How to Register AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper in one of the most powerful tools to download videos from different video sharing sites like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Veo and Dailymotion. This is liked by many users because of its easy to use interface and additional features to convert videos from all popular formats and for detecting videos easily. Aside from that, its interface lets you organize your saved and converted videos. In addition to that, compared with other downloading tools, this tool lets you download videos with 3 times faster without reducing the original quality. One other great feature of this tool is that you can download several videos from different sites at once.

For Windows Users

If you are interested with this tool, you may register in your Windows by using the given steps below:

Step1 Download and set up the tool

In the beginning you need to do the downloading of the application from AceThinker directly at where you can simply press the Try it Now button that will decide automatically the version of the tool that fits your Mac or Windows device. Then just simply install the application and afterwards when the interface opens press the Login & Sign up button.

Step2 Doing account registration at AceThinker

After arriving into the interface and the login window is readily popped up, after directing yourself into the window that requires that you input your chosen username for login and the associated password, just press rather the Register button below. This will take you to an alternative Register subpage, where you can do the creation of a new personalized AceThinker account for later usage.


Step3 Go and check email for Verification Code

This time the program is giving you a Verification Code to the provided email that is needed to the next step of the process, so just wait until it arrives to your email box and then copy the number.


Step4 Entering on the interface the Verification Code

After obtaining and copying the verification code, just go back to the earlier program window titled Enter Verification Code, and paste in the code with eventually pressing Next so your used email is going to be verified and afterwards the chosen AceThinker account is going to be created automatically for logging in. It is important to highlight here that this is not yet the registration code, as the program registration is only done at a later step.


Step5 Go to My Account and Activation

Once you are in the tool, visit the My Account that is on the top, and once its window comes up, click on your previously chosen username, and afterwards press the Activate function so that you can finally go to the product activation window.


Step6 Finish the activation of your software

During the final step, you can paste in the keycode into this new window that you purchased before officially from AceThinker. Afterwards, just press the Confirm button, so that the program will automatically become registered and you can access the premium features from now on.


For Mac Users

If you are interested with this tool, you may register in your Mac by using the given steps below:

Step1 Go to its Website

First thing you need to do is you have to visit its website. You may visit the application at


Step2 Download and Install

Once done, you may click the “Try it Free” button to download the application in your computer. After that you may proceed with installation of the app in your computer. You may also download it directly by clicking the download button below.

Try It Free

Step3 Register Your Account

Once done downloading, launch the application and register an account. To start, go to the account settings then you may create an account by registering a new one.


You may also use your existing Google, Facebook or Twitter account.


Step4 Code Activation

Lastly, for long term use of this tool, you need to activate your account. You may proceed with this action after buying this tool license’s either for a year or for a lifetime. To activate, simply click the button beside your account name and select activate. Then you may register the generated code and confirm.



These are the step on how you can successfully register an account in AceThinker Video Keeper. You may simply follow these guidelines and enjoy the program.

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