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Best 12 Alternative Websites Like GOMovies

Last updated on January 14, 2019 by Mary

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Best 12 Alternative Websites Like GOMovies

sites like gomovies GOMovies is one of the most popular streaming sites that provide a wide range variety of Movies and TV Shows. Recently, the site has undergone re-branding, the website is inaccessible for several days. After multiple trial and errors for a new domain, now it is coming back as GoMovies linking the two old domain addresses. In spite of the changes, the site is still experiencing downtime and unknown errors. Hence, everything is left unexplained, GOMovies still continues to promote the new name and logo and will try to get the momentum back. However, there is still a possibility of changing the domain name in the near future for they claim that changes are all temporary. Aside from the fact that the website is facing copyright issues from U.S. Government’s Trade Representative, this now blocked in the United Kingdom as well. Being that said, you need sites like GOMovies as alternatives that offer the same service. And here are the top 8 websites like GoMovies.



MovieWatcher is a place where you can watch movies and TV shows for free without registration required. More than 90% of the movies published in this site has third party links of the streaming player, that means they do not store any copy of the movies that they provide. Giving justification of their slogan ” Watch movie for free: We are legal”. You have to remember when visiting this site , Movies doesn’t ask for personal information if so , it was the sponsor’s link requiring the registration , please remember not to put any personal infomation like Credit card information to avoid unneccessary charges.

starter interface of video master

If you prefer to download a video from internet, then please try Video Master which will help. It provides you one-stop solution for downloading and converting videos to desired format. In this way, you can enjoy movies on your TV, iPad, mobile or other devices offline. Moreover, it also provides handy video recorder, editor and so on.

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Vidics is another GOMovies alternative that you can consider using to watch your favorite movies. This site provides unlimited access to free movies from different countries. You can search from different categories by using the tabs on the top. One noticeable tab is the “Schedule” tab. It gives you a list of TV shows or movies to be aired per day. That means they are updating the list every day, which is very convenient for the user. Moreover, each movie has a short description of what it is about and critic of the actor’s performance in the movie. However, the only downside of this site is that not all videos are translated into various languages. On the other hand, the website promised a continuous improvement of the service they provide.



YesMovies is one of the interactive web free web service focusing on providing latest movies. Once you visit the website there are movies flashing along with the description of the movie. Aside from that prior watching, you can hover your mouse to the movie chosen and you will see information like the video quality if it is a CAM recorded or HD. Whats good about this site is that its updated. In addition to that, you can directly share the video since the site incorporated a direct link to different social networking sites. To see full list movies visit the official page.



More and More movie sites like GO Movies are now getting known just like The interface of the website is very similar to Yes!Movies. It is very interactive and user-friendly. The site also updates every time that there are new movies released on theater. If you are familiar with the previously mentioned site, then this site will be easier for you to navigate. What makes this site different from the others is the “Tab” where you can request a song. On the other hand, you may find pop-up ads really annoying when watching movies here. Almost 10 ads will show up on a new tab before it actually loads. In like manner when downloading the movie. This site continuously improves the web content and appearance of the website. This site continuously changes the homepage appearance for the better. Recently, the changes actually make the site look more organized and appealing.


M4uFreetv main page may not be that familiar but its considered one of the best site to satisfy your craving for movie marathon. Visiting the site for the first time, you might feel its a little dull because of the font and color used, but its simplicity makes it really easy to use. It is very straightforward. On the main page, you will only see two categories which are “Movies” and “TVshows”. Click movies to see list of movies available. IF you want to sort movies based on released year or genre, scroll all the way down of the page. When watching on this site remember after you choose the movie that you want to watch, just wait until the player gives you the play button in the middle. It automatically loads by it self because if you click the player it will give you several pop-up ads. So its better to be patient. Anyway, it will only take seconds to load. Equally important to that is the video load really fast. In less than 10 seconds the video player will load upon clicking play. However, the loading speed may vary specially of the speed of your internet is really slow.



MovieFlixter is another competitive site that people that may don’t know about. This site also offers movies on HD resolution for the maximum viewing experience. Watching movies here is for free. Just like movie watcher this site indexes movie sites and provide links to access their server. Just simply click the movie picture then it will automatically play. However, you need to register an account to fully maximize the website. Though it may seem that you do not need registration to use it, when you play the video it will ask you to register and will give you a pop-up to continue watching.



Another interesting site to watch movies is HugeMoviesDB . Although this is not popular, it also gives unlimited access to different movie genre most especially old movies. The navigation of this site is a bit different from other. It has tabs that are organized per category or you can use your mouse to scroll down on the home page. Just continue scrolling on the page to see more until you reach the end of the list. As the site continuously develop, ta new webpage was created to broaden their scope. Click “Visit our new site” button from the home page of the old site or click the hyperlink below to visit the new domain. Notice that the name has changed yet, retaining the physical appearance of the page. See the new domain page here: WatchHDMovies.

Note: this website is down.



Second to last websites like GOMovies is Oakmovies. This may sound unfamiliar, but it also a site where you can see the most recent movies played in the cimena. Aside from that the website is very straight forward simply click the number to reach more movie list and scrool down to choose. There is not much to mention about this tool since what you see

The idea of being able to watch movies online is really good. But what if the website shuts down because of several reasons? You can also consider downloading the movies to keep a copy wherever you are. There are times that you might be out of town with your family and thought of having a movie marathon at night. It’s gonna be great most especially if you don’t have internet available. being that said, there is one multitasking tool that will do the job for you.


movie ninja mainpage MovieNinja is one great option to watch movies online. This site is easy to access and very simple to navigate. Just browse through the site and you will see a list of the latest ones from the homepage of the site. The site is also interactive enough, so you will never get bored while searching for movies. If you are looking for a site that loads videos faster, this is the one. But of course, you need to consider your internet speed. It should be fast enough for the best viewing experience. Also, some may not know, you can also directly download the movie you are watching by clicking the download button below the player.


iomovie site movies is also a good alternative for GoMovies. The website is very interactive and clean. Not only has it provided movies also popular TV shows. It holds movies form different genre from, Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Fancy, History, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Romance and a lot more. Also you can categorize the list by clicking the tabs on the top of the main page. You can view the suggested, Latest, TV Series, Top Rated and Greatest Movies. Similarly, you can directly download videos here.


streamlikers movies Next on the list is StreamLikers (
). It also one of the most updated Movie and TV Show portal. You might notice that the site is a little dull compared to iOMovies and Movie Ninja. That is because the site is very straight forward and simple. You will immediately see the list of movie you can watch upon visit of the main page. To see the details of each movie you can just hover your computer mouse to the movie tile and another window will show up giving you details of each movies. Reviews are from IMDb. That makes the site looks even more reliable.



Finally, OpenLoadFreeTV . This is one simple Movie and TVshow site that you can consider visiting. There are no complicated steps to be able to watch movies. You just need to keep scrolling on the site because everything is given. Upon landed on the main page you will see a list of movies. Just Keep on scrolling on the site to see more movies you are interested in. You can also sort everything according to your preference. On the right side of the site, you will see the option where you can sort each movie according to year it was released and the kind of movie genre you want to watch. Just like the previous sites mentioned, this is also for free. You do not have to register for an account to use it.

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Acethinker’s Video Keeper is a video downloading software that you can use to download videos. With the new “Detect” tab you can directly search for the video that you want to download by using the built-in browser. Aside from that this tool acts like a screen recorder and a video converter to almost format commonly used by many. Though there are several web-based application available that you can use online, they have limited some sites only. Unlike Video Keeper you can multitask by downloading multiple videos at the same time while converting videos at the same time. To start using this tool here is a step by step procedure on how to use it.

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First, make sure that you download the application. Visit the official Website or click the buttons below to directly download it.

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There are two ways to download videos using this tool that is using the “Download” and “Detects “. Both can download multiple videos but the “Download Tab” is most commonly used to get videos from community sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and more video sharing sites. Meanwhile, “Detect” has the capability to download videos almost on Website.

choose file

Go to “Detect” tab and use the built-in browser to search for the website where you want to download videos. Then look for the video that you want to download. Enable the “Detect “ located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface then, at your right a notification bar will appear to notify you that the video was detected. To check the status go back to the “Download Tab” to see the download queue.
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Step3 Check if the Video is working

Checked Downloaded file and Play. To check the completed download under the same Tab where the download queue is on. Then look for the “Completed Section” and look for the name of the video. To play the video, right click using your mouse and choose “Play”.

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Step4 Convert a File to a Different File Format

You can also convert videos from Putlocker to mp4 so that it can match your device’s format. This tool supports conversion to Mp4, mp3, MOV and any Apple Devices Format. To convert you can choose to right-click the name of the file then >Add to> Convert or switch from “Download” to “Convert” tab upload the file and “Profile” below. From there you can personalize what format you prefer.

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So this is our list of the best alternative websites like GOMovies currently. It’s nice to have some GOMovies similar sites so that you can always enjoy the movies, videos and TV shows you like. All these alternative sites are quite great for movie streaming and they will definitely not let you down. You can just select one when you don’t want to use GOMovies or you can’t find the target video on GoMovies. And if you have got any site even better than the recommended ones, it will be highly appreciated if you can comment your suggestions below.

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