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Best 12 Alternatives Websites Like GOMovies

Last updated on August 10, 2019 by Mary

Watching a movie on GoMovies makes it a lot easier to view all the updated, and most popular film of the month. You can watch different kinds of the genre like action, comedy, horror, drama, sci-fi, and more. Also, you can watch TV series with different types of the genre as well within this movie site. In fact, not only GoMovie can stream the best movies, but there are also other video streaming that allows you to watch your favorite, and most frequently watched movies and TV shows.

Since watching movies online lets you watch astonishing movies and TV series for free, some of the sites that you can find through the web might harm your devices. That is why GoMovies became so popular with the viewers because this site is safe to use. Therefore, we also listed ten excellent movie streaming sites that you can use to watch the most updated movies and TV series online. Rest assured that all of these sites can stream videos for free and safely. On the other hand, keep on reading below to see the alternatives of GoMovies.

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MWWebsiteMovieWatcher is a place where you can watch movies and TV shows for free without registration required. More than 90% of the films published in this site have third party links of the streaming player, which means they do not store any copy of the movies that they provide. Giving justification of their slogan “Watch movie for free: We are legal.” You have to remember when visiting this site, Movies doesn’t ask for personal information if so, it was the sponsor’s link requiring the registration, please remember not to put any personal information like Credit card information to avoid unnecessary charges.

Tips: How to stream Moviewatcher on mobile

An more convenient way to watch movies is by using a mobile device like smartphones and tablets. This makes browsing and streaming more accessible because almost every one owns a mobile device. Moviewatcher is one of the many sites that supports mobile devices, and works perfectly as it should. To watch from a smartphone or tablet, tap the internet browser icon from the home-screen. From the home-page, visit the official website of MovieWatcher and select the movie to watch from the wide range of selections.

movie watcher home page


FMoviesThere is no shortage of great content on FMovies. The site is similar to GoMovies in many ways, but most of the movies it links to are hosted by various third-party hosting services. Even if one site is not available, the other is usually active. The homepage of FMovies has a section with suggestions, the latest films, the latest TV series, and the desired movies. You can also see which movies and TV shows have been stylish on the last day, last week, and last month. To enjoy FMovies without any problems, we recommend that you access the website with an ad blocker.


movieflisiteMovieFlixter is another competitive site that people who may don’t know about. This site also offers movies on HD resolution for the maximum viewing experience. Watching movies here is for free. Just like movie watcher this site indexes movie sites and provide links to access their server. Just click the movie picture then it will automatically play. However, you need to register an account to maximize the website entirely. Though it may seem that you do not require registration to use it, when you play the video it will ask you to register and will give you a pop-up to continue watching.


YesmoviesYesMovies has very little in common with GoMovies, though the two online streaming sites are visually similar. YesMovies specializes in movies and TV programs. The site has a large content filter that lets you classify content by type, quality, genre, country, and year of publication. Most movies on YesMovies were released after 2014, but you can also find many old movies on the Yesmovies if you are looking for them.


movie ninja mainpageMovieNinja is a movie streaming site where you can watch movies online. Within its homepage, you can see all the latest movies and TV shows by scrolling down, and the rating of the film and TV Series from the most trusted movie review site, the IMDb, which you can trust when it comes to movie reviews. This easily navigated web page also has suggestions of shows for you to watch, especially when you are looking for a new favorite TV Series. Additionally, this tool has a feature that shows you the top rated movie of the year, and the Greatest films of all time.


streamlikers movies Next on the list is StreamLikers. It also one of the most updated Movie and TV Show portal. You might notice that the site is a little dull compared to Movie Ninja. That is because the site is very straight forward and simple. You will immediately see the list of movies you can watch upon a visit to the main page. To look at the details of each video you can hover your computer mouse to the movie tile and another window will show up giving you details of each movie. Reviews are from IMDb. That makes the site look even more reliable.


AZMoviesAs the name suggests, the site offers movies from A to Z. Most movies on AZMovies are available in Full HD, and each movie is hosted on at least two servers to ensure its availability. Since subtitles are available for most movies, you should not have any problems even if English is not your native or perhaps first language. When new movies are added to AZMovies, they are also frequently advertised on the popular Reddit site, which makes it easier for editors to recognize all new releases.


opentVsitesNext, OpenLoadFreeTV. This is one simple Movie and TVshow site that you can consider visiting. There are no complicated steps to be able to watch movies. It would be best if you kept scrolling on the site because everything is given. Upon landed on the main page you will see a list of movies. Just Keep on scrolling on the site to see more movies you are interested in. You can also sort everything according to your preferences. On the right side of the site, you will see the option where you can sort each movie according to the year it was released and the kind of movie genre you want to watch. Just like the previous sites mentioned, this is also for free. You do not have to register for an account to use it. has an immersive list of films that you can watch for free from the old one to the new ones. You can choose according to genre, rating, the year it was released and popularity. Aside from that, the site is user-friendly and easy to use. You can find most of the updated ones on the main page of the website. Once you hover your mouse to the movie tile, you will see a brief description of the movie along with the rating. Besides, the site has a fast loading speed when playing a video. Just like the sites mentioned above, you may find ads while watching.

Yify Movies

Yify MoviesThis Yify Movies streaming site has very little to do with the notorious person behind the release of the movie YIFY. In contrast, Yify Movies is a generic online streaming site with videos from different sources and in different qualities. You will find Full HD movies right next to the camera and the TS recordings. You are the one to decide if you want to stream or watch a poor movie or perhaps wait for better ones to be released.



Putlocker is one of the best movie sites that you can use to watch popular movies for free. Despite being free, this website consists of HD quality movies, which lets viewers watch their favorite movies clearer. In fact, with this website’s popularity, it is visited by 1.6 million viewers a day. Also, Putlocker uploads the most recently released movie in the cinema, which lets you get updated with amazing and newest movies up to date. It also has a detailed synopsis of the film that helps you to know the story of the movie. You can visit Putlocker’s website to enjoy watching your most awaited movies.



With 123MoviesTube, you can choose different kinds of movies to watch. From indie movies to the most famous film, you can have a variety of remarkable films to watch. Besides, you can choose the top rating, most viewed, and top IMDb movies that you can see on the net. Moreover, 123MoviesTube also contains lots of TV shows that you won’t typically found in some video streaming sites. Most of the movies and shows within this site are in HD quality movies, which you can enjoy watching more explicit films and TV series. Also, this site consists of 18+ films, which is advisable for adults only. Try visiting 123MoviesTube to see all the fantastic film to watch.

AceThinker Video Keeper

Acethinker’s Video Keeper is a video downloading software that you can use to download videos. With the new “Detect” tab you can directly search for the video that you want to download by using the built-in browser. Aside from that this tool acts like a screen recorder and a video converter to almost format commonly used by many. Though there are several web-based application available that you can use online, they have limited some sites only. Unlike Video Keeper you can multitask by downloading multiple videos at the same time while converting videos at the same time. To start using this tool here is a step by step procedure on how to use it.

Step1 Go to Acethinker's official website

First, make sure that you download the application. Visit the official Website or click the buttons below to directly download it.

Try It Free

Step2 Download using Detect

There are two ways to download videos using this tool which is using the “manual” way and the “automatic” way. Though both features can download various videos but in the “Download” tab it is most commonly used to copy the link of the videos from any community and movie sites like OakMovies, MovieNinja, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and more video sites. Then, you will paste it in the tool’s interface which you can “Paste the URL” of your choice. Go to the “Detect” tab and look for a movie sites that you want that is mentioned above, and look for the video you want to download. After that, enable the “Detector” which is located at the bottom left side of the interface then, a notification bar will appear to notify you that the video was detected.

download queue

Step3 Check the downloaded file and play

To check the acquired video file, go to the “Download” tab and click the “Completed” and look for the name of the video you downloaded. If you want to play the video, right-click and choose “Play.”

video keeper downloader

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