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Top 10 Similar Movie Streaming Sites like Rainierland

Last updated on November 7, 2018 by Mary

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Top 10 Similar Movie Streaming Sites like Rainierland

Sites like RainierlandRainierland provides free access to numerous movies and TV shows with high video quality viewing experience. This web free service can be used as long as you have an internet connection available whether you are using PC or Mobile device. So, wherever you are, you can watch movies with ease. Furthermore, almost all genres ike, action, adventure, animation, biography, crime, fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, etc. are available to view and you actually have a lot more to choose from with 1080p as max screen resolution. But just like any other web service, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of using this site. And many people are looking for sites like Rainierland that provide safe browsing and contains a greater amount of movies.


PopcornFlixPopcornflix is undoubtedly one of the best streaming sites like Rainierland. It is owned by Screen Media Adventures, a wide known movie distributor that provides free access to movies and TV shows online even without registering an account to fully maximize it. Popcornflix offers a large variety of movies per category and the library is being updated each and every time. The website is well organized and interactive with a moving slide, which makes it easier to use when choosing your favorite movies. In addition, downloading this app on your mobile device is also possible whether you are using iOS or Android device user.


DailymotionDailymotion is another great website like Rainierland that allows you to enjoy streaming videos and movies wherever you are, provided that you have an internet connection available. This free video sharing site has a large variety of videos and more videos are updated constantly. You can watch movies, TV shows and series (even movies from different countries). On Dailymotion, you’ll find almost every video that are popular nowadays since a lot of the community upload videos every day. Moreover, you can easily share videos to different social networking sites.


youtube moviesWhen talking about Rainierland alternative sites, YouTube shouldn’t be missed. I think every one knows YouTube, the most popular video sharing site where you can upload videos every day just like Dailymotion. YouTube have quite a big video library where you can find any popular movies, TV shows, music videos, dramas, etc. and almost every minute new videos are being uploaded by its users. Because of its vast connection with different social networking sites, it is easier for people to watch movies and videos online.


ViewsterThe next recommended video streaming site like Rainierland is Viewster, an online video service that provides thousands of anime, documentary, Sci-fi, fantasy and even gaming videos. Though this website is a bit less updated compared with the previous mentioned sites, movies and videos here are all well organized and categorized so you can easily find whatever you like. You can use this site for free even without registering. If you don’t have any PC to use Viewster, that’s not going to be a problem because this is available on Android and Apple device.


Sony CrackleCrackle is also considered as one of the best alternatives to Rainierland to watch movies online because of its partnership with Sony Pictures. You can just watch as much as you can without any limitations! This site delivers the most popular and award-winning movies and TV shows wherever you are. Just like other websites, movies are well organized and categorized for a more convenient selection. One thing need to mention is that Crackle provides high-quality movies that adapt to the monitor size that you are using.


TubiTvIf you’re looking for a Rainierland alternative site to watch movies and documentaries, then just give TubiTV a try. We can say that TubiTV is the most interactive site compared to the previous tools mentioned. Once you clicked the video that you want to watch the video player will automatically play smoothly with no problem. One highlight of this site is that there is no ads so you don’t have to worry about any Ads to interrupt you while watching.

Free Movie Cinema

Free Movie CinemaThe next Rainierland alternative on the list is Free Movies Cinema, where you can find the newest and the hottest video from Bluray online with High-definition quality from 720p to 1080p max screen resolution from a large movie library. The same as other websites like Rainierland, this one if also interactive with a neat and well-organized design. You can watch full length without a cut or be bugged by advertisements while watching a movie. The best part is that no membership is required to start watching the movies.

Movie Night

Movie NightMovienight is another free streaming website that can be used to replace Rainierland. The most popular movies, TV SERIES, and genre are all there. Compared to the previous sites mentioned this site is mobile friendly. You can even stream all you want on your iPhone or Android device with ease. If you are using your mobile device, you will get a list of movies instead of categories. You just must click the name of the movie and below the player, you will see the duration, title, resolution and all info available. But if you are streaming using your computer it is categorized.


housemovie like rainierlandHousemovie is another movie site like Rainierland that provides free movies. It has a large compilation of movies and TV shows/series and more are updated frequently. According to our experience, the videos load much faster than other sites. However, the website is run by many ads so visitors might be routed to different pages if they do not know how to navigate the page. There are some buttons that are misleading. Once you click the movie of your choice you have to scroll down to see the player. If you don’t mind the ads, Housemovie can be your first choice to enjoy streaming movies online.


GeekerThe last one we want to include as an alternative to Rainierland is Geeker . You can not only find collections of movies on this site, but also stream for music ,PFF files and even ebooks. Geeker has a very straightforward interface so it’s easy to navigate and find what you need. But in order to maximize all movies, you will need to register to be a member first. If you’re looking for more than videos and movies, Geeker will be a nice option to replace Rainierland.

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Though there are many movie streaming websites, most of them won’t let users to download the movies directly. How about if you want to save the movie for offline viewing? Well, all you is need a movie recorder and AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is just the right tool for you. It’s a versatile screen recorder that allows you to capture videos from the Internet with the original quality. You can check the steps below to record online streaming movies with this program.

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Click the button below to get a free trial of Screen Grabber Pro. As you see, both the Windows and Mac versions are available. After the downloading, follow the installation wizard to install the program and then run it to continue.

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Step3 Start to Record Your Movie

Now play the movie and choose the region you want to record. After you select the area, the program will start the recording in 3 countdowns.

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To sum it up all these sites like Rainierland are really helpful for those who are movie lovers and spend their free time watching movies for free. It is good to know that as the technology develops we are able to take advantage of this innovation. But nothing is better than being able to watch them offline too. You can also save the movie so you can watch it with your friends even if you are out of town or travelling since not every location is Wi-Fi ready. If you know any other great websites similar to Rainierland, please share with us by leaving a comment below.

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