Best 3 Video Logo Remover to Remove Logo and Watermarks from Video

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Best 3 Video Logo Remover to Remove Logo and Watermarks from Video

Many companies or brands place their logo on the videos for copyright purposes. They put a logo so that no one can copy their images or videos, and it is a challenging task to remove logo from video, especially when you don’t have enough know-how about the work. But fortunately, there are many reliable tools available for you. By using these tools, you can easily remove the logo and watermarks from any video. This article particularly applies to the individuals who are more interested in learning how to delete a logo from a video. Below are some excellent tools used for removing the logo from videos.

AceThinker Watermark Eraser

AceThinker Watermark Eraser is a fabulous software that can mysteriously remove the logo from the image as well as from video. Through it, you can select any area of the unwanted objects and can easily remove them from the video while keeping the unique quality. Even you can add as many videos and images as you want. It is the best logo remover from a video clip, and you can delete the watermarks. Keep on reading below to see the steps on how to use this tool.

Step1 Get the watermark remover app installed

Visit the official site first to download its app. Then, continue installing the tool by launching it, and following setup installation guide.

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Step2 Remove logo from the video

Once the app is installed, you can open the videos in the app by going to the “Video watermarks” tab first, then click the “Select video” button and select video that needs to edited, or you can also drag the video to the app. Next, select the portion of the video where the logo is, just drag the cursor to the logo, and click the “Convert” button.

remove logo from video

Step3 Done removing the logo on a video

Now that you converted the video with a logo, it will automatically save the video to its Origin file location. You can see from the converted video that the logo has successfully removed.

delete logo from video

Remove Logo Now

remove logo now Another software to remove the logo on video is Remove Logo Now. It can help you eliminate the text and logos from videos. The Remove Logo Now is a fantastic tool and logo remover from video clip because it looks for the inpainting procedure in the video. It merely removes the code that creates the text or the logo. It also displays the video as it initially looked. But if the logo or text is tough coded as it inclines to be on the movies, you can download it through the dark web. Then it can slant the image, and it looks like real as there wasn’t any text or logo on the video. For more understanding, below are the steps on how to use the tool.

Step1 Remove Logo Now download and installation

First, download the app in Remove Logo Now website, and install it by following the steps of installation.

remove logo now step 1

Step2 Add the video file that has a logo

After that, you have to click on “Add files” and choose the video from which you want to delete the logo.

Step3 Find the logo automatically

Click the “Find logo” button, wait for the app to find the logo that you want to remove.

find logo

Step4 (Optional) Choose video formats

You can also select your preferred video formats. Just click the default if you aren’t aware of what these are.

video format

Step5 Start removing the logo

Once you find the logo and customizing the settings, click the “Start” button to begin. You can see below the progress of the editing. After removing the logo, it will automatically save it on your PC, and the tool will show you its file location when you are finished.

remove logo now step 5

Video Logo Remover

video logo remover cover Video Logo Remover is another fantastic software used to remove a logo from a video. It can easily remove signatures or logos from any video entirely. It also allows you to advance the image in a video file. Removing the logo with Video Logo Remover is pretty easy. It can be used to delete blended as well as transparent logos. Video Logo Remover is a very distinct software and can be used to get rid of the company logos from various images and videos. This tool is very beneficial for anyone to use and delete the logo from the video. This software shows the best results. Follow the steps below to remove logo or watermark from videos through Video Logo Remover.

Step1 Download the and install it to your PC

Go to Video Logo Remover official website and download the app. After that, follow the setup wizard to install the tool.

download video logo remover

Step2 Load the video that has a logo in the app

After installing, launch the app, and add the video file by clicking the “Load Video File” button from the app.

video logo remover step 2

Step3 Set logo area

Once you added the video to the app, click the “Set Logo Area” button to locate the logo and remove it.

set logo area

Step4 Locate the logo

Next, locate the logo from the video, drag the cursor from the logo that you want to remove. You can also adjust the watermark eraser from the toolbar, then click “OK” to start removing the logo.

locate logo

Step5 Locate the logo

Click the button of ‘Remove Logo’ after choosing the logo area. Now the software will process the watermarked video. It will save the results at the designated destination, even with a similar file format to that of the original.

remove the logo


By the use of the tools mentioned above, you can remove the logo and watermarks from any video. If there is something more sophisticated in the video watermark, you can use different tools that are used to delete logos from the videos. Logos or watermarks are added into the videos to avoid the copyrighted issue. Owners of the content often do this to defend their videos, images or products. But thanks to the different types of free tools that have made it easy to remove the logos or watermarks from any video. These tools are handy and show fantastic results also.

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