How to Fix Vimeo not working on Chrome

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How to Fix Vimeo not working on Chrome

Lately,I had some troubles watching video on Vimeo. I am currently using Chrome browser. I also downloaded Firefox browser thinking that it might be Chrome’s problem. I’m surprised to know that it does not work with Firefox either. What is going on? Why Vimeo won’t load in Chrome and Firefox? Can anyone help me?

Oh! That can be really frustrating. You have to consider checking a few things on your computer. What is the OS running on your PC? Did you update your browsers? If so, and still having problems then follow the guide below. Few tips were given to help you out

Vimeo not working on Firefox

Step1 Clear cache, cookies and history

First things first, clearing the browser files is a must. You can do that by clicking the “Menu” represented by three lateral bars on the upper right-hand side of the webpage. Next, click on “Options,”> “Privacy and Security,” finally click “Clear data” under each section from internet cache, down to cookies and history.

Step2 Start the Firefox Browser Safe Mode

Head up to the upper right-hand side of the webpage. Click the three lateral bars that serve as the menu option. Click on the “Small Blue circular icon with a question mark sign”

Choose the “Restart with add-ons disabled”. Then click “Restart”.


Another window will pop that says “Firefox Safe mode”. Click the Safe Mode button to enable it. Then the browser will run under safe mode to any add-ons.


Step3 Troubleshooting: Advance Error Fixing

Launch your Firefox web browser and go to the search bar. Type in about:config and click the “enter” button from your computer keyboard. Next, you have to authorize the action by clicking “I accept the risk” .

advanced troubleshooting 1

Another window will then show up. On the box is given, type in media.autoplay.enabled. , then tick “OK”.

Boolean value

Afterward, make sure to toggle the value to “True”. Now highlight media.autoplay.enabled..

highligh bootean

On your computer mouse, choose Boolean and under new option type in ” media.autoplay.enabled.nppl3260.dll.” For the final touch, click “False”, then tick “OK”.

set to false bootean

You can now get back to Vimeo and try to watch the video again. If it does not work restart your browser and try it again.

Vimeo not working on Chrome

Step1 Clear cache, cookies and History

For Chrome users, you also need to clear the browser’s data. To do that, click the “Vertical Ellipsis” from the upper right side of the webpage. Next, choose settings >More tools> then clear browsing data.

clear cache

Step2 Turn off Hardware Acceleration

If that did not work, try turning on hardware acceleration. Go to “settings”> “advanced settings,”> “System”. From there, you need to toggle the “Use hardware acceleration when available” to off position. Now go back to the main page and try browsing videos to Vimeo again.

disable advance settings

Changes during Browser Updates

At times users complain about the plug-in of Google Chrome. Plug-ins are still working. However, there were changes with the latest update of the browsers. The latest update of the browser includes stopping embedded media from auto-playing. It is something that the developer has the freedom to do so. Full access to autoplay may be impossible, you can visit this link for the embedded parameters:

Tips from downloading Vimeo Videos

All these problems might occur anytime not only to Vimeo but also to other video sharing sites similar to it. Well, in fact, Youtube started to make some changes already, that restricts its users to download videos. That is why it is very important to get each video you watch saved on your PC. Being that said, there a tool that can help you do that for free. Vimeo online video downloader allows you to download videos online via URL. It is easy to use, just follow the steps below.

Step1 Copy the link of the video

First, go to Vimeo official website. Stream the video and copy the link from the address bar.

copy the video link

Step2 Paste the link of the video

Then use the download bar below to paste the link you just copied. Click the download button to initiate the process.

Step3 Download the video

Another window then will pop containing formats available along with the download links. Once decided which video to download, use your computer mouse and hover the pointer to the blue download button beside the format chosen. Finally, right-click then choose “Save Link as”. The video will then be downloaded on your computer in no time.

download the video


All solutions provided are basic troubleshooting steps that you can do yourself. In any case, that any of those did not work you can ask help from Chrome support center or just download each video you may find interesting. That way you won’t have to play it from the browser, just download it and use your video player on your PC to play them.

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