Reviews of the Best JDownloader Alternatives

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Every once in a while, there comes the need to download a video online. That is why having a reliable online video downloader tool at hand is crucial. On that note, there are many online video download managers on the internet that promises fast and unlimited download but will require some time to refresh once a download limit is reached. This is the reason why this post was created. To provide a list of some of the best video download managers and to give users insights about the said tools. To learn more about these tools, continue reading below.

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Reviews of the Best JDownloader Alternatives


AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper being mentioned first is one of the best software like JDownloader. It provides all the features you desire to download, capture, and manage videos. You can easily download videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, VEVO, and many more without quality loss. In addition, you are free to convert downloaded video files into MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, MPEG, etc. Formats. With this amazing conversion function, you can download online videos and then play or enjoy them virtually anywhere you like. As for the interface of this alternative to JDownloader, it’s much better for offering an easy-to-use interface that even newbies know how to use it without learning. In addition, it can also be used as a screen recorder, video editor, and media player. For a step-by-step guide, see the instruction below.

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User Guide

  • Download and Install the Software: First off, have the program downloaded on your computer. You can click the button below to download that corresponds to the version you need for your PC. Right after the download, you should proceed with the installation. Open the software and start downloading videos.
  • download video keeper

  • Download Video: You will see the intuitive interface as below. To download a video, you can first navigate to find the video you wish to download and copy the URL address from the web browser and then click Paste URL to download the video via URL.
  • paste video url to download

    TIP: You can also go to “Detect” tab and use the built-in browser to search for the video you need and then click the Download button that appears beside the video to download it immediately. If you want to download many videos, you can also enable the advanced detector in Settings. By doing that, any video you open in the web browser will be added to the downloading list automatically.

  • Check the Video: All the downloading progress will be shown as Downloading and Completed. In the Downloading menu, you can pause or resume the downloading any time you like. And all the downloaded videos can be found in the Completed menu. You can play the video, change its name, add it for conversion, etc.
  • video keeper add to convert

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Internet Download Manager

This tool has been regarded as a fast download manager that empowers users to facilitate built-in accelerators for downloading videos over the internet. Despite the essential download function which covers just any files on the web, it also goes advanced by providing a task manager, a download scheduler, and more. However, since the coverage includes videos, doc, audios, and many more, it’s not specialized in downloading videos, and therefore, some functions seem redundant. The interface is also a bit sophisticated for novice users. Still, it works really fast on downloading files from the web, which is not available in every similar downloader tool. Just follow the steps below to download video with this Jdownloader alternative. In order to have a deep understanding of this tool, you shall proceed with the following steps.

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Orbit Downloader

This software, like JDownloader claims to be the pioneer of the download manager revolution. With years of development, this freeware is devoted to downloading video/music streams from mainstream media sites. You could easily find its official page via Google and access it. Moreover, it provides more than one option to download videos – you could either download a clip when streaming it on the browser or input the URL into the program interface to fetch it. Though the interface is a bit obsolete, which does not sound appealing, it does work well on the Windows platform. Orbit downloader now supports IE, FireFox, Opera, and Maxthon browsers. Check about the way to download online videos with Orbit Downloader below. In case you want to have this program work for you, have a look below.

orbit downloader app




Though it looks like another file download manager, it performs in a way that’s different from the other tools being reviewed here. It works as downloading all images and videos on a specific page. As this tool will return all downloadable media files in a list to you, you may need to select the specific video clip from it and uncheck the rest. Though it’s a bit roundabout, you will find it surprisingly beneficial when downloading several images on a page (e.g., wallpaper site, etc.). Although it’s not a pure download manager, DownloadThemAll deals with most of the video clips you can stream on browser and can add them to download efficiently.




Leech has probably the simplest interface among the similar tools. It works directly both on your browser and desktop. It lets you download files via URL by dragging it to the interface, and there’s also an option to detect videos on the playback page automatically. In this way, you can let the program grab any video being streamed on your browser without sparing time to arrange download tasks. And if you prefer, you could also set the rules for automatic download; for instance, download videos in FLV on YouTube only. Moreover, it has a considerate setting to store the URL of videos or other files for downloading them later. The free trial has some limits, while the Pro version will cost $6. And here are the easy method to grab videos on Mac with it.


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Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a tool that is similar to the Internet Download Manager, but claims to be faster. The tool claims that it can enhance the download speed of up to ten times the original download speed. This is a claim that got the attention of many users, which is why Free Download Manager made it to the list. The tool supports both Windows and Mac OSX, which benefits the users of the two operating systems. This tool supports all internet browsers, so the user can be sure that they will get the video that they want fast and easy.

free download manager interface

free rapid downloader


Free Rapid Downloader

Free Rapid Downloader is probably the most recognizable among the download managers on the list. This Jdownloader Mac alternative offers fast download speed by using its built-in download accelerator. However, that is not yet proven, but there are claims that it indeed boosts download speed. Basing the verdict on the testimonials of people who experienced it first hand, it is safe to say that there is something good about this tool. The tool was created with Java; it is easy to use because most users are familiar with Java made applications.

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The next desktop download manager on list is uGet. This is a more advanced internet download manager because it works on all major operating systems, Linux included. Also, the tool automatically adjusts its interface and appearance depending on the operating system where it is being used. The tool is open-sourced, which means the download is free, and it can be modified to suit the user’s preference. The tool offers easy download management because it is easy to understand the main interface, and the buttons are large enough to be remembered. The tool itself is is visually appealing compared to other download managers, which ensures that performance-wise, it doesn’t fall behind.

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youtube go


YouTube Go for Android

YouTube Go became mature right from the development stage and was launched as a beta version during sometime in April of 2018. Now you could stream your YouTube videos and have them downloaded. As may already know, the best way to download a video is to boycott the video restrictions that come with the video. This approach gets rid of third-party apps for downloading YouTube videos. Users are free to download videos in these formats: Basic, standard, and high quality. Sadly, this app lacks support for 1440p high resolution or UHD at the moment. What makes this app to be unique, among others, is the sharing feature that it has. Similar to most sharing apps, you could share downloaded videos with loved ones. Fortunately, development is still in its early stages, so we remain optimistic about additional features as the updates keep floating in. YouTube Go was initially launched as a beta version in India alone, but it’s now available worldwide. If you still think YouTube Go is none of your business, you should have a look at YouTube downloader applications, which is similar to YouTube Go concerning its functionalities.

youtube go

video link lite


Video Link Lite for iOS

Video Link Lite is a lightweight video sharing and download application for iPhone and iPad. The tool is free to download from the Apple App Store, which is great, considering how hard it is to find a decent video downloader for iOS. At first, the tools seem incapable of downloading videos for offline viewing because of the lack of description from the product page. However, the download feature can be found from the main screen, which is the “Save” feature. This allows users to save videos on the mobile device by directly downloading them. Considering the ease of use, many can agree that Video Link Lite is a tool that must be installed on every iOS device.

video link lite ios video downloader


In summary, to find a better alternative to replace JDownloader, we have evaluated several useful tools that have ongoing updates and amazing features. Every tool has a free trial or can be used for free permanently. However, as you can see from the article, most of these tools have different ways of doing the downloading, and also, their ease of use differs; therefore, you shall decide on which you need the most. In any way, the mentioned AceThinker tool would bring you great you, and we warmly recommend you to have an eye on it as a suitable alternative.

If any other great alternative to JDownloader is not mentioned here and you happen to know it, please share your idea by leaving a comment. Thank you!

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