How to Merge Videos Using Various Tools

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How to Merge Videos Using Various Tools

One of the most used form of media are videos. In a meeting, when someone have to demonstrate something to make a point, most of the time they use videos. For those type of people, it is important to keep track of the videos they play because, mistakes can happen and they might play the wrong video during important meetings. That is why for people who have to use multiple videos for their presentation, they can merge videos together to play in succession. This means that they will join multiple videos into one video file, so that they only need to play a video once. This ensures that only the right videos are played, and saves time selecting the next video to play. Luckily, there are tools that can merge videos and more. Listed below are some of the best video merger tools that you can use whenever you need to join video files together.

Acethinker Video Master

First video merger tool on the list is Acethinker Video Master. As the tool name suggests, it can do many things with video files. The tool is a converter, screen recorder and music-video maker in one. One function of the converter is it can merge multiple videos into a single video. This multi-functional tool can work wonders with your videos, in terms of enhancing them, or converting them into other formats. When it comes joining multiple videos together, the tool is pretty straightforward because of its simple interface. To know how to join videos using Acethinker Video Master, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install Video Master

To get the installer for Video Master, click the download button below. After download, run the installer on the PC and follow the setup wizard to properly install Video Master.

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Step2 Launch the tool and select videos to merge

Once installation is finished, launch the tool to reach the home screen. On the “Convert” tab, click the “Add files” button and select the video that you want to merge from the window that will appear.

select the video to join

Step3 Edit the videos

Before merging the video files, you can choose to trim or cut some parts of the video that are not needed by clicking the “Edit” option. Select the enhancements you need from the different options on the editing panel.

edit the videos

Step4 Merge the videos together

Tick the “Merge into one file” checkbox, and you can watch the merged video before applying the actual changes from the “Preview Panel.”

tick the checkbox

Step5 Merge the videos

Select the format of the video and the destination where it will be saved by clicking the “Profile” and “Output” options. Next, click the “Convert” button to apply the changes made to the videos.

apply the changes made

Step6 Watch the video

After the conversion, the folder that contains the merged video will appear and you can play it directly from there.

play the converted file

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Windows Movie Maker

Another tool that you can use to join videos is Windows Movie Maker. This is the built-in video-editing tool of Windows that has simple editing functions. Movie Maker is easy enough to use that even first timers won’t have any issues using it. This tool offers basic drag and arrange functions for joining videos together. Below are the steps on how to merge videos with Movie Maker.

Step1 Launch Windows Movie Maker

To launch the tool, type in “Movie Maker” on the search bar and click the application that will appear under the “Best Match” section.

search for movie maker

Step2 Click New Project

On the launch screen of the tool, select “New Project” from the list of available options. This option will open a blank editing panel, where you can create a new video.

select new project

Step3 Add video clips

On the editor window, click the “Add clip” option to select which videos to join together. Make sure to select all the video that you want to join together into one file.

add video clip

Step4 Arrange the clips

Next, arrange the videos to the right order by dragging them in their proper places according to your preference.

arrange video sequence

Step5 Save the video

Once ready, click the “Save Video” option and select the basic output of the video like its file format and video quality and click “Make Movie.”

make movie option

Step6 Play the video

Next, choose where to save the video. The video will automatically play after saving the file, which means that it was saved properly.

play the video

Merge videos on Mac - iMovie

When it comes to Mac devices, there are free tools that allows you to join videos together into a single file. One of these tools is iMovie. It’s the most used free video editor for Mac devices, and happens to be the most popular. One feature of iMovie is that it allows people to merge multiple videos into one single video file. At first glance, the process seems to be complicated, but with proper instructions, you won’t have any problems using iMovie. To learn how to use iMovie to merge videos, follow the steps below.

Step1 Install iMovie

Download the installer of iMovie from the link above, and run it on your Mac device. Follow the setup wizard accordingly to ensure that the tool is properly installed.

download imovie

Step2 Launch iMovie

After installation, launch iMovie by clicking the “Finder” and look for it under “Application.”

launch imovie application

Step3 Create a new project

From the toolbar, click the “File” tab, and select the “New Project” option. Name the project and click OK to proceed to the editor.

select new project

Step4 Add videos to iMovie

You can now add the videos that you want to merge to iMovie. Under the “File” tab, click the “Import” option and select “Movies” from the menu. A window will appear where you can select the videos that you want to join together.

import the videos

Step5 Arrange the video sequence

Once done importing the videos, drop them to the “Timeline” and from there, you can arrange them into the sequence that you want them to play.

arrange the files

Step6 Save the video file

Once done with the video, save it by clicking the “File” tab, and select “Save.” Name the video and click the “Save” button to complete the saving process.

save the video

Online way to merge videos - Aconvert

If installing video editor is not your thing, you can also choose to merge video using an online tool. Aconvert is a web-based converter that have different converter functions, and video converter is one of them. The video converter allows basic merging of video files into a single file. However, the speed of the tool depends on the internet connection, which means that if you have a weak internet connectivity, the time it will consume to just upload the videos will take too long. If you want to use this tool to merge files, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch Aconvert

Open the video converter of Aconvert by clicking this link.

launch the converter

Step2 Select videos to join together

Add the videos that you want to merge by clicking the “Choose File” button. You must make sure that the videos have the same format for it to work.

add the videos

Step3 Start merging the videos

Once all videos are uploaded, click the “Submit” button to start merging the videos into one file. The merging process might take some time to finish, depending on your internet speed.

start the conversion process

Step4 Download the merged video

When the process reaches one hundred percent, the new video will appear together with a download button. Click the download button to get the merged video.

download the video

Merge videos on iOS - iMovie for iOs

imovie ios version Smartphones nowadays are so powerful that they can perform functions that were once exclusive for PC. One of them is video editing, and iOS devices can handle this perfectly with the help of iMovie for iOS. The tool is the mobile version of the iMovie on Mac devices. Although on a different platform, the capabilities of the tool is still the same. It can merge multiple videos, and since it is on a smartphone, you can do it anytime anywhere. The tool is available for download from the App Store on all iOS device, which makes it pretty convenient.

Merge videos on Android - CuteCut

download cutecut Last on the list is CuteCut which is an Android application. It is a great video editor that can merge videos from your Android smartphone, and best of all it is free. The only downside of the tool are the ads that occasionally appear. This cause confusion to users, especially when they are editing their video and they accidentally tap the advertisement, which opens a different application. However, regarding its capabilities, it can provide smooth editing experience and works perfectly fine. The interface is really simple and does not cause confusion to its users. Over-all, this is a tool worth trying out for Android users.


With the advancement of technology today, you edit videos on almost every device. From PC to Smartphones, there really are a lot of ways to merge videos. The mentioned above are all efficient and can merge videos smoothly without compromising the video quality. With the steps provided, there sure won’t be any problems with their operation if you want to try them out. However, for a more professional way to merge videos, you can use Acethinker Video Master. This robust tool can enhance your videos with its wide-range of options, as well as merging videos together.

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