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Keepvid Not WorkingNowadays more and more people develop the need of recording screen on their iMac, due to that many occasions come up when you would like to record your favorite live broadcast on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, or capture some activities on your screen in order to show or explain a function to your friend who is in need. In such cases, KeepVid is a widely-used and free program for this purpose, however many users experience KeepVid not working on Mac or Windows 10 when they create videos with it, or when it comes to audio recording, many people experience issues with also KeepVid mp3 not working. Due to these concerns, we decided to bring you this overview to be prepared for such negative event, as well as we are going to show you the best KeepVid alternative for you to help you download online videos in a more secure way.

Issues and Solutions for Keepvid Not Working

1. No Sound is available for the Downloaded KeepVid Video:

keepvid no sound

The majority of the reported problems from KeepVid users include that when they download their video from YouTube, the video does not have any sound on the computer, which happens again even if you download the video multiple times. This can arise because the video might have been corrupted, or because the video might have been downloaded just as “video only”.

Solution: In case users pick the option of “video Only”, afterwards the downloaded video will have no audio. However in this case another tool can be used to merge together this muted video with a sound file. Otherwise they can select another available downloadable video format which has no “Video Only” title below. In the last case they can take the premium version and download high definition videos with sound.

2. KeepVid not working when it comes to downloading videos:

keepvid not working

The issue which is reported most of the time is related to that KeepVid does not download the requested video. Users can experience in some case that all video has this problem, because it has been proven that this application is not yet stable.

Solution: Unfortunately so far this problem couldn’t be solved either with reinstalling the application and enabling Java on neither Mac nor Windows systems.

3. 502 Bad Gateway Issue:

“502 Bad Gateway – The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server….” This notice can be experienced to pop up many times, and it is associated with the upgrading of the KeepVid servers.

Solution: In this case the browser’s data has to be erased first after pressing the “Ctrl + F5” key command to reload the website. This can be solved in this way in case the issue is temporary, however in some cases the server is down as it is being upgraded and you need to wait.

4. Problems related to Video Playback:

In some cases people can experience this problem when they download 480P videos. The problem includes that in these cases the video player can start playing the videos, but there is no filename available and all the files have “video playback” title. It can also happen that some users can download the video correctly, while others have all their filename as videoplayback.mp4 when they download the same file.

Solution: This issue can appear in case Youtube is updating. Then in case you start playing the video, you can press the “» Download MP4 – 480p” option and afterwards hit the “Ctrl+S” save command on Windows or the “Command+S” save command on Mac so you can save your content directly on your computer.

5. KeepVid not Working on Mac:

Some Macbook users experience that a message popsup when they want to run the KeepVid applet, but it is impossible to click on the “allow” button as it stays in the grayscale. This problem is regarded to be in association with the Java need of the program, therefore Mac users must adjust their Mac system to let java run before they use KeepVid, because this is not a preset as in case of Windows computers.

Solution: At the time when you press the download button, and you experience that there is no change or a loading window appears which is Loading Java, then in this case the issue happens because of a Java breakdown. In this case you need to go and download Java directly from the official website and enable it in your browser, which you can di in Chrome via entering “about: Plugins” in the searchbar on the top, where the Java need to be located afterwards. There you need to pick the Disable link, so it will show that java is enabled from now on.

AceThinker Free Online Downloader – The best alternative to KeepVid video downloader

free video downloader save

Based on the aforementioned issue, another option besides solving these problems could be to have a look at KeepVid alternatives which can provide you the same or better service without any compromise on these issues. Among these, AceThinker Video Downloader Free Online is the best available tool which can provide you a reliable and simple way to download videos from all major video sharing websites. This tool has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, you can choose your desired video to be downloaded, and insert the URL into the online search panel of the tool at the official AceThinker website. Afterwards, your video will be downloaded in your desired format, without the chance to encounter those issues issues as the tool is running via the cloud, without the need to be download to your computer.

If you want to learn more, here are the steps to download videos with this professional Acethinker tool:

Step1 Paste your URL to the toolbar

Open your favorite video you want to download from virtually any video hosting and streaming websites, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and play it. Copy the video URL. After you have your favorite video URL ready, you can either visit the official Acethinker video downloader free online website to copy your video into the toolbar, or directly copy it into the toolbar below, and click on the Download button. This app is compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

Step2 Choose and download your preferred video

On the website or after inserting the URL into the toolbar, the tool processes the video on the hosting website and you can can simply pick the most suitable quality option for your video, such as 4K that is currently the highest, or other high definitions such as 1080P or 720p, or even lower definitions such as 480p etc. Once you finished choosing the most suitable video for your need, the process of taking and downloading the content will be inititated automatically. Once your video is got and saved on your computer, you can press the Show in folder to navigate to and locate the new video, and it’s all done!

Video DownloadHelper - a browser extension

DownloadHelper is a free and commonly accessible browser plugin which is directly made for Chrome and FireFox browser in order to be integrated into them. After installation, this tool works via including a small icon besides the address on the toolbar of your internet browser and can recognize when you play a video, in case of which it suggests to download the video in all the available formats including MP4, FLV, 3GP or other formats in general. Here you can simply select the most suitable from the available resolution offers to download that specific quality video, which makes it a very useful addon to your browser.

In case you are interested in trying out this extension, have a look at the steps below.

Step1 Integrate the extension

Due to that this is a browser extension which can be built into your browser, all you need to do is just opening the Firefox or Chrome and afterwards simply searching for this on Google where you can download it instantly and integrate it into the browser in a straightforward manner.

Step2 Start watching your video and download it

Whenever you are done with the first step, after restarting the browser the icon of the program will be now available on the top next to the search bar. If you can see that it is readily there, just go to your video and play it, and click on the icon of the program, where you will be able to see the available downloading options of the video which you can choose the most suitable from. Afterwards, you can directly save that video to your computer’s hard driver via your browser.


As you can see, in case you find problems with your KeepVid program, there are multiple ways to solve them, but since many problems can come up occasionally, we recommend you to try a professional alternative with more efficacy and less hassles, such as the AceThinker tool mentioned above, which can be a great partner for your video downloading needs at all times. In addition, if you want to have a more comprehensive solution, you can also have a look at AceThinker Video Keeper, the professional desktop version:
free trial on windows ostry it on mac

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