Best StreamTransport Alternative for Windows/Mac

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Best StreamTransport Alternative for Windows/Mac

stream transport alternatives

StreamTransport is one of the most popular video downloaders that enables you to download videos from YouTube, Hulu, Yahoo, Veoh and many more similar video sharing websites. One great thing of StreamTransport is that it can automatically detect and download videos from the URL without extra clicking or selections. However, there’re also problems that it sometimes does not work due to lack of maintenance. Even though it works properly, you have to grab and convert one video file at a time, which can make the process take a lot longer than necessary. Also, there is no StreamTransport Mac version. If you’re looking for a better StreamTransport alternative for Mac or Windows, here you will find the solution.

Best StreamTransport Alternative for Win/Mac - Video Keeper

Among so many StreamTransport alternatives, AceThinker Video Keeper is considered the top choice because of its intuitive interface, fast downloading speed, wide support of video sites and other powerful functions. The same as StreamTransport, this program lets you download video clip from various sites that use HTTP, FTP, RTMP and other multimedia transferring protocols to stream videos. Popular websites include YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, VEVO, Dailymotion, etc. Better than StreamTransport, it allows you to download as many streams at you like at the same time and convert the downloaded videos to regular video/audio formats to fit different media player, social media sites, portable devices and more.

Besides downloading online videos, you can also use this StreamTransport to record online live streaming videos using the screen recording function and edit dowloaded videos via the built-in video editor. If you need StreamTransport Mac alternative, this program will also be a good choice as it provides the Mac version. Download the right version and follow the steps below to download videos with it.

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Step1 Copy the URL of the Video You Want to Download

After installation, run the program and open your web browser to navigate and find the video you wish to save for offline viewing. Copy the URL by highlighting the address and then right click it and select copy.

copy video url

Step2 Paste URL to Download the Video

Go back to the main interface of Video Keeper and click Paste URL and the program will start to analyze the video link and download the video instantly. You can also click the Add batch URLs icon to paste multiple URLs to download more than one video at the same time.

video keeper download video

You can also enable the video detector of this program and let it automatically add the video to the downloading list while you play it. Or just use the built-in browser to search and play the video and get the video downloaded to your local hard drive by clicking the Download button appearing beside the player window.

Freemake Video Downloader

Another replacement for StreamTransport is Freemake Video Downloader, a versatile video downloading program that allows you to grab online videos from a wide variety of popular sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, LiveLeak, Veoh and thousands of other video websites. The same as Video Keeper, you just need to copy and paste the video URL so as to download it. After the video has been downloaded, you can even convert it to popular video and audio formats and even convert it to fit your portable devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, PSP, etc. Below are the simple steps to download videos with Freemake Video Downloader.

Step1 Copy and Paste Video URL

First of all you need to download and install this downloader from the official website. After that, go to find the video or movie you want to download and copy the link from the web browser address bar. After that, click the Paste URL button on the main interface of Freemake Video Downloader.

freemake video downloader

Step2 Choose the Quality and Format and Start the Downloading

A new window will then open with several customization settings. You can select the video quality and format from the available options. Meanwhile, choose whether you want to download the video, download the audio of the video or convert the video to a specified format. When all the settings are OK, click Download to save the video to your computer.

output settings

Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager is a free alternative to StreamTransport, making internet downloading a better organized and joyful experience. This program is also simple to use, for you can directly copy and paste the URL of a video to grab it. It’s capable of detecting the URL of video from YouTube, Hulu or other sites and letting you download them directly. Or you can simply use the MediaGrabber feature to let the program detect any target video automatically. If you find issues in using StreamTransport on Windows, you can then give it a try to this alternative solution. The copy & paste method is almost the same as the above 2 ones. Here let’s take a look at how to download videos with the MediaGrabber function in Download Accelerator Manager.

Step1 Launch MediaGrabber

You can run the program and click MediaGrabber from the menu to launch the MediaGrabber function. Or open a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, etc. are well supported) and right click to choose Grab Video/Music with DAM to enable this feature.

Launch MediaGrabber

Step2 Play the Video You Want to Download

Next, just play the video in your web browser and you will find that the video has been added into the MediaGrabber window.

MediaGrabber window

Step3 Download the Video

Choose the video you want to download and click Download Last or Download All to start downloading the media files to your local disc.

Comparison and Conclusion

Video KeeperFreemake Video DownloaderDownload Accelerator Manager
Interface and DesignModern and intuitiveSimple and easyA bit out-dated
Supported Operating SystemsWindows & MacWindows OnlyWindows Only
Supported WebsitesAll popular video websitesAll popular video websitesAll popular video websites
Download HD Video
Auto Detect Video
Download Video in Batch
Convert Video & Audio
Edit Video
Record Online Video
Schedule Downloading

Those are the 3 recommended alternatives to StreamTransport to download videos from the Internet. Each has its pros and cons and you’re free to choose which one you like. Among the 3 ones, Video Keeper is recommended as the first option as it’s easy-to-use and offers much more functions than the other 2. And the Mac version is available. However, if you want to schedule the recording, DAM is a great choice.

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