Review of the Best 11 URL Video Downloader

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Review of the Best 11 URL Video Downloader

URL video downloaders make downloading movies easier since most of the sites nowadays are an open source, which you can copy the link of the video, from a movie streaming site, to get the movies you want. Combined with the tools that can download movies using URL, having the movies TV series you want makes a lot quicker and effortless. That reason is enough for URL video downloader to be famous, and be used by lots of movie lovers today. In that case, this article will show you the best tools for downloading films and TV shows using URL video downloader. Keep on reading below to know more about these tools.

AceThinker Video Keeper

One of the downloaders that we are going to show you is the AceThinker Video Keeper. This tool is fairly enough to download movies online. With the video’s URL, you can easily download the movie, and watch it later. Furthermore, you can also use this tool as a converter, which you can change the video format of the film or TV show you downloaded. What makes this tool special is its auto-detection feature, where you can search a movie site within its app, stream the movie, and it will automatically download the film. Keep on reading below to see the steps on how to use this tool.

Step1 Download and install the Video Keeper

First, download the app by choosing the OS that you are using, and click one of the buttons below. You can also visit the official website of AceThinker Video Keeper to get the tool. Once downloaded, run the installer, and follow the steps provided by the installation wizard to install.

Try It Free

Step2 Launch the tool and start downloading movies

After you download the app, run it, and its home screen will appear from where you can start downloading. The first thing we are going to do is to copy the URL of the movie from a movie streaming site, then click the “Paste URL” button under the “Download” section.

vk step 1

Step3 (Optional) Auto-detection feature

This tool also has a web-browser from where you can search the video that you want to download. Play the film, and it will automatically download it. Just make sure that the “Enable detection” mode is on.

auto detection

Step4 Check the downloaded video

To check the downloaded video, under the “Download” tab, go to the “Completed” section. From there, you can check and play the downloaded video. You can also locate the file location of the movie.

completed videos

Free Online Video Downloader

If you are looking for a more accessible way than downloading software on your PC, then try an online tool from Acethinker . The free online video downloader similarly works like the manual download of Video Keeper. You might think that it is more practical to use this tool. Instead, that is true but, you have to remember free tools have certain restrictions compared to licensed ones. Going back this tool also uses the URL to acquire videos. To be guided us the instruction below.

Step1 Copy and paste chosen video link

First, copy any video link form the target video source. Then use the download bar below to paste the link. To initiate the process, tick the “Download” button. Wait until the video is recognized.

Step2 Choose Format then Download

Once the detecting is finished, you will see another pop-up window that contains download links to choose from. Just select whichever is needed.

Step2 Download the video

Once decided, get the video by right-clicking on the blue download button and choose “save link as”. From there the video will be directly downloaded and saved on your computer drive. If you want to check the video downloaded just go to “Documents” then “Downloads”. This is the default location of the file, however if you set it on a different location, then you have to find it there.

choose video to download

Browser Extension: Video DownloadHelper

The first tool was a professional tool, the second one is an online tool, and this third one is a browser-dependent tool. If Acethinker Online downloader is the free version of the manual download, then this one is like the auto detecting of the Video Keeper. It needs to be integrated on your regular browser for it to work. This tool can be found in your browser extension. Google chrome specifically. All you need to do is add the extension and search for the video you wish to watch and get then the tool will detect it for you. To use this tool is easy; just follow through the steps below.

Step1 Setup DownloadHelper and pick a video

The first thing to do is to get “DownloadHelper”. This browser extension can be easily found by typing its name in Google. Having it added to your browser you only have to go to the website of the desired video. Look for a balloon-shaped button on your toolbar. By clicking on it you can choose from the videos Video DownloadHelper has detected on the given hosting site.

select video

Step2 Finish the download process

Having chosen the desired video, you will be able to check the download progress until it has been prepared and saved on your computer. Once the process is finished just go to your file in your local directory and open it anytime.



Another browser dependent tool that you can use is ClipConverter. This tool works similarly like the first free online tool mentioned. It is primarily a converter but works equally with others. The difference is you choose the format of the output video along the process. You can also use the URL of the video to fetch and convert it directly. If you want to see how it works, you can check the instructions below.

Step1 Input the video URL

First of all, you need to visit the official website of ClipConverter and input the video URL of your beloved video you have copied to the search bar. Click Continue and then choose the output format according to your needs.

clipconverter download video

Step2 Download the video

Click “Start” and the website will analyze the video instantly and present you the video ready to be downloaded. You can then click Download to save it to your local hard drive.

conversion done


Initially, YouTubNow was only created to get videos from YouTube. But as the demand for downloading videos online, the tool expanded its territory by adding supported sites. Just like ClipConverter you can choose the format of the video first before rendering the video. Also, the URL can be used to get the target video directly. The site is very straight forward and easy to use interface. The process will only take you three clicks on your mouse to finish the entire process. This tool is existing for some time now. You can give it a try. For the best tool experience check the following.

Step1 Copy and paste the video link

First, copy the link of the target video from any video source online. Next, visit the official website of YouTubNow and paste the copied link into the site’s URL field.


Step2 Start the download

Next, click on the “Search” button to analyze the video. Once the tool recognizes the video, it will give you a list of download links where you can use to download the format you like.

choose a format

Step3 Download the video

After the tool analyzed you will see a drop drop-down menu from the result where you can click and change the format prior to the download. To acquire the video click the “Download” button. The video is automatically saved on your “download” folder in your internal drive.

get the video

Catch Video

One of the best sites to download video from link is Catch Video. This is a great site that enables you to download any type of video from all the video streaming sites. It will quickly download the videos, no matter how long the video is. A great thing about this site is that it is extremely easy to use. You will not need any professional or extra help to save a video. It has an intuitive interface that will allow you to download videos in different formats and quality. This downloader will work on all the platforms and browsers. Here the steps you need to follow to download a video via URL.

Step1 Visit the page and paste video URL

To download video from link, visit Copy the URL of the video you want to download and paste the URL in the dialog box and click the “Catch!” button.


Step2 Download the video

Once the video will be processed, a list of links will be displayed from where you can select the file to download.

download video using url

Another great tool to download from URL link is It is an easy to use site with a simple interface. It will enable you to download videos from this site without any hassles. Whether you want to download an HD video or a video in 720p, it is an ideal choice. It is a wonderful way to save videos directly onto your computer. A great thing about this video downloader is that it is free. You will not have to wait very long for saving the video. Follow these easy steps to download the video.

Step1 Paste the video link in the box

Visit Copy the URL of the video you want to save. Paste the URL on the dialog box and click the arrow the button.


Step2 Save the video

Once the video has been processed, the download link will be displayed.

download online videos using url


If you want to download a video using a well-designed and rich-featured URL video downloader online, KeepDownloading is the best option. This is a safe and convenient way to download videos. You can rest assured that you will not be downloading any virus. This is the best video downloader that can be operated on different windows operating system. Moreover, this will allow you to create a list of videos that you can enjoy at any time. This video downloader has a super fast downloading speed that will save videos within seconds. A great thing is that the quality of the video will not be compromised. It is easy to use, just follow these steps.

Step1 Go to Keepdownloading and paste URL

Go to the site Then, you must copy the link of the video. After that, you should paste the link of the video in the box.


Step2 Download the file

Next, you can download the file you want in different formats, quality, size, etc.

save video from url

Catch Tube

When it comes to downloading videos from URL quickly, Catch Tube is the perfect option. A special feature of this video downloader is that it is free. You can download unlimited videos without having to pay a single dollar. You will have access to your favorite videos at all times. Additionally, you can use this video downloader on any browser. This is capable of downloading videos from all popular video streaming sites. It is convenient to use, this is to make sure you have an exceptional user experience. The downloading process is easy and simple, within a few clicks you can save videos on your device.

Step1 Find and copy the link of the video

First, you have to visit the video streaming site. Find the video you like and copy the link of the video. Go to Paste the link in the dialog box and click “Catch Video”.


Step2 Download video from URL

The application will start to analyze and provide videos available to download. You can then download the video from the link you like.

download video from link

If you want to save a video on your device, you can download from URL link. AllDownloader is a great video downloader that will enable you to save all types of video for viewing later. A wonderful thing about this video downloader is that it is free of cost. The downloading speed is super fast. This is why no matter how long the video is, you can download it in a few seconds. Furthermore, when it comes using this downloader, it is very easy. Follow these steps to save the videos on your computer.

Step1 Visit AllDownloader to start

Visit the site Copy the link of the video from the streaming site. Then, paste the link in the dialog box of


Step2 Download video from link

Click on the Download button to start the process of analyzing the video. From the links, download the quality of video you need.

url video downloader


The final tool on the list is Videoder. Similar to the previous sites mentioned, this site is an online tool that allows people to get videos online without registering an account or downloading a third-party software to acquire videos online. It would help if you also had the URL of the video to fetch it. It does not have many similarities with the sites mentioned, so there is nothing much to talk about the tool. The only downside of this tool is not able to get video from Dailymotion. However, that does not affect the whole performance of the tool since it can get videos almost on all popular streaming sites these days. For the meantime here is a step by step guide on how to download videos using this tool.

Step1 Copy and paste the video link

Of course first things first. Go to any video streaming site and look for any video. Next, go to the official site of Videoder and into the URL field, paste the link.

copy and paste video

Step2 Choose a video link

Once pasted, the tool will automatically analyze the video link and provide a list of download links that you can use to acquire the video. Choose whatever suits you and your needs.

download the link

Step3 Download the video

Finally to get the video saved on your PC, click the “arrow” pointing down and the video will be saved on your “downloads” folder. If you want to play it, locate the target folder and look for the file name.

downbload button


It is clear that there are tons of video downloaders you can use these days. You just have to check which is really worth trying clearly. That is why this list was created to make it easier for you to find the right tool for you. It is better to have a hands-on experience of each tool for you to be able to decide. A detailed guide of the tool was included to make it less burdensome to figure out the tool.

On the other hand, to help you decide a little, if you are looking for a professional one that can do almost everything in downloading, Acethinker Video Keeper is advisable. However, if you are looking for a tool that does not require any download, you can use the second option which is an Online free downloader. For more suggestions please don’t forget to leave us a message under the comment box section below.

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