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How You Can Play A DVD on X-box One

xbox featured Xbox is among the most famous home video gaming devices of Microsoft. The question is: can it play DVDs? That's a YES. As the next version of Xbox 360, Xbox one also packs an optical drive that you can use to play both DVDs and Blu-rays. The freshly launched Xbox One "S" and Xbox One "X" can play 4K Ultra-High Def Blu-rays as well as 4K video sources with HDR10 compatibility. Some may assume that playing a DVD movie is equally simple to entering a DVD into the disk tray of the console. The reality is that you have to use a second program to initiate playback. There are also some instances where Xbox one will fail to playback the disk because of a local code or some other copyright guards. Thus you should aim to rip the DVDs to Xbox One supported video formats. So how can you play DVDs in the console? Here are the ways you can start to play DVDs on Xbox One.

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Play DVDs on Xbox One/360 with the Dedicated Blu-ray Player

Playing DVDs or Blu-ray discs on Xbox One console isn't as automatic as folks may assume, and the process features additional steps. Microsoft does not pair well a DVD or BD player with Xbox One, and therefore you'll have to download and use the respective DVD/BD player in advance. Here is the actual procedure, step-by-step:

Step 1 Load your disk on the console

Get your chosen DVD or BD disc and add it to the console. The MS store will initiate the downloading process of the respective program by default. You may also press the tile that resembles the disc symbol on the dashboard panel. MS store will expose the BD player program. Press "Install" to continue then launch it.

install player

Step 2 Setup the content

Once the program is installed properly, go back to the home dashboard, and set up your video content.

home dashboard

Step 3 Play the disk

Press the Xbox icon on the controller to expose the guide. Click at "home" to return to the homepage. You may open the Blu-ray program from a list of recently used applications in the guide or press the disc symbol to start playing the DVD.

xbox blu ray

Restrictions of this Method:

The setting up of the BD player application transforms your console into a DVD player; however, there are some drawbacks involved in this method. Every piece of Xbox One is made for a particular DVD or BD spot that complies with global standards. This means that the gaming consoles can only play discs that are available for sale in the same area as Xbox consoles. If the discs are aimed for all areas and are not regionally restricted by code, they can be played in all global devices. To find out more about the area included and any relevant info, head to // Therefore, in the question where Xbox One is capable of playing DVD taking this regional restriction into account, the answer is YES but with limitations according to the area or disc format.

Best Solution to Play DVDs on Xbox without Any Limitations

If you wish to bypass any restrictions on compatible disc formats, the top method is to rip DVD to Xbox compatible formats. You may pick from multiple converting applications for this purpose. Still, our top pick for this guide is Video Converter Platinum. It's fairly user-friendly and works well with over 1K disc formats, including the most common ones, e.g., MOV, MP4, M4A, FLV, MKV, AIFF, etc. You can choose among device-oriented formats such as PS3, PS4, XBOX, iOS devices, etc., to solve compatibility problems. The Video Converter Platinum program is also compatible with MS Windows and iOS.

Step 1 Launch DVD for conversion to Xbox One or 360 consoles.

Enter Video Converter Platinum on Windows and click on "Add files" from the main screen. Then go to the drop-down menu that appears near the "Load DVD" choice. Choose the preferred action from the options available. A pop-up screen will emerge asking you whether you wish to load Main Movie or All Movies. Choose your preference and press, OK.

home interface

Step 2 Choose Xbox One/360 as output

After the DVD files load into the program screen, press the reverse triangle appearing at "Convert all files to" choice that shows in the upper right section. Follow this path next: Device- Games-Xbox One (or 360) from the output format menu.

convert xbox

Step 3 Transform DVD to Xbox One/Xbox 360

At the "Output" choice, choose the area on your PC or Mac that you wish to store all the converted files. Lastly, press the "Convert all" icon to initiate the DVD to Xbox converting process directly.

convert the files

The process will typically last a few minutes. Once the conversion is finished, you may launch the video on your console by inserting a USB stick or via your network-attached reserves.


The bottom line is that even though it's possible to play DVDs on your XboxOne or S console, you may encounter some restrictions. If you want to fix these restrictions, your best course of action would be to convert your DVD to Video formats that X-Box one or S model is compatible with.

Posted by Trafalgar Law on June 14, 2020 to DVD Converter

Last updated on July 10, 2020

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