Best Solutions to Download and Convert Vimeo to MP4

Ways on How to Download Vimeo Video to MP4

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Vimeo is one of the most popular video sharing platforms where you can organize and share your favorite videos. Vimeo concentrates on professional film making so you will find that most videos are made by professionals or aspiring filmmakers. Sometimes when you come across a video you like on Vimeo, you may want to save the video in MP4 format so that you can watch it on your portable devices while you are outside or share those ideas for your production. That’s why we gathered some downloaders that can download Vimeo to MP4 with the original quality. Just check these solutions to download and convert Vimeo videos to MP4 and start enjoying the videos on-the-go!

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Video Keeper – Vimeo MP4 Downloader and Converter

video keeper iconThe first Vimeo to MP4 downloader and converter on the list is AceThinker Video Keeper. It’s one of the most reliable tools when it comes to downloading Vimeo videos online. A built-in browser is infused to the tool to make it easier for you to access videos without going back and forth. In addition, the tool supports downloads with sites that you may find restrictive.On top that, the developer incorporated other features like recording and converting capability for your convenience. If you need to convert a video to a different format, Video Keeper got you covered. Everything you need is all in this tool. Are you curious if this actually works? Start your free trial by clicking the download buttons below and follow the steps to download and convert Vimeo to MP4.

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Step1 Set the format to MP4

After installing, launch the application and set the format of the video into MP4 by clicking the “ellipsis points” located at the upper-right corner of the interface. Next, click “Settings” > “Format.” Under the “Download Format,” click the drop down and find MP4.

vk change format to mp4

Step2 Detect the video

Afterwards, switch tabs to “Detect”. Head up to the built-in browser to search for the Vimeo website. Navigate through until you see the video that you need for your project. By default the automatic detection is on, so while playing the video the tool recognizes and downloads the video. Just in case it is not making any progress, double check it is on or not. If not, click “Enable Detection.”

VK automatic detection

Save your username and password on the interface itself so that you are automatically logged-in whenever you visit the website using the tool. To do that, click the “ellipsis points” (three dots) on the upper right-hand side of the interface, choose accounts then add them one by one.

Step3 Manually download the video

Another way of acquiring the video is by downloading it using the video link. All you have to do is browse into the video source and play the video. Next, click the link and copy it from the address bar. This time go back to “Video Keeper” and from the main interface click on “Download” then tick the blue “paste URL” button. That way the video will be added to the download queue.

manual download

NOTE:To check if the video is added to the download queue, switch tabs from “Detect” to “Download”. From there you will see the download progress. Once the download is completed, click on “Completed” afterward find the name of the video. Finally, to play the video, double-click the file name later the built-in media player will play it.

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Acethinker Free Online Downloader for Mac/Windows

free online downloaderOn the other hand, if you don’t want to pay for a downloading service, consider maximizing some free online downloaders available like Acethinker Free Online Downloader. This is a free version of the tool mentioned above that works with Mac and Windows computers. Compared to Video Keeper the sites supported by this tool for download are limited. However, if you are looking for a practical way of getting videos online that can produce a high-quality resolution, this tool is going to be helpful. Aside from the fact, it is for free, fast and easy to use. Let’s cut the chase and allow us to guide you on how to use this tool to download Vimeo to MP4.

Step1 Stream a video

First, copy the link of the video that you want to download. Then, visit the official website of AceThinker Free Video Downloader Online to start downloading it.

Step2 Paste the link

Next, use the “URL Box” that you will see within its official website. Then, paste the video link until it is recognized, and click the “Download” button to initiate the downloading process.


Step3 Download the video

Once the video is detected it will give you several download links on different formats. Choose the one that has MP4 format then use your mouse to right click, finally click “save target as”. The video then will be saved on your hard drive under “Downloads” folder.

AFOD- download the video


saveclipbro logoSaveClipBro is also a great option for downloading Vimeo videos to MP4. Similar to AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader, it’s a free web-based video downloader. The highlight of SaveClipBro is that it can produce video quality up to Full HD (1920X1080) on MP4 format. In addition, this tool allows you to download videos from Vimeo without restriction. Aside from that, you can even extract the audio file from Vimeo videos and convert it to an MP4 file. During the conversion process, it is one of the options on the screen. Check out the steps below to convert Vimeo videos to MP4 with the help of SaveClipBro.

initiate the download

User guide:

  • Go to Vimeo’s official website then stream.
  • Play the video first then copy the link in the address bar.
  • Switch tabs to SaveClipBro then paste the link into the URL field. Wait until the video is detected.
  • Choose whether you want to download it as MP4 or Mp3 format. Under “Video,” section choose the resolution and format.
  • Since we are looking for a high quality one, we will choose Full HD as a sample.
  • To download the video click the “Convert” button below the “advanced option” button.

y2mateconvert logoThis online tool is similar to Acethinker Online Downloader. It is an online tool that you can use to get videos by using the URL of the video. What makes it different from other downloaders out there is the ability of the tool to find the video not just via URL, also using the title or the keyword of the video. Moreover, it allows you to download videos without limitation and convert the video into the format that you need. The site supports sites like DailyMotion, Facebook, Youku, and others. This tool is brought to you by MUVI downloader for those who are not aware yet, this tool was launched way back in 2016 and still up and running.

download the video

Steps on using Y2mate:

  • First, visit any video sharing site where your target video is located.
  • On the other hand, open another tab to visit the official page of Y2mate.
  • Now go back to the video source and copy the link of the video chose.
  • Switch tabs now from the video source to the tool.
  • This time paste the video link into the URL field. You do not have to click anything though you see the “start” button the tool will analyze the video even without clicking it.
  • After the link is pasted, you will see the results of the video format available for download below the download bar. The choose the one that is necessary for your needs.
  • To download the video after you decide, right-click on the green “download” button and choose “save link as” to acquire the video and get it saved on your PC.

ddownr logoDdownr is a new, safe, reliable online tool that offers a simple way on downloading videos online. This site works similarly like the other tools mentioned above. You do not need to worry about installing new software on your PC where you can use an online tool to get your favorite video on YouTube and other music and video platforms. What is fascinating about the tool is it can get videos with a maximum of 20 videos all at the same time. This means downloading videos from YouTube is also possible. The tool is straightforward and easy to navigate. You need to follow through the steps below to be guided.

paste and choose a format

Guidelines for Ddown:

  • Just like the first tools mentioned, you have to stream a video first from any video sharing platform and play the video.
  • Next, copy the video link from the address bar.
  • Afterward, go to the official website of and into the “URL field,” paste the link.
  • By the end of the bar, you will see the word “Download.”
  • Click that drop-down option on “Download” then choose the format that you need.
  • Once selected, you will notice that the screen will start to change and analyze the video.
  • Now, wait until the process is finished.
  • The video will be automatically be downloaded and will show on your download shortcut at the very bottom part of your browser screen. For preview click, the video and your computer player will play it.

savefrom iconSaveFrom is a great platform developed for the purpose of downloading videos from different video sharing platforms including Vimeo. With its straightforward interface, you can easily download Vimeo videos to MP4 without any additional complicated settings. Being that said, it’s one of the most convenient tools you can use to download videos online. In addition to that, you may choose from the video resolutions offered by the software before downloading the video. However, whenever you are trying to download YouTube videos for free using this tool, expect that you can only save a limited number of videos. Now to get started using SaveFrom to download Vimeo Video, take a look at the steps given below.

select video resolution

Here’s how you use SaveFrom:

  • Visit the site of Vimeo and stream the video that you wish to save.
  • Copy the video link located at the URL box of your browser.
  • Next, go to the official site of SaveFrom and then paste the link of the video.
  • Then, click the arrow button beside the link to let the tool detect the Vimeo video.
  • When the video is detected, the “Download” button should appear along with the drop down button for video format.
  • From here, click the drop down button to show all the file format available.
  • On the drop-drown menu, the video will be downloaded in MP4 format by default. Just choose your preferred video resolution.
  • When the video is detected, the “Download” button should appear along with the drop-down button for video format.
  • From here, click the drop-down button to show all the file formats available.
  • On the drop-down menu, the video will be downloaded in MP4 format by default. Just choose your preferred video resolution.
Vimeo App for Android

vimeo logoYou can install the native app of Vimoe if you don’t want to save space on your android and you have the facility of having a fast internet connection. Or you can use Vimeo downloader for android. You can easily find Vimeo on Google play store and download through the app requires your android to be running version 2.3.3. It is free and is improved regularly with frequent upgrades.

vimeo android app

Features of Vimeo Android app

  • Vimeo’s android app helps you manage all your Vimeo made videos.
  • Edit your video titles.
  • Upload videos of HD Quality right from your phone.
  • Add clip descriptions.
  • Share content on social media.
  • Add videos on your channel and groups.

Now you see how easy it is to download and convert videos from Vimeo to MP4. All the applications above are the fastest and most reliable tools to help you get the work done. If you are torn which one to use, you can just try them all to see which one is most suitable for you. Generally, if you don’t want to pay or install programs, you can get an online solution. However, if you need to download in batch and want more added features, AceThinker Video Keeper will be a better choice, for it’s an all-in-one video downloader, converter, recoder and player.

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