URL Video Downloader for Watching Videos Offline

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URL Video Downloader for Watching Videos Offline

url video downloaderOnly have a video URL and just wonder whether there is a URL video downloader that enables you to directly download video from URL? Well, it’s quite common that many online videos appear with only a single video URL. If you have ever found a very informative or entertaining video on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion or other sites, you may want to download it for watching later. As long as the video link is available, you can grab the video using URL with the handy URL downloaders and converters. In this way, you can save video from online via links without having to open & play the video or navigate to the website. Here are some of the best programs that let you download video using URL easily.

Best URL Video Downloader - Video Keeper

Among all the URL video downloaders, AceThinker Video Keeper is probably the best one that allows you to download videos from online by pasting URL. It enables you to download video using URL from almost every popular online video sharing websites around us. That includes YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, TED and so many more. The interface of this URL video downloader is quite simple and intuitive and you will need no Help file to download your first online video via URL: when you find the desired video, copy the URL and click Paste URL on the main interface and the program will start to analyze the link and grab the video.

Besides downloading video by manually pasting URL, it can also detect and download video automatically if the Detector is enabled. Note that batch downloading is well supported so you can download multiple files at one time. Moreover, this URL to video converter can also be used as a screen recorder, video editor, video converter and media player to satisfy all your multimedia needs. Just get it and grab video from URL in a no fuss way!

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Below is a comprehensive guide for users to download videos with this tool, it’s based on the Windows version, but Mac users can also refer to it, for the settings are merely the same.

Step1 Install and activate the program

Installing the program is easy. Just click on one of the buttons above, save it to your hard drive and activated after downloading is complete.

Step2 Download videos via URL

To download video, you just need to copy the URL of the particular video and then paste it into the related field on interface. If you want to check the progress of your video downloads, click the “Downloading” option from the menu on the left of the interface.

video keeper download video

Step3 Convert Videos to the Format of Your Choice

As soon as the download of a video is complete, you will be able to view it by on the “Completed” menu. Double-clicking the video will let you view it in the built-in video player. You can also right-click the video you want and select “Open the downloaded folder” to check it in the output directory.

The video you select will end up in MP4 or FLV format. You can right click the downloaded video to convert it to other formats you want.

video keeper add to convert

Select the format according to your needs of enjoying on mobile, computer, portable player, etc, and then hit the “Convert” button once more. Then you just wait a short time to have your video complete.

video keeper convert video

Download Video Using URL with Online Downloader

If you want another option of a URL video downloader simpler, you can use free online video downloader. It allows you to save videos in several formats (MP4, FLV, MP3, etc) that makes it easy for you to watch when you are not on the Internet.

From here, you just copy the URL of the video and paste it into the field on given page. Then, click “Download” and select the file format you desire. Next, choose a format with desired resolution, and then click “Download” besides it again. Your video will begin to save to your local hard drive. Java is not necessary for this application to work, but you need to setup a quick launcher when using it initially. Once done, you can access the download service directly without any hassle.

In case you are interested in learning more about Online Downloader just follow the steps below to get started with this AceThinker product:

Step1 Paste the URL into the toolbar

Go to the website of the desired video. With Online Downloader you may get any video from the available streaming and hosting websites including the most popular ones like YouTube, Vimeo and PlayIt. The first thing to do is to copy the URL of the video. Once you have copied the video URL just go to AceThinker official to download the Online Downloader app. (https://acethinker.com/online-downloader). The app itself is compatible with most browsers on the market like Firefox, IE, Safari , Chrome and it is completely free.
analyze video link

Step2 Pick a video

With Online Downloader you can download videos easily by pasting the video URL into the app interface. Then click on “Download” to start the downloading progress. The app will, at this point, go to the video’s hosting website, process the video and offer you different resolution options ranging from 480p to 4K, the highest. After choosing the preferred resolution for your video downloading will start at once. When the file is ready just choose “Show in Folder” to navigate to the location of the downloaded video.
choose video to download

URL Downloader Video via Browser Extension


If you like the idea of downloading video when streaming it on browser, then Video DownloadHelper will be available for you to utilize. This free app works on Chrome and Firefix, letting you grab videos on YouTube and some other video sites with ease. It works as adding a small icon to the address bar and will remind you to download a video when it’s being played. Videos being added to the download queue are viewable in the task list, so you could also control over the download progress smoothly.

The only drawback of this tool is that you cannot turn videos to another format but can only save in origin formats. DownloadHelper will let you install another plugin for converting video files while it’s not for free.

If you decide to give it a try, below you may find the basic steps on how to use DownloadHelper:

Step1 Setup DownloadHelper and pick a video

The first thing to do is to get “DownloadHelper”. This browser extension can be easily found by typing its name into Google. Having it added to your browser you only have to go to the website of the desired video. Look for a balloon-shaped button on your toolbar. By clicking on it you can choose from the videos DownloadHelper has detected on the given hosting site.

Step2 Finish the download process

Having chosen the desired video, you will be able to check the download progress until it has been prepared and saved on your computer. Once the process is finished just go to your file in your local directory and open it anytime.

Tips for Downloading Videos on Mobiles

Keepvid Software

For Android/iOS users, there’s a compact but practicable tool for you to download videos on mobiles. By visiting Keepvid.com, you can access this portable downloader app directly. This tool only requires you to enter the URL and to grab videos from over 35 sites.

With the simple actions of copy & paste, you can get desired video clips on mobile with 1 click. Videos will be saved to the memory card of your mobile and you could watch them without WiFi. It’s a nice solution for video entertainment when you’re not able to access internet outside.

To use this program as a pro, follow the instructions below.

Step1 Input your Vimeo video URL

First of all you need to visit the official website of the program and input the video URL of your beloved Vimeo video which you copied from the Vimeo website into the search bar of the Keepvid website itself.

Step2 Download the video of your preference

Once you clicked on the Download button, the website will analyze your Vimeo video on its storage website and present you multiple downloading options where you can choose the most suitable size and quality which you wish your video to be downloaded in. Simply click on the Download MP4 button on the list of the Vimeo video options according to your preference and save it instantly on your computer.
paste URL

How to Use KeepVid Pro to Download Videos to Your Android Device

Step1 Setup and run KeepVid Pro

The first thing to do is to install KeepVid Pro on your PC or Mac. Just go to the official website and download KeepVid Pro. Launch the program once the installation is completed.

Step2 Copy Video URL

Browse the web to find the video of your preference. Copy the website address (URL) of the video. You can easily do it by right-clicking on it and choosing “Copy Link Location”.
copy link

Step3 Paste URL

Click on the option “Paste URL” which you may find in the “Download” section. KeepVid Pro wil then locate the video URL and the downloading process shall soon be started.
download video

Step4 Wrap up the process

Please note that downloading time may depend on the size of the video. Once downloading is finished you may find the clip in the “Downloaded” section. Now, choose “Add to Transfer List” right next to your downloaded clip.
get video

Step5 Get the video transferred to your Android device

Establish and USB cable connection between your mobile and computer. Go to “Transfer” and click on it once a stable connection has been established.
get the video

Keep HD

Have you been thinking about ways to save your favorite YouTube videos on your local directory in any format you want? Keep HD can now fulfill your dreams and as a bonus you get any video without quality loss. KeepHD, trusted by many, is a professional tool providing you with safe and comfortable download options. Just check the comments section to read positive feedback from fellow users. Keep HD is compatible with the most popular browsers such as IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and more. The program allows you to get any video you want. Just put the video URL into Keep HD search bar. From 3GP and FLV to MP4, you will be offered several options regarding filetype but you can get automatic conversion for your videos, as well. No need to fear of viruses, with Keep HD there is no way you will put your computer to a risk. It is also a smart choice if children will be using it.

To use this tool, see the guide below:

Step1 Paste the video URL into the text bar

Having accessed Keep HD official website, just put the URL of the desired video into Keep HD search bar. It is easy to find as Keep HD is well-known for its straightforward interface structure. After you are done with pasting the URL into the text bar, just click on “Download” to get the video.
paste URL

Step2 Process and download the video

When the URL of the desired video has been pasted into Keep HD search bar the program mechanism will start to analyze the hosting site of the video. The final and downloadable version of the video will be presented to you which you may easily download by clicking on the “Download Now” button. The downloading process will then be started and you shall soon have the video clip saved on your computer.
download video


Clearly, there are several options to choose from, once it comes to video downloading. There are lots of products on the market today and choosing the right one may not always be easy. There are various pieces of software that have similar features but these products also have way different working mechanisms and export options. Having your favorite videos stored on your local directory is a good option when you do not have internet connection all the time. However, getting these videos might cause some trouble if you do not spend enough time to find the program that matches your needs the best. If you are looking for a universal, safe and easy-to-use software, feel free to try AceThinker. With its high compatibility and simple, straightforward interface you shall be able to save your videos in no time.

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