Best 15 Sites Like PrimeWire for Movie Streaming

Last updated on September 17, 2019 by Roland Goodman

Primewire is one of the top video streamings sites that lets you watch popular movies online. It also allows you to view the TV series, and listen to music for free. Unlike other video sharing sites, Primewire lets you create a playlist together with the files that have been already on the website. However, due to unknown reasons, Primewire has stopped working and can no longer be used. It is not accessible anymore even if you search it on Google or to other search browsers. That is the reason why Primewire users have search for another video sharing sites like Primewire, which lets you watch movies and TV series online. Therefore, you can read all the sites that we searched and listed below to start viewing your favorite movies, and TV series for free.

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moviejoy homepage One amazing website like Primewire is Moviesjoy. This site offers movies from different genres at the best quality possible. The website is updated regularly to make sure that it does not fall behind the latest released films. From horror to action, you can find almost everything on this website. That is why many people have been using this site, although ads are a bit consistent, because you can use it with your Android or iOS device. Overall, Moviesjoy is great enough to make it a great Primewire alternative.

TIPS: To download the app, simply go to the Google Play store using your Android phone, and type the name “Moviesjoy” on the search bar, and proceed on installing it. After that, you can start watching movies on Moviesjoy using your mobile device.


  • Latest movies can be watched in this site
  • It has lots of HD quality movies
  • Ads rarely appear in this site


  • Most of the videos are still in CAM quality


fmovies homepage Fmovies is a website that can compete with Primewire in terms of content. The site has the newest movies, even ones that are still showing in theaters. For those who prefer staying at home watching a movie, then this site is for you. You can also discover great movies with the sites built-in recommendations of films that have been watched frequently. With this, you will never run out of movies to watch, and you can use Fmovies on your Android phone. However, like any other movie website, pop-up ads are everywhere on this site. Most ads appear when you click something on the website, which is a bit annoying. If that does not bother you at all, then feel free to try this great Primewire alternative.

TIPS: Fmovies has an app for watching movies via an Android phone. Just type “Fmovies” on the Google Play store by typing its name on the search bar, then install it. After that, you can enjoy watching movies with this movie streaming app.


  • Newly released movies are uploaded to this site
  • Well organized movie library


  • Ads appearing in this website when you play a video


ganol homepage Ganol is a similar site to Primewire, because they both have high-quality movies in their database. The good thing about this site is that there is an option where you can select the type of video quality that you want. The site also has TV shows in its wide range of content, which makes it a great place to binge-watch your favorite films. Also, the site has films from other countries which makes it a diversified movie website. They have fewer ads than a regular movie website which makes a great alternative to Primewire in all essence.


  • Always update for new release movies and TV series
  • Consist of Bluray quality films, which means you can watch high definition movies online


  • Video ads will appear once you click the “Play” button


1movies homepage 1movies is an amazing site with lots of contents, including movies, and TV shows. Aside from that, you can also keep track of the latest episodes of your favorite TV series here. The website shows the quality of the movies they have, to guide the users on which film have the best video clarity. The sorting option of the site is also helpful because it has an option where you can enter a year and all the movies released on that year will appear. With the ease of use and a wide range of movies, 1movies surely is a great Primewire alternative.


  • Allows you to watch the movies aired in the theater with this site
  • Rankings from IMDb from each movie are shown in this website


  • Other latest movies are still in CAM quality


watchmoviestream home page Another site that makes a great Primewire alternative is Watchmoviestream. The site is proud of its extensive collection of films that are accessible for free. The only downside though is the frequent pop-up ads whenever you click something on the page. However, if it is quality we are talking about, then Watchmoviestream have movies in high-definition. Also, the site is being updated with the latest films now and then. That is the reason why people, despite the ads still use this site.


  • You can watch the latest top box office movies of the month
  • Genres for movies are well sorted


  • Some of the updated videos are not yet in HD quality


panda-streaming homepage Panda-streaming is a fantastic website on its own because aside from having the latest movies in its library, they too have the latest episodes of your favorite TV series. The good thing about it is that it has a list of the top movies being watched on their site, along with their ratings. This way, people can know what the best and most watched movies are on the website. Another good thing about it is it shows the quality of the video by including it to the movie poster, to guide the user on what to expect from the film. In totality, Panda-streaming lives up to being a great Primewire alternative.


  • Movies are sorted by year where you can see the most popular film of all time
  • Trending TV shows and movies can be watched online for free


  • Lots of ads needed to close when you press the “Play” button


flixgo homepage Flixgo makes it to the list of great sites like Primewire, because they almost have the same movies in their directories. But what sets it apart from other movie websites, is that it has a selection of movies in 4k quality. This is a much higher level of HD which only a few websites support. That alone makes it qualify as a Primewire alternative, but aside from that, the wide selection of films here is also a factor. If this is a site that you think can live up to your expectations, then feel free to visit it.


  • Year and genres well categorize all movies
  • Can download high-quality movies in this site for free


  • Redirecting you to a different website might harm your device


moviesnshows homepage If you are looking for films released between 2004 till 2019, then MoviesnShow. The website offers different types of movies released within the said time frame. They have an option where you can choose a year, to see all the movies they have that were released on that specific year. That is a convenient way to search for something to watch in your free time. Also, you can sort the films by the first letter of their title, to ease the searching process. However, there are still ads that appear out of nowhere and be frustrating at times. That is the only drawback of this website, but it still makes a good alternative to Primewire in a sense.


  • It shows the list of top IMDb ranking movies
  • Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available ing MoviesnShows


  • Video sites are appearing when you play the video


moviefreak homepage MoviesFreak makes it onto the list as another great Primwire alternative. This site ensures that everything in their library is high-definition. The only downside is that their movie directory update is rather slow because they have to wait to get a film in high-definition. However, you can never go wrong with a movie in HD quality and makes the wait worthwhile. Also, the site gives visitors a glimpse of what’s to come to their site soon, so people can know what to expect from them in the future.


  • Most watched movies are already shown in the main page
  • All of the upcoming soon movies listed in this movies site


  • Promoted contents put in this site are potentially dangerous to your device

Movieninja Movieninja is a movie streaming site, that is a great alternative to Primewire. The site houses HD quality movies and TV series which makes it popular. The site is being updated with the latest release, every single day, ensuring that you get the freshest and recent movie and episodes all the time. The site home page, show the latest release on their data base. But some buttons allow you to search for specific movies that you want to watch. Needless to say, but the site is pretty well organized, and not so many ads, unlike others.


  • Mostly of the movies and TV series are in HD quality
  • Greatest movies of all time grouped in a section


  • Stops uploading movies from 2018 due to some unnamed reason


gomovies home page Gomovies is a staple name when it comes to movie streaming sites. It has been taken down many times now, but always comes back with a new name. The contents are the same with most Primewire alternative; however, with Gomovies you are sure that the movie is clear and high quality. The buttons on the site make it easy to choose what to watch. There is also a section where you can watch movies from different countries, to add to the diverse library of Gomovies, making it a worthy Primewire alternative.


  • Latest announcement and news of the movies are shown in this site
  • High ranking movies from IMDb are arranged in GoMovies


  • Played videos buffered sometimes


streamlikers movie listOne more great site like Primewire is Streamlikers. The site is straightforward in terms of appearance. However, that is not a reason for it not to make the cut. The reason is that the movies that it contains are all in high-definition. The site was just recently released, so the list of movies it has on its library are all new releases. The library is still growing, and as early as now, it is slowly getting popular among movie streamers. If you are looking for the latest movies, you better go ahead and check Streamlikers.


  • Latest movies and TV series are already listed on the main page
  • Organized most viewed movies and TV series for you to select


  • Ads will pop-up once you play the video


openloadfreetv home screenLast but not the least site like Primewire, is Openloadfreetv. The site provides movies and TV series that are updated every day. This makes sure that it does not fall behind other movie streaming sites. The interface provides a synopsis of the movie when the mouse pointer hovers above the movie title. Also, the home screen has all the buttons to filter the search. It gives the option to search for movies that were released on a particular year, or by genre. What is good about it also, is the fact that it also has other foreign language films, adding to its already diverse library.


  • Lots of favorite featured movies are in this movie site
  • Most of the favorite episodes of each series are listed within the homepage


  • Every time you click something from this site, ads will always appear


bmovies cover Bmovies is one of the great movie streaming sites that lets you watch the latest movies and TV series for free. Also, this site shows you the most watched films and TV shows online. In fact, you will already see the latest episodes of the most popular TV series within its main page. With that said, looking for your favorite show will be an easy task. BMovies is a great site like PrimeWire.


  • You can watch the latest movies and TV series on this site
  • Lots of famous TV shows are on this site


  • Ads appearing when you click the “Play” button of a video


vumoo cover According to most viewers who love watching movies and TV series, Vumoo is one of the best movie sites that you can use to stream movies on for free. Also, this website contains lots of HD quality movies to choose from. In fact, in case the video stop playing, this site lets you select a different streaming source of the video that you are about to play. Vumoo is a must-try movie streaming site that acts like PrimeWire.


  • You can already see and choose movies within its main page
  • No video ads for every movie you play


  • Lacks organization for its library

AceThinker Video Keeper

Unfortunately, movie downloading is supported by only very few streaming sites, but it is something most users are keen on doing since downloading their favorite movie will give them the ability to watch it anytime, anywhere, without having to rely on a good internet connection. Acethinker’s Video Keeper is the perfect solution if you are looking for a tool to download movies, shows, and series easily and reliably. With Video Keeper you can download movies in any format with the traditional screen capturing method. Videos can be saved in various formats, while high-quality content is always guaranteed. Movies will be saved directly to your computer, and you can watch them over and over anytime.

Step1 Downloading the program

To download Video Keeper, either visit AceThinker’s official website or get access to the program by clicking on one of the buttons below:

Try It Free

Step2 Recording your movie

Locate the movie you wish to download and copy its URL. Once Video Keeper has successfully installed, open it and paste the copied URL into the given field and hit “Download.” If the link has been protected by the owner of the site, then downloading is only possible via screen recording. To access this feature, click on “Record” in the navigation bar across the top. Now click the blue “Record” button in the top-left corner and from the list of recording modes, select “Region” so you can highlight the exact area of your movie player so only the recorder’s contents would be recorded.

switch to the record mode

Step3 Setting the region to be recorded

Now go to the movie opened in your browser and select the area of the movie player by dragging your cursor towards the middle of the movie player. The program will detect the area of the movie player and will highlight its contents for you. Only the highlighted area will be recorded. Click “OK” once you are satisfied with the highlighted region and the recording will begin after a short countdown and a toolbar will appear in the middle of your screen through which you can control the recording process. To stop your recording, right-click Video Keeper’s icon in your system tray and hit “Stop.” Once you have stopped the recording, your file will be automatically saved and displayed to you with all the relevant details. If the default MP4 file format of your video is not compatible with your device or you want to save memory by lowering your movie’s quality, you can convert it to any other standard file format by right-clicking your movie and loading it for conversion.

start recording

You can choose from many different format and quality combinations by selecting one of the many profiles. Choose the one that best fits your needs and hit “Convert” to have your video saved in the desired profile.

Get Free Trial Now

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