Guide for Downloading and Burning Vimeo to DVD

Last updated on June 1, 2017 by Cindy Smith

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Guide for Downloading and Burning Vimeo to DVD

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Vimeo sharing website grows more popular all the time. It is similar to YouTube in that it allows members to post video clips to share with others, but it specializes in high definition videos and unlimited channels. Anyone who visits Vimeo is sure to find something that interests them, forms or entertains. They may want to download their favorite Vimeo files and burn them on a DVD so they can watch them later on and save them for all times. The website itself does not provide any capabilities like this. Luckily, there are external software options to help you do this.

Before getting the Vimeo videos on a DVD, you first need to download them to your computer. Use a good quality downloading program to grab the clips you want and save them to your hard drive or other storage. Once the video is downloaded, you could use a video tool to convert it to VOB for DVD and then burn to disc on your computer. Read on for more information about all the steps.

Online Vimeo Downloader App

Video Grabber is the first online video download program we want to include in this list. It is an Internet-based tool that allows you to complete the entire downloading process in your browser. Just look into this page, paste the video URL in the proper slot and click the "Download" button. The application will allow you to choose which file format you prefer. To finish the process, simply right-click on the file type and choose "Save Video As". You could then select the place on your hard drive or other storage where you wish to store the file.

Keep reading the tips about how to burn downloaded videos to DVD after the jump.

Easy DVD Burning Tips for Windows

In order to get all your favorite video clips on to DVDs, we recommend the Free DVD Creator wizard because it is incredibly easy to use no matter how technically skilled you are. All you have to do is choose the movies you want to put on a DVD and drag them around until they are in your preferred order. This program next allows you to customize the menu that will appear when you play the DVD. The next step is to burn it. Free DVD Creator takes care of all required conversion to different file types in the background so you do not have to worry about it.

dvd creator

All you need to do is open the Free DVD Creator program and click on “Video DVD Burner” instead of “Create Video DVD.” Next, select the VIDEO_TS folder on your computer, usually found at C:\DVDTemp and point the Burner toward it. When you go to burn the DVD this time, there should be no problem.

Easy DVD Burning Tips for Mac

In order to burn a DVD on a Mac, simply follow these steps:

1 – Place an empty DVD-R in the slot on your computer. Please note that DVD-RWs will not play on a standard DVD player.

2 – Navigate to your Applications folder and starts the Disc Utility.

3 – Select “Open Disc Image” from the file menu revealed within.

burn dvd mac

4 – You will be prompted on the screen to locate the ISO file you first got from Animoto. To make this process easier, we suggest saving it to your desktop in the first place. Another option is the Downloads folder. Select this file with your mouse.

5 – Click on “Burn” at the top left corner of this screen and then click “Burn” again when it asks you to confirm your selection.

6 – Watch the progress bar fill up as the burning process completes. When all of the video files have been put onto the DVD, your computer will make a noise and the disc will be ejected.

7 – Remove the disc from your computer, label it and put it neatly in the case. Of course, you can also rush over to your DVD player at large screen TV to enjoy the videos you captured with the Animoto program right away.

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