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AceThinker Video Editor

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Full-Featured Video Editor to Edit Video Like a Pro
  • Create stunning movies from any video, music and image
  • Edit videos with various tools like split, merge, crop & rotate
  • Stylize video with magic transitions, filters, overlays and music
  • Share your amazing masterpiece almost anywhere you like
  • Easy and user-friendly interface for all-level creators
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Bring Your Creation to Life With Eye-Catching Video

AceThinker Video Editor works well with a wide range of video, audio and images formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG, MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, OGG, JPG, PNG, GIF and more. That being said, no matter the media files are taken by cameras, camcorders, phones, etc. or downloaded from online, you can import them to this video editing program without any problem. Combining and turning your videos, music and photos to an cinematic video now is just a click away. No matter you want to create business promotion video, education tutorial, software review, family movie, game video or others, this video maker definitely won’t let you down for it has offered all the editing features and effects for stunning video creating.

Make the Video Productive in Clicks and Minutes

This video editing software is integrated with various editing tools for users to edit video, audio and image files with ease. You can easily split, trim, combine, rotate, speed up videos, add mosaic and text to videos, add video brightness and many more. You can also trim audio clips and adjust the volume and fade in/fade out effects. For images, you are able to rotate, crop the images and set the motion effects. All the adjustments can be real-time previewed to make sure it’s exactly what you want. Undoubtedly, your video can be more creative and productive with these smart editing features.


Trim & Cut

You can trim and cut videos to delete the unwanted parts and get only the very section you need.

Split & Combine

Cut a long video into several smaller parts to keep the part you like or combine multiple videos into 1 video.


Rotate a video by 90 and 180 degrees to correct the direction in case the video is sideways and upside down.


Crop unwanted or disturbing parts of a video/photo to keep only the important segment or to fill the screen.

Adjust Brightness

Adjust the brightness of a video to different styles so as to get a better over-all looking and feeling.

Speed Control

You can set to speed up or slow down a video whenever there is any segment that needs fast or slow motion.

Edit Audio

Customize the audio files with editing tools like trim, split, speed up, slow down, adjust volume, etc,

Add Background Music

Add background music to the video to add a special favor to your video masterpiece and make it more professional.


Add Style to Your Videos With Fantasy and Magic

AceThinker Video Editor is one of the best tools that offers a variety of visual effects you can apply to the video to take it to a higher level. It has everything you need to make the video more memorable and professional. You’re free to add personalized titles and captions to make the video more vivid and creative. Moreover, a number of Hollywood-level filters and overlay effects are provided to stylize the video to make it look amazing. You can also create a perfect video slideshow with animated transitions to make the scene switch smooth and natural. In addition, motion elements for different occasions like Christmas, birthday, love, nature, etc. are ready there to help create a special mood for the project. With these fantastic effects, you will create a movie you’ll be proud of.



There are more than 40 amazing filters you can apply to stylize the video and change the whole style and feeling of the video.


20+ types of overlays are prepared for you to enhance the video effect or make your movie look like old films.


Over 50 dynamic transitions are offered to help create smooth video and photo slideshows as the switch will look much more natural.


More than 60 motion graphics are available to set to the project, which will help to create a special feeling for a specific scene.


Socialize And Share Your Story Anywhere With the World

After the video editing is done, you can export and save the result video to popular formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc. for playing anywhere or uploading to social media platforms. You can also customize the output settings like quality, encoder, frame rate, bitrate, resolution, etc. according to your requirements. To make the video sharing simpler, this video editing software allows you to export the movie with the best settings for YouTube, Bilibili, Facebook, Vimeo and more. If you have no time to finish the editing, you can also save it as a project for further editing next time.

Create Stunning Movies From Video, Music And Photos

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    Paris, France

    Helpful and Easy!

    This video editing program is quite helpful. The interface is easy to understand and i have no problems in making my home movies the first time i use it.

    Marketing Director
    Los Angeles, USA

    Fantastic Video Editor

    I like all the filters and transitions it has offered. They help to make my video look much better. It’s really a fantastic video editor that will make any of your story memorable.

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