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How to Download Videos Easily for All Beginners

  • TOP Download Udemy

    How to Download Udemy Videos

    1. Start Video Keeper and login Udemy with its control panel
    2. Stream a Udemy video on the built-in browser
    3. Turn on the detector and wait for video added to download queue
  • TOP Download Netflix

    How to Download Movies from Netflix

    1. Find the Netflix video you want to download and copy its URL
    2. Launch Video Keeper and click “Paste URL” on the top-left
    3. Wait for the program to analyze the URL and grab the video
  • TOP Download Hulu

    How to Download Videos from Hulu

    1. Find the Hulu video you prefer and copy the video link
    2. Go to “Detect” of Video Keeper and stream the URL
    3. It will detect and add the video to the downloading list
  • TOP Download Putlocker
    1. Start Video Keeper, go to “Detect” tab and stream Putlocker video
    2. Play the video and it will be added to the download list
    3. Click “Completed” under “Download” tab to check the video
  • TOP Download BBC
    1. Visit the official BBC website and copy BBC video URL
    2. Start Video Keeper, click “Paste URL” to add the video to queue
    3. Enjoy the video to the most after the downloading process
  • TOP Download Tumblr
    1. Set up Video Keeper and make sure the Detector is enabled
    2. Play the Tumblr video you like using the built-in browser
    3. The app will detect and download the video automatically

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