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Top 10 Sites Like PrimeWire

websites like primewireStreaming movies, shows and series online has been by far the most popular way of getting access to the latest movie releases and watching your personal favorites. PrimeWire is one of the well-known streaming website to watch movies online. You can browse a large collection of online media, including music as well available for streaming straight from your browser. In fact, with such popularity of PrimeWire, you can find a lot of sites like PrimeWire available to watch movies online for free. With these PrimeWire alternatives, you will not miss a single episode of your favorite show. Here the best 10 free websites similar to PrimeWire are introduced.


To start off, let’s say a couple of words about one of the other streaming giants that are used by millions of users: Putlocker. Most people have come across Putlocker and it is definitely one of the best alternatives to watch PrimeWire TV type content. Just like PrimeWire, Putlocker also offers a wide range of TV shows as well. Putlocker’s movie collection is incredibly large and offers variety similar to that of PrimeWire. You can search for movies by various criteria; genre, year, recently added etc. The interface is clear-cut and easy to use, however it is packed with ads which can get annoying if you are using it often. The movies are accurately labeled and you can read a brief plot description of each movie without even having to click on it. Hover your mouse over the movie and you will get the most important info related to it. PutLocker lets you not only watch but also download movies in HD, a feature that is only available for some movies on PrimeWire.


Niter is also a decent substitute for PrimeWire movies if you are looking for something with a large library of movies. Niter has an interface that is simple to use and is designed to somewhat resemble that of Netflix. Once opening the website, the recently added Niter movies will be displayed to you, just like on PrimeWire, but you can also search by a few other categories (genre, release year) to find what you are looking for. After clicking on the desired movie, you will be able to read a brief synopsis, see the official IMDB rating of the movie and watch the trailer. Just like most free streaming sites, Niter also has a good number of ads and pop-ups so installing a good ad-blocker is definitely a good idea.


Yify is a great alternative to PrimeWire online movies if you are looking for the newest movies. Their collection is updated often and all the new releases are displayed right on the homepage, just like on PrimeWire. However, while with PrimeWire you can stream movies online, with Yify you must download the movie first to be able to watch it, which means you are going to need some free disk space for the file. Just like the above mentioned sites, this one also offers searching by various parameters; genre, year etc which makes discovering new movies a lot easier. There is also the option of signing up on the site, just like you can on PrimeWire, which will provide you with some extra features. Unfortunately, recently the site has been experiencing some issues and accessing it is not always guaranteed or might take some time to load.


123Movies is a popular media streaming site that has a user-friendly and modern lay-out so it is a great alternative to PrimeWire for users that find simplicity an important factor. Users can search through its database featuring thousands of movies by typing in the exact title, entering keywords, and searching by genre, year or country. Just like PrimeWire, 123Movies also features a vast amount of TV shows and series. Movies on 123Movies are also well labelled and tagged, making searching easier while official IMDB ratings are also displayed just like on PrimeWire. You can sign-up to the site to receive the latest movie additions in email or connect with one of the popular social media sites to share your favorite movie or show with your friends. The website has essentially two different versions; an older and a newer and users can choose between the two based on their preferences.

Coolmoviezone features a somewhat more conservative interface, but still, navigating your way through it is not a difficult job. Movies are available for watching in high-quality and just like on PrimeWire, there are a number of external links given in case one of them fails to work. A feature that not many other streaming sites has apart from this and PrimeWire is the ability to download movies with a single-click. With Coolmoviezone you can do this in various formats (FLV, 3GP, WMW, MP4, MOV). Surprisingly, I have not encountered a single ad or pop-up after using the site for 5 minutes, something that would definitely not happen with PrimeWire’s ad packed site. Although not one of the most popular online streaming sites, Coolmoviezone is definitely a neat, rising site that will gain more popularity in the future.


Afdah is a well-designed online video streaming website that has a huge library full of new movies and is a great websites like PrimeWire for TV shows and series as well. All its content is organized into 27 different genres, making searching more specific than with PrimeWire, but its database can also be searched by title, director or actor as usual. Moreover, Afdah lets you search by language as well, something you cannot do with PrimeWire unfortunately. Afdah also has excellent user support. If you notice that a film has a broken link, you can report it immediately, and the operators will try to fix it as soon as possible. Afdah is one of the safest and most reliable streaming sites, and thus serves as a great alternative to PrimeWire. Afdah is compatible with many devices so it is sites like PrimeWire for iPad, sites like PrimeWire for iPhone and sites like PrimeWire for Android. If you wish to find out more about Afdah, there is plenty of information regarding it on the web.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time has arguably the most clear-cut, modern interface, but finding what you are looking for is not all that easy as on PrimeWire. It looks like they have simplified the site so much that apart from genre, you can’t really select other parameters you are used to from PrimeWire to search by, unfortunately. If you want to use Popcorn time in your browser and not via its mobile app, you are going to have to download an additional browser plug-in. The movie’s quality can also be chosen prior to streaming it, with high-quality versions available for all films, just like on PrimeWire. You can also save your favorite movies to your bookmarks if you want to watch them over and over again.


Vumoo is a PrimeWire alternative that is primarily designed for users that have a clear idea of what they are looking for and know the film by title. Vumoo’s toolbar does not feature too many searching options, with genre, year, country all missing from the usual parameters that you would find on PrimeWire. In exchange though, Vumoo has an endless collection of movies and shows to choose from which comes as a great advantage since it is likely that you will find all episodes of your favorite show in one place and you will not have to go back and forth between various online media streaming sites, making Vumoo a decent alternative to PrimeWire.


SnagFilms is streaming site that is built on a slightly different concept compared to other online streaming sites. The idea behind the concept is that SnagFilm organizes its 5000 films into collections based on similarities. And by similarities, we do not mean genres. Suppose there is a crime movie that has a political charge to it and SnagFilms’ algorithm will present you with films from other genres that might feature similar political themes. SnagFilms is linked in with all major social media sites, so you can let your friends know instantly what you are watching at the moment. Previews of the movies are also available.


TinklePad is a simple looking streaming site that has a shared database with 5movies and Movie25. TinklePad offers a decent collection of some of the newest and most popular productions, although its not as great and varied as that of PrimeWire. The toolbar across the top on the homepage lets you search by genre, release year and many more, just like you would do on PrimeWire, but with a few more options. TinklePad is one of the very few streaming sites that let you download content apart from streaming it. If something you wish to watch seems to be missing from TinklePad’s collection, then you have the option of submitting a request to the operators to include that particular movie in their database. The site’s domain has been recently updated to, so make sure you have the correct address saved.

Download online movies with Video Keeper (Win/Mac)

Unfortunately, movie downloading is supported by only very few streaming sites, but it is something most users are keen on doing since downloading their favorite movie will give them the ability to watch it anytime, anywhere, without having to rely on a good internet connection. Acethinker’s Video Keeper is the perfect solution if you are looking for a tool to download movies, shows, and series easily and reliably. With Video Keeper you can download movies in any format with the traditional screen capturing method. Videos can be saved in various formats, while high quality content is always guaranteed. Movies will be saved directly to your computer and you can watch them over and over anytime.

Step1 Downloading the program

To download Video Keeper, either visit AceThinker’s official website or get access to the program by clicking on one of the buttons below:

Try It Free

Step2 Recording your movie

Locate the movie you wish to download and copy its URL. Once Video Keeper has successfully installed, open it and paste the copied URL into the given field and hit “Download”. If the link has been protected by the owner of the site, then downloading is only possible via screen recording. To access this feature, click on “Record” in the navigation bar across the top.

record function

Step3 Selecting the recording mode

Now click the blue “Record” button in the top-left corner and from the list of recording modes, select “Region” so you can highlight the exact area of your movie player so only the recorder’s contents would be recorded.

recording mode

Step4 Setting the region to be recorded

Now go to the movie opened in your browser and select the area of the movie player by dragging your cursor towards the middle of the movie player. The program will detect the area of the movie player and will highlight its contents for you. Only the highlighted area will be recorded.

choose region

Step5 Recording

Click “OK” once you are satisfied with the highlighted region and the recording will begin after a short countdown and a toolbar will appear in the middle of your screen through which you can control the recording process. To stop your recording, right-click Video Keeper’s icon in your system tray and hit “Stop”.


Step6 Accessing your recordings

Once you have stopped the recording, your file will be automatically saved and displayed to you with all the relevant details.

recorded video

Step7 Converting your video

If the default MP4 file format of your video is not compatible with your device or you want to save memory by lowering your movie’s quality, you can convert it to any other common file format by right-clicking your movie and loading it for conversion.

You can choose from a number of different format and quality combinations by selecting one of the many profiles. Choose the one that best fits your needs and hit “Convert” to have your video saved in the desired profile.

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As you have seen, there are a number of high-quality free online movie streaming website like PrimeWire movie streaming, and although they might at first seem similar to each other, there are important differences in their database sizes and general features. Sites like PrimeWire TV shows the main drawback though, is that they are heavily reliant on a good internet connection and even when you have a super internet connection, lagging and buffering can still be a headache to many users. Luckily, we have AceThinker’s Video Keeper, which allows users to download their favorite movies and shows and watch them over and over without ever having to worry about choppy streaming videos again.

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