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jdownloader alternatives

As a decent download manager which lets you grab video clips and other files from various sites, JDownloader is known to many internet users. It comes in handy whenever you need to preserve a video for watching later offline or download a file you need from the web. JDownloader provides a seamless experience to add desired files into your local collection with intuitive steps and settings. However, this program seems to be obsolete as it stops maintenance. And also because of no updates for quite some time, it doesn’t make users feel safe anymore, not to mention that it’s not compatible with recent Windows and Mac platforms. If you only know JDownloader or not able to find one better than it, then you may find the better JDownloader alternatives as this post continues. Find the guideline as below.

Video Keeper - Best JDownloader Alternative

Video Keeper being mentioned first is one of the best JDownloader alternatives. It provides all the features you desire to download, capture and manage videos. You can easily download videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, VEVO and many more without quality loss. In addition, you are free to convert downloaded video files into MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, MPEG, etc. Formats. With this amazing conversion function, you can download online videos and then play or enjoy them virtually anywhere you like. As for the interface of this alternative to JDownloader, it’s much better for offering an easy-to-use interface that even newbies know how to use it without learning. In addition, it can also be used as a screen recorder, video editor, and media player.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Specific JDownloader Alternative for Windows

In this section, we have evaluated several distinctive Windows tools similar to JDownloader. All of them work well on Windows and perform seamless video downloads too. They prove to be safe and 100% compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

1. Internet Download Manager

This tool has been regarded as a fast download manager that empowers users to facilitate built-in accelerator for downloading videos over internet. Despite the essential download function which covers just any files on web, it also goes advanced by providing task manager, download scheduler and more. However, since the coverage includes videos, doc, audios and many more, it’s not specialized in downloading videos and therefore some functions seem redundant. The interface is also a bit sophisticated for novice users. Still, it works really fast on downloading files from web, which is not available in every similar downloader tool.

2. Orbit Downloader

This tool claims to be the pioneer of download manager revolution. With years of development, this freeware is devoted to downloading video/music streams from mainstream media sites. You could easily find its official page via Google and access it. Moreover, it provides more than one option to download videos – you could either download a clip when streaming it on browser or input the URL into the program interface to fetch it. Though the interface is a bit obsolete which does not sound appealing, it does work well on Windows platform. Orbit downloader now supports IE, FireFox, Opera and Maxthon browsers.

3. Download Them All

Though it looks like another file download manager, it performs in a way that’s different from the other tools being reviewed here. It works as downloading all images and videos on a specific page. As this tool will return all downloadable media files in a list to you, you may need to select the specific video clip from it and uncheck the rest. Though it’s a bit roundabout, you will find it surprisingly beneficial when downloading several images on a page (e.g., wallpaper site, etc). Although it’s not a pure download manager, Download Them All deals with most of the video clips you can stream on browser and can add them to download efficiently.

Download Them All

Specific Alternative to JDownloader for Mac

There’re much fewer download managers on Mac than on Windows, but the average performance of them are more stable. Here we will go through some decent downloader apps like JDownloader for Mac users.


The name sounds irrelevant to downloader, but FOLX by Eltima is a niche torrent client. It provides two ways to download files either via torrent or URLs. And the latter way is definitely suitable for downloading video clips from YouTube and more video sites. Though FOLX is considered as a general file download manager, it has a function to download from YouTube specially, making it more friendly for users to get video clips from web. After you have successfully downloaded video files within this tool, you’re able to re-arrange them with tags or simple drag-drop. And if you upgrade to pro version, you could schedule a download task to grab videos at specified time. There’re also speed control, iTunes integration and faster downloading speed available in Pro version.


2. Leech

This program has probably the simplest interface among the similar tools. It works directly both on your browser and desktop. It lets you download files via URL by dragging it to the interface and there’s also option to detect videos on playback page automatically. In this way, you can let the program grab any video being streamed on your browser without sparing time to arrange download tasks. And if you prefer, you could also set the rules for automatic download; for instance, download videos in FLV on YouTube only. Moreover, it has a considerate setting to store the URL of videos or other files for downloading them later. The free trial has some limits while the Pro version will cost $6.

Leech Downloader


In summary, to find a better alternative to replace JDownloader, we have evaluated several useful tools which have ongoing updates and amazing features. Every tool has free trial or can be used for free permanently. And if you know other great download manager solutions, feel free to share them below.

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