Multiple Ways to Download Vimeo Video to MP4

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vimeo to mp4Besides YouTube, Vimeo is also highly popular when it comes to uploading, sharing, viewing, and saving HD videos. However, just like any other streaming video site, there’re issues like buffers and slow playback when you want to enjoy the videos on a portable device such as iPhone or iPad, especially for HD videos. Your best solution to these problems is to convert Vimeo to MP4 format which is supported by the largest number of devices and video players. In this way, you can enjoy video offline without waiting for loading on web. With the solutions below, you will be able to take your favorite videos on-the-go.

Video Keeper - Best Vimeo to MP4 Downloader

Video Keeper, as we recommend here is easy to use and you can get your work done with it in a single click. The program can grab videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, ect. In the meantime, it can convert the foresaid videos to the most popular formats, such as MP4, WMV, MOV, etc. The following are some outstanding advantages of Video Keeper:

  • * Download high quality video from thousands of sites
  • * Convert to many different audio and video formats
  • * Output presets are available for Android, iPhone, PSP, and so on
  • * Export videos to your iTunes library

red-download-btn-winbutton mac

Take a free trial from above buttons and then follow the guide of using this tool (Here we takes the Windows version for example to illustrate the process, but Mac users can also refer to below).

Step1 Save video from Vimeo with a single click

Click Free Download above, and follow the steps in the installation wizard to complete the download. Once the installation is completed, the program will be automatically launched. Then go to the Vimeo website and select the video you want to save. Next, copy the URL of the video and click the button Paste URL on the top-left of the program to download the Vimeo video to your hard drive.

video keeper download video

Step2 Convert Vimeo to MP4 with ease

Once the downloading completes, you can find the downloaded video under Completed column on the left. You can then right click the video and choose Add to > Convert to load the video to the built-in converter for conversion. Or you can just switch to Convert tab and click Add files to import the Vimeo video that you want to convert. After that, choose the output video format as MP4 and click Convert to start the Vimeo to MP4 conversion.

video keeper convert video

Moreover, this Vimeo to MP4 converter supports a number of presets for devices. If you want to watch the Vimeo videos on MP4 player like iPhone, iPad, etc., all you need to do is to select Devices tab to choose your output device. Once the file is converted, it will perfectly fit your device.

Free Vimeo to MP4 Online Conveter

free video downloader online

There are all kinds of great tools out there allowing you to download videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and other sites. But what if you want to download them from a public commuter or the PC of a friend? The good news is that there are a host of web-based applications available to get the job done. There is no need to download and install the programs as these applications run entirely online. What’s more, many of the tools can automatically convert the files to MP4 in order to be played on almost any device.

Simply use the application as provided above to download and convert your videos, so that they can be watched on the portable device. Getting started with this tool is as simple as pasting the URL of the video into the blank field provided and clicking Download. By right clicking on the icon and selecting “Save Video as…”, you will be presented with a number of output formats, from which you should select MP4.

Note: If the MP4 output option is not available (this will happen with select clips), you may opt to the desktop software in first solution.

Download Vimeo in MP4 with Web Browser Extension


DownloadHelper is a free browser plugin specially made for Chrome and FireFox. This tool works as attaching a small icon besides the address bar on your browser and can detect its playing videos. Upon clicking this icon when streaming a video on Vimeo, you can easily download the source video in MP4, FLV, 3GP or other formats from the list. The tool will add the videos being downloaded into a queue for you to check and manage the progress.

Moreover, you can select the resolution for downloading a specific video clip. There’re also functions of limiting the number of concurrent downloads, quick download and more. After all, it’s a handy video download manager addon for your browser.

Download Vimeo on iPhone

There’re not so many apps available for downloading videos on iPhone, but you may visit which is a free site providing video download service. It allows you to grab any video on Vimeo by simply entering the URL. However, do mind that you need to choose MP4 as download format for proper viewing. Keepvid is a freeware and you don’t need to install anything on your mobile to use it. Only mind not to click on the ads on your mobile screen.

Grab Vimeo Videos on Android Phone

tubemate for android

Android users have more options to download Vimeo to MP4. You can simply visit Google Play Store, search for TubeMate and then install it on your mobile. Once installed, activate this app and you will get to its built-in browser. From where you can stream any video while it will remind you to download in different resolutions. Mind that some video clips have multiple formats for you to choose from while the others only provide MP3 format. Videos downloaded this way will be placed in the Videos folder on your device or to the SD card as your choice. You can then access the video with a video player app on your gadget.

Troubleshooting for Download Problems

So far, we have described 5 solutions for different situations and requirements. If after trying the above solutions, you still cannot achieve the results as expected, here’re some tips for you to overcome the problems.

  • – Open a new tab on your browser to check the link of video, once the link is verified as working properly, try the solution again.
  • – If you’re using any online app, refresh the page by pressing “F5” and try again.
  • – If you have downloaded the video completely but cannot play it on your computer, it’s probably because your media player does not support the video. You could check for the free VLC player which supports most media formats.


So far, we have introduced several efficient solutions on converting Vimeo to MP4, giving you the privilege of enjoying videos on-the-go without internet. If you have time to install and go through a software, then the Video Keeper is definitely the best approach. The tool allows you to save your MP4 videos to a local drive, after which you can sync them with all your portable devices. The files can be played on Apple, PSP, tablets, Android, and countless other devices.

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