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KeepTube Software – Better Alternative Downloaders

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Discussions have taken place on whether TV will be replaced by YouTube in coming times. A lot of tools are available with YouTube also, allowing users to have fun with videos, devoid of Internet; YouTube2MP3, Listen to YouTube, etc. Solutions like this function as downloading flash clips straight from playing window and it is possible for them to be saved to your hard drive. Using this method, you can move the source clip or sound track on your desktop player. Of all these products for downloader, KeepTube, is a spontaneous one. It can download your preferred video using its URL. But, as a prevalent disadvantage of Internet solutions, KeepTube does not offer batch download and lacks of output formats. So, if you want to acquire a lot of video clips, kindly read on for improved solutions. This article introduce some great KeepTube alternatives for you.

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Free Video Downloader (Online App)

free online downloader

This versatile tool helps users to grab videos from web, you only need to input a video URL to download it completely. Also, it’s really to use from this page, meaning that you can get desired video files without leaving our site. Furthermore, it is designed to help users fetch videos online without installing any special software. Also, all major web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and Opera are well supported. So, to get your favorite videos using Free Video Downloader, then take a look at the steps below to know how it works.

Step1 Locate the Target URL and Copy It

Launch your web browser and search to locate the video you want to download. The moment you’ve located it, right at the top of the web browser, click the address bar to choose the URL and then copy it to the clipboard may be using the mouse cursor or making use of keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + C). Supported video sites include YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tubechop, Tumblr, Metacafe, YouKu and more.

Step2 Paste the URL

In order to utilize this app, just copy and paste the URL of desired video into below field and click “Download”. After a few seconds, a window will appear, providing the available downloading choices.

Step3 Start Your Video Download

The main information from the video URL is displayed, and downloadable video formats and resolutions are listed from which to select. Choose the one you prefer and click download to start saving the file to your computer’s local drive. Fast speed and lossless quality are guaranteed. Just wait for a few moments, and you can enjoy the video offline.

choose video to download

Note: If it’s the first time using it, you need to install a quick launcher, but this tool does not require Java.

Zamzar Video Downloader (Online App)

zamzar icon

Another online application is Zamzar; it operates similar to KeepTube but works in an improved manner. Similar to KeepTube, it lacks membership, installation or advertisement or other unnecessary element. This tool is more excellent compared to the former as it backs more websites. It can also obtain genuine HD videos from Vimeo or YouTube. You can utilize it easily from underneath. Another great advantage of Zamzar compared to Keep Tube is their website has clear instructions as illustrated.

zamzar interface

Given that Zamzar is an online file converter, it immediately has unique drawbacks not seen in traditional converter software, but that doesn’t mean that it should be avoided altogether.


  • Free file conversions (up to 50 MB)
  • Nothing to install
  • Converts a large variety of files from one format to another
  • Simple enough for anyone to use


  • Conversion time is sometimes pretty slow
  • 50 MB file size limit makes it very difficult to use for video and audio conversions
  • If the website is experiencing high traffic, your conversion could be delayed for up to an hour
  • Download links are only valid for 24 hours, You have to save the conversion within one day of it being ready for download
  • Only five files can be converted simultaneously in the same session
  • Free accounts are limited to 50 conversions within a 24-hour period
  • You have to wait for an email to download your converted file
Video Keeper

video keeper

Video Keeper enables users to acquire videos at a remarkable pace and effortlessly change them into desired formats. Additionally, the tool features two functions to capture or download any video from various online streaming websites quickly. Study the following main features prior to you making a decision to undertake a free test.


  • Handy Video Downloader: It allows you to obtain several videos simultaneously by pressing a button or through URL.
  • Batch Video Converter: This is an in-built setting which can change clips that are downloaded to any formats for different purposes.

A guide is presented for you to check; it works with Mac edition, for instance, but users of Windows can study it also as the interface and settings for the two editions are similar. After completing, you will move to a main interface as explained.

First, download the program for your Windows or mac platform, and double-click the icon to open and run the installation. There are three methods to download videos:

Try It Free

Method1: Copy the video URL and click Paste URL on the main interface of the program, and the download will start right away. This method works perfectly for video sites like YouTube, VEVO, Dailymotion, and other mainstream video sites.

paste url method

Method 2: Click the detect button at the top of the main interface. Copy the video URL, paste it into the search bar, and the hit the Enter key on your keyboard to start playing. The video will be detected and added to the download task automatically. You can switch to more kernels, including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS, and Android. This method works great for videos adopting streaming media protocols like RMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and more. If you want to download many videos, this software offers an efficient way to do so. By enabling the advanced detector, any video you open in your browser will be added to the download list automatically. There will be a pop-up window in the lower right corner of your screen reminding you that the video has been added to download list.

automatic detection method

If you have downloaded your video or videos and want to watch them across different devices, you can convert them by using this program as well. To do so, choose the format of your device (iPhone, iPad, PSP, and so on). Next, in the Completed tab, right-click the video and choose Add to Convert.

You can also import the downloaded files to the program under the Convert tab. Choose the output format you need from the profile pop-up window and click the Convert button to start converting.

Freemake Video Downloader

freemake icon

The last video downloader on our list is Freemake Video downloader. This is also a free and comprehensive video downloader tool, but you pay a price or this free feature, as this tool unfortunately adds a Freemake branding logo to the beginning and the ending of your downloaded video in exchange for being free. Also, it supports most of the various video sharing websites, and provides option to download videos in HD resolution.


  • Suррorts major video sharing websites with free downloading option


  • Places Freemake branding logo as watermark onto the start and ending of the video
  • Available on Windows onlу
VidMate for Android Users

vidmate iconThis app is one of the most popular video downloading applications that allows users to download videos for free from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and other well-known sites. VidMate also has a bonus feature that allows users to download complete high-quality videos, TV shows, TV series, and anime series. If you don’t want to download, you can stream the videos online. You have access to several Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free. However, you won’t find any recent movie or pirated movie to download on the app, making the platform function effectively without any interruptions or setbacks.

vidmate on android mobile

iDL Plus Free

iDL Plus Free (Apple) iDL Plus Free or known by many as iDownloader Plus, is a stable video downloader and file manager for iOS which continued to exist on the Apple App Store for more than 5 years now. The reason for the longevity of this application is its solid foundation for downloading videos, which is very consistent and fast. Downloaded videos are then stored on the memory storage of the device which can be watched later on. The good thing with this application, is that it is capable of downloading videos with huge file size. This is a feat that disables most iOS video downloaders because there is a certain limit to the size of the video that they can download. The file manager feature of the tool helps keep the stored files organized for easier navigation and file browsing, which is a huge relief for most iOS users. This is the reason why iDL Plus Free made it on the list and can be trusted when the needs arises.

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