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As an eligible video download manager, Orbit Downloader has the unique ability for grabbing streaming media from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. With a traditional-look of Windows app, it also lets you organize downloaded files with tags and search option. You can even schedule tasks for downloading desired clips at specific time. However, this program is only available for Windows users and it’s also lack of maintenance. In case you need an Orbit Downloader alternative for downloading videos on Mac or Windows, here some of the best better alternatives to Orbit Downloader are presented. Now you can have a review and pick the one best for you!

Finest Orbit Downloader Alternative for Windows/Mac

2-4 Mins
Very Easy

As an reliable program, Video Keeper is a great alternative to Orbit Downloader, which is available for both Windows and Mac users. It lets you effortlessly download and capture videos from online video hosting sites. And compared to Orbit Downloader, this substitute has more features and works in a smarter way. With it, you can also convert downloaded videos to popular video/audio formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MP3 and many more for viewing on any kind of devices. What’s more, this replacement application ofr Orbit Downloader comes with a built-in screen recorder and video editor, enabling you to capture live streaming videos and edit videos as you like. Equipped with an easy-to-use interface, you can get all you tasks done as easy as A-B-C. All these great features make it stand out and serve as the top substitute to Orbit Downloader.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Orbit Downloader for Mac

video keeper for Mac OS
3 - 5 mins

Many Windows programs don’t have parallel Mac version while Orbit Downloader is also one of them. You may take time to search for substitutes but only a few of them really work well. Due to our evaluation, Video Downloader Pro for Mac can be used as a nice alternative to Orbit Downloader, for it covers all functions of Orbit and goes extreme to provide video converter/player, mobile transfer, etc. This tool works with the latest Mac OS X EL Capitan, giving you delightful experience of video entertainment, find below the main features of it:

  • – One-click to grab videos from 1000+ video sites to your local directory.
  • – Provides download and convert function for turning a batch of video clips to desired formats
  • – Ad-free and tech support.
  • – Output presets for converting downloaded videos to device compatible formats.
  • – Valuable add-ons to transfer videos to mobiles, play video after downloading and also record the live video stream on your screen directly.


You could get a free trial by clicking the above button and then installing it to enjoy the full capacity at no cost. Once completed, please check the simple instructions as this article continues.


Step1 Download Videos to Local Drive

Activate the program to check the main interface and then you can go for streaming a video on your browser. When this program is running in the background, you will find a download option appears above the playback window of any flash video when hovering mouse on it. Simply clicking that button will add the clip into download list, and then you can repeat this step to get as many clips as needed.


When you’re done, you may resume to the interface to check for download progress, clicking on “Downloading” menu on left pane will take you to the download list. Also clicking on “Downloaded” menu will let you check the finished videos. Now you may right-click on a file and select “play” from pop-up menu to watch it right-away. You may also check “Open File Location” to get the files in local directory.


Step2 Convert Videos to Desired Formats

While you’re checking the finished videos, you may see a convert button which goes along with each file, letting you convert them from FLV to another format. Upon clicking this button, you will see a pop-up dialog which presents output formats in several categories. Choose the format you want following the sequence and then you can hit “Ok” button to start with conversion.

Convert Videos

After a short while, you will see finished videos in “Converted” menu on left pane, you could also right-click on a clip and choose from the menu to locate it.


Note: there’re presets of output for directly exporting your videos to mobile compatible formats, just go for “Device” category in the pop-up output dialog and select the thumbnail of your gadget. That’s it and no more settings need to be configured.

Alternative to Orbit Downloader on Mac – Online Downloader App

2-4 Mins
Very Easy
100+ Sites

If you’re looking for a niche alternative that works on both Win/Mac without having to install anything, then this will be your choice – Our site’s free downloader app. This app is readily to use from below, which means you don’t even have to leave the page to download what you want.

To start with, go for copying the URL of target video you fancy and then you can paste it into the above URL field. Clicking on “Download” button at the end of URL field will expand a list of downloadable video clip in several formats. Determine the format you want, right-click on the smaller download icon besides it, and then choose “Save video as…” from the menu, this will activate the download process. Now just give it a few minutes to download the video stuff on your browser and you can also switch to other tasks before it completes.

Orbit Downloader Mac Alternative – Video DownloadHelper

3-5 Mins

This plugin is suitable for users who like to download video when streaming it on the browser. It works as adding a download icon to the address bar and it can detect any video that’s being streamed. Once detected, it will pop-up a reminder for you to download the video. Video DownloadHelper also comes with a task list for you to control over the download process. You may arrange the priority for downloads, remove clips or configure the settings. It’s a nice substitute solution for Mac.

Better Orbit Downloader Alternative for Windows

When it comes to the stability of Orbit Downloader, some users may find it crashes on Windows 7 and it’s also not compatible with Windows 8 or Windows 10. Further, it organizes downloaded files in nice way but has no option to convert them when it’s needed. If you prefer a better option to download videos on new Windows platform, we have also reviewed some qualified tools for you.

1. JDownloader for Windows

4-6 Mins
Windows Only

As an open-source download manager, JDownload performs well with extensive plug-in that integrates into your browser for downloading video streams. You could either let the program download all video it detects on your browser automatically, or choose to add a video into download list manually. It also performs multi-thread process to handle several download tasks simultaneously. It’s only that the program’s interface is a bit outdated and as it converges on downloading videos, you may not find converter or recorder available in it.

2. All Video Downloader

This free tool claims to download from more than 190 video sites and gives fantastic download experience. More than the typical feature of downloading videos, it features a built-in browser for you to go through the video sites and select videos being streamed to download them. It also has a search engine to let you search and download source videos from internet. Concerning the conversion function, it also provides pre-configured settings for certain device like PSP, iOS, etc. However, it somehow only allows downloading 2 videos at a time, which is quite inconvenient that you have to wait for the current videos complete before you can add new ones into download. Also, the video search engine sometimes returns irrelevant results that you may not get exactly what you need. Still, it’s a practical tool for downloading videos online.

All Video Downloader


To conclude, we have discussed several helpful solutions as best alternatives to Orbit Downloader on Mac, due to the fact that there’s no Mac version. Despite it, we have also evaluated some Windows Download Manager tools which overcome the drawbacks of Orbit Downloader. And there’s also an Online Downloader that’s compatible with both Win and Mac. If you have better ideas on downloading videos, please share them by posting a comment here.

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