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Better iLivid Alternatives for Windows and Mac

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Better iLivid Alternatives for Windows and Mac

ilivid alternativesThere is no doubt that iLivid is a leading tool for downloading videos from popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more. However, this program is only available or Windows and there is no iLivid Mac version. Meanwhile, because of its frequent crashes and limited features, many people are looking for iLivid alternatives for Windows and Mac to grab online videos. So is there a better alternative to iLivid? Fortunately, there are many. And today we’ll introduce some of the best iLivid substitutes for both Windows and Mac users. You can just try each one and select the one that suits your needs best.

Alternative for Windows and Mac - Video Keeper

If you’re looking for a Mac iLivid alternative to download online videos, then Video Keeper for Mac won’t let you down. It’s an all-in-one video downloader and converter for Mac users to download videos from tons of online video websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Hulu and more. After the videos have been downloaded to your local hard drive, you can even convert them to virtually any regular Format like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, FLV, etc. There are two ways on how to download videos or movies using this tool. Both steps below are applicable for Mac and Windows platform. The developer made it this way because there are just some sites that are encrypted that can’t be downloaded with the use of link alone. ust give it a try by downloading the trial version below and follow the simple steps to grab online videos with ease!

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Step1 Download videos Manually

The first way is by the use of the links. The “Download” tab is used to get videos from different video sharing sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Rutube and a lot more.Whether you are going to download a single video or a playlist this works. Just copy the link of the video or playlist, then from the main interface of the tool click on the “Download” tab. From there you will see “Paste URL” from the left side of the tool. Click it, that way it will be added to the download queue. Just wait until the video is acquired.

paste the link

Step2 Download videos Automatically

The other way is by using the automatic detection of the tool. The “Detect” Tab is used to get videos from sites that are too restrictive. Sites like Movie sharing sites powered by torrents are a good example. You won’t have to download torrent tool to do so. Video Keeper can also fetch videos on torrent sites with no problem. With this, you just need to go to the “Detect” tab and use the built-in browser to search for the website where you want to download videos too. Then, make sure to play the video. That way the tool will recognize the media being played and downloads it in no time. That means while streaming you can also get to download without doing anything extra. Detect’s specialty is to download from sites where videos are encrypted.

detect the video

Step3 Check downloaded file

Videos downloaded from both tabs are saved in one location. Under the “Download” tab, look for “Completed”. From there you will see the list of videos downloaded. To play it, double-click the file using your mouse.

check downloaded video

Step4 Convert Downloaded Video Files (Optional)

After downloading the video, you can convert it to a different Format. You can extract the audio from the video by converting it mp3 file or just change the Format of the video to play it on different devices. To do that simply switch tabs from “Download” to “Convert”. Drag and drop the file into the interface, choose “Profile”. Now, choose between, “Video”, “Audio,” or “Phone”. From there choose the Format you want, then click convert for the final touch.

convert the video

Online Substitutes to iLivid Program

Different from iLivid which presents problems in regard to plug-ins and odd activation, the downloader online can be used as a fast substitute for an alternative answer. This tool is a good alternative considering it is for free. The tool does not require registration or download on your computer. Also, it can provide video downloads in different Formats. It is user-friendly and easy to use. Even beginners can easily adapt to it. Through links, this video downloader can fetch videos on over 1000 sites. To start using it, follow the steps above.

Step1 Copy and Paste the link of the video

First go to any video sharing site you might like, then play the video. Next, use the shortcut download button below to fetch the video. Paste the link into the URL field and click “Get” initiate the download.

Step2 Choose a video Format

Afterward, it will give you several Formats options to download. Just choose the one that is okay for you. Anyway, mp4 included among the options. It works on all types of mobile devices in the majority.

choose a format

Step3 Download the video

To download the video, use your mouse to hover the pointer of your mouse to the blue download button beside the Format chosen. Right-click, and choose “save link as” for the final touch.

download the video

DownloadHelper for Chrome and Firefox

videodownloaderhelper image So what has been given are independent app and free online tool. This time we will talk about an extension or add-on that can be incorporated on your browser. VideoDownloadHelper is a tool that can download videos on numerous sites. If Online video downloader works by the use of the URL, this chrome and firefox extension is like auto-detection. You just need to stream the video then the tool will download it for you.

Step1 Add as an Extension

First, add the tool as an extension by going to Chrome Store. Next click “Add Chrome” to integrate the tool to the browser. After that, you will see the icon by the end of the address bar. The end of the bar is called the extension section. All Chrome extensions are seen here.

download helper add it as an extension

Step2 Stream Video a video

Next, visit any site that contains the video you are trying to download. The tool then will recognize it and will give you a list.

stream the video to detect it

Step3 Download the Video

Once decided which to download, hover your mouse to the video, then click the arrow pointing to the right to see the download options. Choose your preference and click it to dave the video.

download the video

Features of iLivid

It functions as an independent program that gives you access to a browser installed within, for downloading and browsing favorite videos. After going to the interface, users are able to complete the procedure for download simply, using the directions. The program attests to possessing an accelerator for enhancing the download, even though the outcome is not very apparent, as per our analysis. In spite of the necessary ability to download video streams at no cost, iLivid presents some unusual operation for handling torrents. You might also load a file for torrent straight to the program and download the file needed. In addition, iLivid offers support to sites’ download clips also, which need premium accounts; however, you should log in prior to starting. Without a doubt, iLivid is a wonderful tool; however, it contains its personal disadvantages which may make some users of Windows hesitant to make use of it. At times, it is ineffective due to the following:

  • The network connection might be inadequate; find out whether the connection to your internet is appropriate.
  • It may be also that the site for video which you visit has been updated of late with the limitation on videos’ downloading; in such circumstances, you require to disable iLivid and enable the newest one.
  • It is probably also that the file you desire to download does not come from one of the leading file hosts that provides iLivid Download Manager downloading. These are,,, and Fileserve. Com. In this case, you need to turn to other iLivid alternatives. Still, plugins are elements which may present a barrier to you in making regular use of it. These are presented by the program as well as the program’s default setting where the program is activated each time you begin the system. In addition, presently there is no version of Mac which is available. Therefore, we are going to evaluate the substitutes which are being presented with quality functions and improves safety defense.

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