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Top 6 iMovie Alternatives to Edit Videos on Windows

When it comes to creating your personal videos, you can count on the iMovie application; even Apple users are aware of the numerous benefits of this software. With iMovie, Apple users have access to a powerful but easy-to-use video maker. Despite the usefulness of this app, it is only accessible on Apple devices. Thus, you cannot use this amazing tool on your Windows PC. However, there are lots of iMovie alternative for windows you can use, but not all of these Windows version of iMovie can replace or substitute Apple's iMovie. In this article, you will be introduced to some of the best windows alternatives to iMovie you can use to create amazing videos from scratch on your laptop or PC.

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AceThinker Video Editor

AceThinker Video Editor can serve as iMovie for Windows; this easy-to-use video editing app can be used to create movies, promotional videos, trailers, and so on like a professional. This app offers most of the features you will find on iMovie; thus, it is an excellent iMovie software for windows. AceThinker Video Editor also provides some advanced editing functions for a video that is not available on iMovie, such as spot removal effect, multiple audio/video track editing, keyframe animation, vignette video mirroring effect, add different subtitle styles, and much more. Besides being a great iMovie alternative for windows, the interface of this app is quite similar to Apple's iMovie. From the images we have shown you, you notice that AceThinker Video Editor features an audio library, media library, transitions, and title templates – same as iMovie – as well as elements and effects.

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To edit your videos using this iMovie software for windows, all you need to do is import the file into the app, drag and drop in the Timeline panel, and do the editing you want; trimming, cutting, adjusting speed of video, color grading and so on to enhance the quality of your clip. Even if you have not used iMovie, you can easily create high-quality content like a professional with AceThinker Video Editor.

main interface

You also have access to more advanced editing functions besides basic features like cut, crop, trim, rotate, split, merge, and others. You can easily use the advanced services like a mosaic, jump cut, face-off, picture-in-picture, and others on your videos. Other functions like compositing green screen videos and stabilizing shaky videos can be carried out on this app without any stress. Video tutorials on how to use this software efficiently are also available on YouTube. Or you can opt/sub for the Filmora Video Editor channel for the latest news about this software alongside tips and tricks when using it.

trim videos

Currently, AceThinker Video Editor has over 100 titles, and text templates, which is above the titles presets offered by iMovies. You have access to advanced text editing features, which provides more custom settings like duration, text boards, text shape, and animation.

video filters

You can give your video an attractive and professional look when you apply visual effects in your video. Effects offered by AceThinker Video Editor offers included overlays and filters, which can be used in creating a more ins-like video or an old fil home video. You can also add a background blur filter to your recorded 9:16 clip or create a TV video with a lousy signal by adding TV static and VHS.

video effects

Applying Transitions in AceThinker Video Editor is very easy, the same way it is in iMovie. You can access different transitions on this app that will give your videos a perfect and smooth flow from one footage to another. Besides the famous fade in and fade out transitions in iMovie, users can also add speed blur transitions, 3D transitions, or transitions designed explicitly for slideshow.

video transition

Windows Movie Maker

Another impressive iMovie equivalent for Windows is Windows Movie Maker, which is the standard video editing application on Windows. This app works well with different video formats like MOV, LFV, MPG, WMV, and others, making it a suitable Windows version of iMovie as you get to import clips from different sources. With this app, you can also capture footage from your computer's webcam.

movie maker interface

This default app on windows offers many interesting transitions and effects you can apply to your movie. You can use the "Film Age" to give your clip an old-timey appearance. Windows Movie Maker is a good iMovie alternative for Windows as it gives you complete customization over your videos, you can add transitions between clips, titles, and text effects. This app is available on all versions of Windows.

Cyberlink Power Director

Although you will find many free video editing applications for grabs on the net, if you want authentic editing features, you will have to pay. Cyberlink Power Director, which is an award-winning video application, combines simple editing with professional-level tools. This software offers more than 500 templates and effects (other apps have between 50-100). You also have access to a large community of developers that can assist you when using this video edit software.

power director interface

Don't think this iMovie alternative for windows is only meant for enthusiasts and professionals, and even beginners can also use it. Editing with this app is simple and easy. The accessible editing mode will introduce you to the basics of how to achieve great results with this program. You can also create high-quality clips at ease using the Express Projects options, which gives you access to professional-level tools. Regardless of your skill level, you can use this app to create amazing clips at ease; thus, you can use Cyberlink Power Director as a Windows version of iMovie.

Corel VideoStudio

This video editing app is a useful Windows version of iMovie. Corel VideoStudio is among the best editing apps when you want to make your videos more attractive with audio. With its free music library, you can easily select the music you want to use for your videos. This app offers features like beautiful filters, track transparency, split screens, and stop motion animation, which you can use to improve your video quality and appearance. You can balance audio in your videos without stress, especially when you want to add dialogues to your clip.

corel interface


Avidemux is another free iMovie equivalent for Windows. It is an open-source app you can use to execute tasks like cutting, encoding, filtering, and so on. Avidemux supports file formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, MPEG-2, H.264, H.265, etc. You can use the app to crop, resize, trip, cut, sharpen edges, import audio streams, insert subtitles, adjust brightness and contracts, and much more. Avidemux is not as perfect as iMovie. IT does not have a timeline with multiple tracks, and it has no central pool that allows you to import source files. You cannot finish the joining of videos within a single click. You need to click on the "File", select "Open", and choose your first video to be able to do this work. Then, you will click on a file, move to Append and select the second clip. You will do the same process if you have a third video, and so on. When done, you save your file and give it a name.

avidemux interface


The last iMovie for Windows equivalent on our list is Shotcut, an open-source video editing application that comes with keyboard shortcuts that allow you edit your videos quickly and easily. This app offers a lot of exciting audio and video filters you will need, and it also supports different file formats. It features a multi-format timeline with lots of interesting edit features/options that can help transform your videos free of charge.

shotcut interface

The website is less appealing compared to other video editing applications, so it may take time to find what you want. Besides this, you will be fascinated with the features or functions this app has to offer.


Looking for iMovie alternatives for Windows should no longer a challenge after going through this post. You have all you need, ranging from free and necessary to bank-breaking and professional-level applications, to add more life, effects, fun filters, and others to your videos to improve its quality and appearance. Even if you want to learn new skills or you are into video editing for fun, you can count on any of the applications mentioned in this article.

Posted by JoKelly on February 2, 2020 to Video Editor

Last updated on June 24, 2020

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