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As there is a trend where streaming videos has taken a place in our lives, an increasing number of individuals have fun with YouTube videos instead of TV. So, discussions have taken place on whether TV will be replaced by YouTube in coming times. A lot of tools are available with YouTube also, allowing users to have fun with videos, devoid of Internet; YouTube2MP3, Listen to YouTube, etc. Solutions like this function as downloading flash clips straight from playing window and it is possible for them to be saved to your hard drive.

When you use this method, you can move the source clip or sound track on your desktop player or transfer them to mobiles with free bandwidth. Of all these products for downloader, KeepTube, is a spontaneous one, as its name suggests. Its interface is uncomplicated and allows you to key in the preferred video”s URL; to acquire it, just press “Keep video.” This is an extremely easy step and the site does not have a manual for users or FAQs. But, as a prevalent disadvantage of Internet solutions, KeepTube does not offer batch download and lacks of output formats; this signifies you should obtain videos one at a time. If you want to acquire a lot of video clips, kindly read on for improved solutions.

Our site's Video Downloader (Online App)

2-4 Mins
Very Easy
100+ Sites

This versatile tool helps users to grab videos from web, you only need to input a video URL to download it completely. Also, it’s really to use from this page, meaning that you can get desired video files without leaving our site.

In order to utilize this app, just copy and paste the URL of desired video into above field and click “Download”, you can then choose a media format from the given list to save your video file. Once decided, right-click on another download icon along with chosen format and then select “Save link as”. This will start downloading your videos on browser. It only takes a short while to enjoy your video streams offline.

Note: If it’s the first time using it, you need to install a quick launcher, but this tool does not require Java.

Zamzar Video Downloader (Online App)

4-8 Mins
Needs Email

Another online application is Zamzar; it operates similar to KeepTube but works in an improved manner. Similar to KeepTube, it lacks membership, installation or advertisement or other unnecessary element. This tool is more excellent compared to the former as it backs more websites. It can also obtain genuine HD videos from Vimeo or YouTube. You can utilize it easily from underneath. Another great advantage of Zamzar compared to Keep Tube is their website has clear instructions as illustrated.

Its interface presents leading lists, specific instructional usage, your workings, tricks and video sites that are supported as well as social networking links. By entering a URL, you can efficiently go through the process to download video clips into chosen format. It also support extrating audio from the video clip, too. The only drawback lies in the fact that you need to provide an email address to receive download link. And also the free version only allows no more than 100MB in each download, but it’s still a nice online app to use.

Video Downloader Pro (Win/Mac)

3-5 Mins

This device enables users to acquire videos at a remarkable pace and effortlessly change them into desired formats. Study the following main features prior to you making a decision to undertake a free test.

  • Handy Video Downloader: It allows you to obtain 12 videos simultaneously by pressing a button or through URL.
  • Batch Video Converter: This is an in-built setting which can change clips that are downloaded to any formats for different purposes.
  • Valuble Functions: Mobile transfer, video player and inner browser have made this device stronger. More details can be read at here.

Product Boxshot

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

A guide is presented for you to check; it works with Mac edition, for instance, but users of Windows can study it also as the interface and settings for the two editions are similar. After completing, you will move to a main interface as explained.

starter interface

When getting to the main terface, you will see the interface as shown above: On the left, you will come across a menu which has “Downloading,” “Downloaded” and “Converted.” You can now surf your preferred YouTube videos on a browser (Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox are advised).

Stream and Download from YouTube

Place your cursor on top of the playback window and the add-on installed earlier is going to instantly trigger a button for “Download” for you. Press the button to include this clip to the download queue and consistently do this to acquire the number of clips ad you desire. Downloaded videos are present at “Downloading” menu on the interface of the program.

Download in Progress

At this time, just switch to other tasks and allow the program to complete the rest. After sometime, depending on your bandwidth, you are going to obtain the desired videos by navigating to the “Downloaded” tab on interface. And to go to output directory, click on the right of a video clip and press “Open the Downloaded Folder.”

convert downloaded videos

In similar interface, you can change a video clip to any format of video easily. Simply choose a video item, press “Convert” to allow the program to trigger a group of output presets. After this you can select from “Favorite” (formats which you normally utilize), “Format” and “Device.”

Configure Output Formats

If you desire to move video for viewing on iPad, simply go to “Device”, “Apple” and select the thumbnail of your particular gadget model. After this, click “OK” at the bottom right to commence the conversion. Leave it for some minutes and the output directory is going to present you with compiled files. You can now utilize the videos for flexible purposes.

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