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GetFLV is a tool specifically designed for computers which can aid you in grabbing videos from a wide range of video hosting webpages such as the popular Dailymotion, YouTube or Vimeo websites. Furthermore, this great tool makes it possible to you to have the conversion of the videos that have been downloaded in order to make the fit to the mobile device that you are using so that you could eventually watch them anywhere and anytime. However, nowadays the price of this solution has seen a steady increase and a major problem is that you cannot use it on a Mac computer. This is why many of the users are looking for solutions that are alternatives in order to have their favorite videos downloaded from the online source. In this article you can see the best recommendations for alternatives of GetFLV that can be used as great Mac or Windows substitutions.

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Best Alternative Solution – Video Keeper (Win/Mac)

video keeper iconWhen it comes to one of the best GetFLV alternative that is publicly available on the market, you definitely have to check out the AceThinker Video Keeper as a mentionable and highly popular solution. This tool is very versatile and it is able to help you with batch downloads that lets you download multiple videos from the aforementioned popular hosting webpages, like YouTube. Furthermore, you also have the chance to convert the content that you previously downloaded into any video format that is nowadays used extensively when it comes to compatibility with mobile devices, as well as tablet devices and so on. In case you wish to have a try at this tool, check the steps here.

Step1 Download and do the installation of the program

In the first place you can just commence with downloading this tool from below where you can see the orange buttons, and afterwards have its installation. Once you finalized its activation, search for your favorite videos for downloading.

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Step2 Conduct the detection of the video

When you arrive to the interface of the tool, you can directly copy and paste the URL of your video of choice into the interface on the Detect tab, where the program will seek for the video afterwards, so you can just press the Download button once it found your content. Afterwards you can see your new download in the “Completed” tab.

detect video

Step3 Check your downloaded content

After completion of downloading you can navigate to your newly saved file under the Complete button on the left side where you can choose to convert your file to load it into the conversion tab, as well as manage them from different aspects. However, generally these videos are already saved in FLV format, so you are ready to go and watch your download directly if you wish.

convert video

Online-Convert – Use an Online tool to Grab Videos on Mac

online convert logoOnlineConvert is an online app that is able to grab, process, download or even convert any files that you otherwise would wish to grab with GetFLV. The Online-Convert is therefore a great website that is used by many people which allows for multiple video downloading options based on the video file types that are available in a wide range, as well as you can afterwards save your newly downloaded file on your offline drive in the format which you wish to have it in, which all account for that this tool is a great tool in total. For using this online application, follow the steps:


Steps on how to use Online-Convert

  • First and foremost, you can visit the site of the Online-Convert where before you proceed with the converting.
  • Next, you have to choose a video format of your preference which you shall convert your chosen favorite video.
  • After this, you can press the Go button to initiate the download process.
  • Once you arrive to the downloading subpage, simply have your URL inserted into the provided search bar of the website directly after you choose and modified the right options for grabbing and downloading, in case you are not satisfied with the currently offered settings.
  • Then just press the Convert for video conversion.
Media Converter – Great GetFLV Alternative

icecream media converter logoAnother mentionable tool for serving as a great alternative for GetFLV on Mac is the IceCream Media Converter that has been on the market for quite some time and serves as a great choice for converting videos that is trusted by many people. Therefore the tool is continuously updated and people love it to their heart, as it gives a pleasant and straightforward downloading and conversion experience similar to GetFLV, accompanied by a great and easy to navigate interface where you can surely pick the options of your desire for personalized video grabbing to the extent of your wish. In case you are keen to learn the details, have a look below for more.


User Guide for Media Converter

  • In the beginning, after visiting the official page of the program, get the tool and install it on your device.
  • Then you can directly navigate into the interface where an easy to understand window pops up which shows the options how you can add your video to the program.
  • Just press Add URL so it will be copied here instantly.
  • After opening the Add URL pop up window, paste the favorite video’s link to the given search bar where you afterwards need to set the configuration options based on your need, so the program will prepare the video according to your specifications.Then you can have the program prepare the file for you.
Zamzar – Download and Convert Videos for Free

zamzar iconZamzar is an additional mentionable online solution that can be used as a worthy alternative to GetFLV when it comes to downloading as well as personalizing the video what you have chosen. This is a very versatile website tool that allows you a free as well as relatively easy downloading process together with a flexible conversion option where you can select a wide pool of conversion formats that you will have your grabbed video in eventually. Therefore this tool serves great, with one big limitation, namely that you cannot download videos directly from it, only send your converted file to your email. If you still show interest, a step by step guide is available below.


Step by Step Guide

  • At the first point you have to go to the official webpage of the Zamzar tool that you can visit simply.
  • Here you can navigate to the URL insertion subpage because in the front and main interface of the webpage you are only allowed to upload your chosen files and there is no option for URL insertion.
  • When you have inserted the link of your desired content, just configure some options with choosing the right output format.
  • Afterwards however you have to give an email address for your file to be sent there as there is no direct downloading available. Finally, just press the Convert button to grab the video.
SaveTube – Web Based Video Downloader

savetube logoSaveTube is another website that is an important GetFLV alternative with similar working functions offered on this tool as the ones mentioned before, and therefore it is also a functional choice in case you have a better preference towards this solution. The program is available on the site directly and therefore it is universally available without downloading, just after having a stable internet connection, no matter whether it is visited from a Windows or a Mac computer. Instead of FLV format, however, this tool focuses its conversion feature on the AVI format that is more compatible with many devices and therefore is a good final format output choice. If you have to have a better understanding, follow the instructions.


How to use SaveTube

  • First and foremost, you need to visit your video and grab its link from the video hosting website.
  • Then go to the official page of the tool and insert this link directly to the provided browsing bar.
  • The video then will be instantly processed, analyzed and the downloading possibility is offered to you.
  • After analyzing the video link that you input, you can pick the options associated with the HD Video downloading.
  • Many aspects can be flexibly modified from the details before pressing the Convert button. In the end just get the prepared video to your hard drive.

As you can see nowadays there are a wide variety of tools that offer similar or even better service that was is characterized by the usage of GetFLV. However these tools are therefore applicable to different circumstances and in order to maximize your efficiency, you have to handpick the one that suits you the most. In either case we recommend that you shall have a look at the AceThinker solution as it is very professional on the field and you will surely have a great partner at hand that can serve all you wish for when it comes to a GetFLV substitute.

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