographs like Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, this application is known to be very easy to understand, to such an extent that it can bolster different dialects separated from English. This to be sure is a valuable component and one of the primary explanations behind being the most loved among clients. Pixlr is an astounding free online photograph manager, which is broadly used to remove the watermark from photos free. You can follow the steps below to erase watermark online with Pixlr editor.

Step1 Launch the app

Visit the official website to open Pixlr editor. From the main interface, you have three options to upload photos. To remove watermark from picture online, simply open your images either from computer or URL.

Step2 Remove watermark from your photo

Now, from the left section of the interface, click on the “Clone stamp tool” icon to start removing the unwanted objects on your photo.

select clone stamp tool

You can then Ctrl-click to define a source point and start to erase the watermark. This may take some time and patience.

remove watermark with pixlr

Step3 Save the image

At last, click the “File” > “Save” button on the main interface to save the edited watermark-free picture to your computer.

save photo

Tip: You can also check this out if you want to learn on how to remove watermark from video.

AceThinker Watermark Eraser

Are you looking for another simple yet effective tool to remove watermark? Then you should try AceThinker Watermark Eraser. This is a software that can definitely help you remove the annoying watermarks on your photos. Moreover, this allows you to remove not just text watermarks, but it also has the capability to erase objects, logos, or any unwanted things on your photo. You can even use it to erase a person that happened to be a photo bomber on the background of your photo with the benefit retaining the quality and format of the image. Aside from that, AceThinker Watermark Software is equipped with different editing tools which may come handy for various situations. Say you want to draw a rectangular selection, you can do so using the app’s Marquee tool. On the other hand, you can utilize the program’s Polygonal lasso tool to fix or remove some objects with indefinite shape. It works by clicking the icon of a dotted line shaped like a lasso to trace the object you are trying to get rid of. With that being said, learn more about this free watermark remover through the how-to steps listed below.

Step1 Install and launch AceThinker Watermark Eraser

Using the download button below. Download AceThinker Watermark Eraser on your computer then install it.

Try it for Free

Free Download

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OS X 10.10

Secure Download

Step2 Configure settings

Once the tool is launched, you can adjust the settings that you need before editing the photo. Under “Settings” you have options whether to open the file after conversion and edit multiple files simultaneously.

settings configuration watermark eraser

Step3 Remove watermarks

When setting is done, import the images by clicking “File” at the topmost left part of the interface and then select “Add images” to locate the photo. Next, select the watermark from the photo and click the “Convert” button at the lower right left corner to proceed on removing the watermark. After following the steps, your photo now should be watermark-free.

remove watermark with watermark eraser


A watermark is an imprint put on work to recognize the craftsman, creator or proprietor. At the point when utilized in photography, it is a method for demonstrating that the privileges of the picture have a place with the holder. Marking a photo with a watermark guarantees that the picture can’t be changed, or makes it increasingly troublesome. Numerous individuals who are graphically accomplished can remove watermarks and make it look like there was never a watermark there in any case. Many online tools make it simple to remove a watermark from your pictures. You can easily erase watermarks online with the help of these online photo watermark removers.

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