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How to Effortlessly Convert Video URL to MP3

Last updated on July 16, 2019 by Mary

Most people nowadays prefer to listen to music online. You can search and play almost any music using websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Pandora, SoundCloud, etc. However, you need to stay online to keep on streaming music. And sometimes you may want to download and play a music movie on your MP3 player. Due to various reasons, many music lovers are looking for ways to convert URL to MP3 for enjoying on the way even when there is no Internet connection. There are lots of tools you can use to convert videos to MP3, download and save it on your device and play it offline. Here we are going to discuss 7 of the best and safest tools to get your music from YouTube and other websites in MP3.

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YouTube to MP3 Converter

online downloaderThe first tool we have is YouTube to MP3 Converter. This is an online converter that allows you to turn YouTube videos to MP3 in as fast as split-second with impressive quality. As long as you have a device connected to the internet, you can easily download all your favorite MP3. It does not only let you download video links to MP3 from YouTube, it also supports plenty of different websites to convert video to MP3. This includes Vimeo, Ustream, Dailymotion, Facebook, and other music streaming sites. Aside from that, it also offers compatibility to significant browsers as well as to operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Furthermore, you may also use this tool to rip or extract the MP3 audio from your videos saved on your local drive. With that being said, here’s a simple guide on how to quickly convert video URL to MP3 using this tool.

Step1 Go to YouTube to MP3 Converter site

To get started, visit the main website of YouTube to MP3 Converter by clicking the link here.

Step2 Visit the video site and copy the URL

Next, simply visit the streaming site where you wish to get videos from. In this case, we will get YouTube videos and convert them to MP3. Once you landed on the video site, search for the video that you like to convert to MP3. Make sure to stream the video then copy its link located at the address bar of your browser.

copy video link

Step3 Copy and paste video URL

Finally, paste the link of the video into the download field of the tool. Simply click on the blank field download field of the tool and press “Ctrl+V” on your keyboard. Then, click the “Convert” button to turn video to MP3, and once it’s ready, a “Free Download” button should show up from another window. Click the download button, and it will automatically save the MP3 file to your local drive.

download video to mp3

Video Keeper

video keeper iconOne of the best URL to MP3 converters you can use is Acethinker Video Keeper. This versatile video downloader is capable of downloading video from almost any video sharing websites and then convert the video to MP3 with the original quality. Moreover, a batch downloading function is offered so that you can convert multiple URLs to MP3 at the same time. Meanwhile, this downloader tool well supports regular video&audio format like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3, WAV, WMA and more. By following the intuitive interface, you are now just a few clicks away from your desired MP3 files. You can have a look at the detailed guide below.

Step1 Download and Install

First, select if you are a Windows PC user or a Mac user. Just click one of the buttons below, and follow the installation guide and run the program.

Try It Free

Step2 Download Videos via URL or Automatically

On the main interface, it lets you easily download a video by copying the URL of the video, and then clicking the “Paste URL” button. From there, you will see the video being added to download queue and check the progress as well.

download videos with video keeper

Once the download is complete, you can check the video in “Completed” section. Also, you can convert the format of the video, by pressing the right click of your mouse and choose “Add to”, then choose “Convert.”

Step3 Convert Video to MP3

Next, you can change the format of the Video within the “Convert” section. You can choose the available formats by clicking the “Profile,” then click “Audio,” and press “Mp3,” also, choose “High” for audio quality. After converting is done, a window will appear, showing where your download is.

convert video to mp3


convert2mp3If you want to convert URL to MP3 online within your web browser, then Convert2MP3 is a nice option. You can easily convert your videos for free, just visit Convert2MP3 and you can start converting and downloading your videos. However, unlike Acethinker Video Keeper where you can convert and download videos as many as you like, this tool has a limitation, you can only turn a video from any sites for only 90 minutes. After that, it will stop working. Still, this tool is great for converting video URL to MP3.

Step1 Visit the site and paste the URL

The first step is visiting any video site to copy the URL of the video that you want to download. Then, go to Convert2MP3 and paste the URL from the conversion bar.

Step2 Choose MP3 as the output format and convert

Second, after copying the videos’ link to the URL bar, click the drop-down button beside the bar, then choose your preferred format.

choosing format

Step3 Change Name and Download the Converted MP3

Lastly, once the conversion of the video has ended. It will redirect you to “MP3 tags” windows, where you can change the artist name and the title of the video, then click “Continue,” or just skip it if you don’t want to change anything. After putting a name to your video, it will bring you to the download tab. Just click the “Download” button, and it will start downloading automatically.

Free Audio Recorder Online

app iconAnother tool that we are going to show you is the Free Audio Recorder, which can record any source of music that coming from your system sound. In this way, you can directly copy URL to MP3 by recording. You can use this tool if you don’t want to download anything from the internet, and to avoid harming your device from a virus. With just one click, you can record your favorite music effortlessly. Keep on reading to see the steps on how to use this tool.

Step1 Initiate Free Online Audio Recorder

First, click the “Start Recording” button below, and wait for the app to appear.


Step2 Start Recording

Once the interface pops up, choose the “System sound” audio source to record the music playing from YouTube. Then, simply click the red “Record” button.

start recording

Step3 Finish Recroding

When you are done recording, just click the red “Stop” button. You can also check the recorded audio by clicking the three lateral bars at the lower leftmost part of the interface.

Within the tool’s interface, the first track you see is the latest audio that you recorded. You can listen to it by simply clicking the “Play” button. Also, click the folder icon to locate your saved file.


ytmp3The next tool that we are going to show you is a must-try tool that is made to convert and download, especially for YouTube videos, and it’s called the “YTMP3“. This tool is like the said web-based video converter site, where you can quickly get your favorite music from YouTube, and play it on your PC, Apple, and Android devices. Although this tool is free and can download quality audio, it has its limitation of 2 hours for video converting. Still, this site is considered one of the best tool for converting URL videos to MP3 format. Here are the steps to using this tool.

Step1 Visit YTMP3 Website

Just like the other web-based converter, copy the YouTube video’s URL first. Then, paste the link to the URL bar, then click the “Convert” button, and it will start converting.

Step2 Download the MP3 File

Once the conversion is done, click the “Download” button under the file’s name. You can also convert another video by clicking “Convert next”.


FLVTO for Android users

flvtoOne more free web-based URL to MP3 converter that you can use is FLVTO. Like Convert2MP3, you can convert and download videos from YouTube, using only a web browser. Furthermore, because it’s a website downloader, you can use this tool to any OS. You can grab the music you want from YouTube, save it to your device, and listen to it anywhere with this tool. To start downloading videos, follow the steps provided below.

Step1 Go to FLVTO website

Quickly go to any video sites, copy the link of the video, then paste it to FLVTO’s URL bar.

Step2 Convert the Video

After pasting the link of the video to the URL bar, click the drop-down button to choose from available formats, and hit the “Convert To” button to start converting.

convert to mp3

Step3 Download the Converted Video

Once the conversion is complete, it will show you a new window, within that window, you will see a “Download” button. Just click that button and the browser will to automatically download the video.


catchvideo logoFor iOS users, there is also a way for you to download video URL to mp3 which is through the use of Catchvideo. This tool pretty works the same with the other solution. This is a web-based app that can download videos and convert them to mp3 if you choose to. It can help you fetch videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more. The only drawback is that it can’t download videos that are subject to copyright. Anyway, here’s how you download video URL to mp3 using Catchvideo. Check out the steps below.

Step1 Copy and paste video link

To start, open your mobile browser and go to any video website where you want to download videos. Then, copy the link of the chosen video from the address bar of the browser. Next, go to the official site of Catchvideo and paste the link of the video into the download box of the web-based tool. Then, tap the “Catch!” button to let the tool analyze the video.

copy and paste video link on catchvideo

Step2 Download the video

When the video has been detected, different formats for the video will show up. Select “MP3” and click the “Download” button.


All the said tools within this article are great for getting your favorite music from URLs. There are different styles on converting and downloading videos, and it is up to you what you are going to use. You can use the free online tools to grab MP3 from URL from free one by one. Or you can use the desktop software like AceThinker Video Keeper to change URL to MP3 in batch. But rest assured, that all of these tools can do the job on converting URL videos to MP3. Select your favorite method and start enjoy the MP3 files at your leisure time!

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