How to Remove Date and Time from Photo with Various Methods

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How to Remove Date and Time from Photo with Various Methods

Date stamps are part of a photo that shows the information when the picture was taken. For advanced cameras and smart-phones, they have the option not to include the date stamp when they take a photo. However, this is not always the case because, for older models of camera, date stamps are placed by default. If you want to use a photo for a presentation of other exhibitions, then it is advisable to use photos without a date stamp. This will make the presentation look clean and more professional in approach. If you want to remove date from photo, then you are on the right page. Listed below, are some of the best tools that you can use to remove date and time from photo.

Acethinker Watermark Eraser

First on the list of great tools that can remove date stamps from photos is AceThinker Watermark Eraser.This tool works great on images that bears watermarks, and other unwanted objects because of its premium watermark remover capabilities. Apart from images, AceThinker Watermark Eraser also allows you to remove watermarks from videos without affecting the quality. This is indeed a top choice that deserves to be first on the list of great photo stamp remover. Follow the steps below to remove date stamp from photo with it.

Step1 Install Acethinker Watermark Eraser

Install the tool by downloading the installer by clicking the buttons below. Wait for the download to finish, and then run the installer on your PC. Make sure that you will follow the instructions from the setup wizard that will appear on the screen, to properly install the software.

Try It Free

Step2 Launch the tool and add the photo

Launch the tool after the installation and from the main interface under the “Image watermarks” option, click the “Add” button and select the right image with date stamp.

add the files

Step3 Cover the date stamp

Once the photo is uploaded, hover the mouse pointer across the part where the watermark is placed. Once this is done, select where you want to save the image that has no watermark by clicking either “Origin” or “Custom”. Finally, click the “Convert” button to apply the changes made to the image and save it on your PC.

convert the image

Step4 Check the image

Once the watermark removal process is done, you can go ahead and check the image from the folder where you saved it. From there, you check if the date stamp has been removed.

view the file


download inpaint Another great photo date remover is Inpaint. It’s a simple application that is more suitable for beginners who want to learn how to edit photos. The tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac, which makes it a cross-platform tool. Inpaint offers basic photo editing functions and other essential and practical tools. One example is its ability to restore distorted old photos, back to its original state. In essence, it is an excellent choice for amateurs and professionals who are looking for useful tools to remove date stamp from a photo. However, the tool comes with a price but is available in its free trial version.


photoworks homepage PhotoWorks is another nice option for removing stamp from photo. In fact, it’s photo editing software an award-winning photo editing tool that works wonders on any image file. The tool can perform image enhancements with just a simple click, just like removing date stamps on images. You can also apply filters and other options to change the perspective of the image. Price-wise, the tool is cheap compared to other photo editing tools. If you want to test it, you can try out their free trial version and see for yourself.


fotophire download Another tool worth mentioning is Fotophire. The tool, like other photo editing software, can help you remove date from photo with ease. All you have to do, is upload the image on the tool, and select the part where the date stamp is located. Fotophire is also a paid tool, but it has a free version in the form of its trial version. However, there are certain restrictions on what you can do under the free trial. Also, one requirement before you use the tool, is that you must have a stable internet connection. The reason is that it uses the internet for other options like directly uploading the image to different websites. If you feel like this is for you, then feel free to get the free trial version.

Windows Photo Gallery

edit the photo If you don’t need for photo editing software to do the job, then you can remove the date stamps of photos using the built-in Windows Photo Gallery. You read it right because Windows Photo Gallery has been updated with essential editing functions in Windows 10. The only downside of the tool is that you have to do the date stamp removal yourself, and after that, it leaves the edited part distorted. For people who will use the photo for a professional manner, then using Windows Photo Gallery is not advisable. However, for basic use and casual purpose, then you can use the added function of Windows Photo Gallery to remove date from photo.

Crop the Date Stamp Out

crop the image with paint Since the date stamp is usually located at the extreme lower-left part of the photo, then you can remove it by cropping the piece out of the picture. This will remove the date from the photo but will affect the image size, because you will cut a part of it. If the cropped part does not affect the quality of the image, then you can opt for this method. You can perform this method directly from the “Paint” application which is the simplest way. Overall, this is still a viable method since date stamps are always placed at a location where it won’t affect the photo.


Removing date stamp from pictures is an easy task, and can be done in a matter of seconds. However, there are tools that leave the images distorted after removing the date stamp. The watermark removal tools mentioned above ensures that this will not happen, as they are made to specialize in such situations. Using the tools will prove more efficient as you will not have to do anything, other than uploading the image and let the it do the work for you. Get any of the above tools and get rid of date stamp from pictures instantly!

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