How to Use AceThinker Watermark Eraser

AceThinker Watermark Eraser is a watermark remover software that helps you remove watermarks from both videos and images. It affords you the privilege of selecting unwanted areas in such media files and having them removed even as the file’ original quality is not tampered with. You can remove watermarks for as many videos/images as possible. Go through the content below for a better understanding of how you can apply the software.

  • Download the Newest Version
  • Activate a VIP Account
  • Configure the Settings
  • Remove the Watermarks
    • Retrieve the Most Recent Version

      The most updated version is always equipped with more features, better performance, and capability than the previous editions. The most straightforward way of getting the latest edition is by downloading a copy via our website. Alternatively, you can have it downloaded and installed by merely hitting on the download option below. However, it would help if you never forgot to uninstall the old edition before installing the recent one, as that could help in preventing any possible issues. Regarding other download options, you can equally get a copy of the software from our various partners like Softonic and CNET.

      Try It Free

      Purchasing and Activating a VIP Account

      Click the “Help” drop-down button and proceed to “Purchase”. You would hit the shopping page from there on. There are three available subscription plans: Monthly based, Yearly based and Lifetime. They all cost different prices.

      You can check the reliable means to activate your VIP account:

      For those users who lack AceThinker accounts: Locate the “Account” symbol, click on it, and select “Sign up” from the window that pops up. You can proceed to input your password and email address. When you are done, a verification/confirmation code will be sent to you. Remember that the free versions are never without several limitations.

      For those users that possess AceThinker accounts: Locate the “Account” symbol and input your password and email address for logging in. Later, you can get the free edition. If you paid for the software, activation will be automatic and only then can you enjoy all of its features with zero limitations.

      login in

      Configure the Settings

      You are advised to have default settings configured before employing the software for getting rid of your watermarks. Click on “Settings” to have your settings in place.

      3.1 Settings

      Explore the “Open folder after conversion” option to be prompted whenever your files are done.


      3.2 Help

      Should you ever encounter any difficulty with the software, click on “Help” > “Support” to access the Support Corner. You intend to send feedback on your experience with the software or request technical support with the ticketing system? Then click on “Help” > “Feedback”.


      Remove Watermarks from Photos and Videos

      Follow the instructions carefully to get rid of those stubborn video or image watermarks.

      4.1 Import file(s) to the software

      Upload image(s) –Under the tab – “Image watermarks”, click on “Add images” and navigate to the image you intend to import. You can import multiple images at a time. Click on “Clear list” for removing every imported image. When the pictures have been imported, you could have them previewed real time on the window to your right.

      add images

      Import video(s) –Under the tab – “Video watermarks”, click on “Select Video” for the videos you choose to import. You could import multiple videos if you wish. Click on “Clear list” to rid the box of all the imported videos. When you are done importing your videos, you can have them previewed real time on the window to your right.

      select video

      4.2 Select all watermark area(s)

      Have your imported video/images highlighted and choose the watermark section on the window to your right via using a mouse. It is possible to have the size adjusted, move it anywhere or just delete the content by clicking on the “X” icon. Users who are using a paid version can do multiple watermarks at once.

      select watermark area

      Tips: Do the steps again for the other videos/images. Recall that it is only videos/pictures that have selected watermark sections that will be processed.

      4.3 Choose your output folder

      Examine “Origin folder” for ensuring that all processed files saved to the default storage. Alternatively, you could visit “Custom” and then click on the symbol with “three dots” for choosing where you prefer your processed files to be stored.

      choose output folder

      4.4 Begin conversion

      After undertaking the settings above, you can hit on “Convert” to have the files processed. Observe the progress bar; when the conversion is done, you would be greeted with a window prompting you of a successful conversion. At this point, the output or destination folder will automatically open.

      erase watermark

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