How to Use AceThinker Video Keeper

A comprehensive user guide for you to download desired clicps from various video sites. It also guides you through converting downloaded clips to device compatible formats and also transferring them to mobiles. Note that we will illustrate the steps in using the Windows version of this product, but Mac users can also refer to the guide, for the interface and settings are just the same.

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Part 1. Downloading video clips online

First, download the program for your Windows/Mac platform, and double click the icon to open and run the installation.

1. Find the video you would like to download by launching your favorite browser, and navigating to the video site such as Dailymotion. You can either play the videos or use the “Online Video window to download the videos from the sites.

starter interface

2. Downloading the videos. You can hit the download button when the page loads. You can also copy the URL of the video you would like to download, then hit the “Paste URL” button within the downloader.

video in downloading

It’s not too hard to understand, right? You can even use it to download a batch of videos all at the same time.

Part 2. How to download YouTube MP3 Audio

There are also two methods to downloading audio tracks from YouTube videos:

1. You can select “Only Audio” from the download plugin’s drop-down list and this will start your download of the audio track.

download in mp3

2. You can also copy and paste the video’s URL into the downloading menu after selecting “YouTube MP3” form the drop-down list.

Part 3. Converting Downloaded Videos

If you have downloaded your video, or video’s then want to watch them across different devices, you can convert them by using the program as well. To do this, choose the format for your device (iPhone, iPod, PSP, etc.) and do the following:

> Choose the videos from the download library, and then select convert on the right of each of the videos. From here, you want to choose the correct format, or choose the preset-output for desired device and continue with the conversion.

> You can also upload files to convert by right clicking on the right side of the “Downloaded” window, and choosing “Import”.

Part 4. Downloading and Converting with a single click

If you’re looking to save time by downloading a video and converting it to another format at the same time, this can also be done by changing the “Download then Convert” settings. You can find this in the top right corner of the window, you should see a list of formats show up, simply select the format you’re in need and continue. From here you will be able to use either method, and the software will automatically convert the video to the correct format.

download and convert

Part 5. How to record the videos

If you are looking to record your videos online using services such as Hulu or Netflix, you will need to have your Video Recorder open first. To do this, click the start menu and search for “Video Recorder”, then open your video online and hit the play button. You should see a red area over the video with a REC button, click it to record.

record videos

Part 6. Transferring downloaded videos over a wireless network

1. Begin by setting up the wireless transfer: Click on connect located on the left panel, this will show you the wireless setup menu. In order to use the wireless transfer, the mobile app is needed. If you’re just setting up your Player App for the first time, you should follow the directions.

install player

2. Installing the Player app on the mobile device: Simply scan the QR code, or you can click on the links in order to install the Player App.

3. Establishing a connection: Once you have installed the player app, you can open it on your mobile device and begin the transfer over a Wi-Fi connection, simply use the QR code and scanner on the Video Downloader Pro. This will establish a transfer connection.

transfer videos to mobile

4. Transferring videos from library to mobile devices: Once you have your wireless connection set up, you will be able to transfer the videos from your download library to your mobile device by clicking the icon for wireless transfer in the finished library. This will start the process of transferring your videos. You will be able to review the status by going to the “Connect Menu”, you can also pause or resume transfers as needed.

5. Enjoy your videos anywhere: You’re done! Once you have all this set up, you are able to enjoy your videos anywhere you would like, across Apple and Android devices as well as your computer.

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