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For convenience and cost savings, the Freemake video downloader program is one of the top choices you could make. If you are switching from Windows to Mac, you’ll propably look for Freemake Video Downloader for Mac. Simple to use and accessible for all knowledge levels, this program represents a truly user-friendly experience in the realm of video downloads. It also has the great benefit of being absolutely free so you can’t make a mistake by choosing to use it. The user interface is well-designed and intuitive so there is not a large learning curve to use all of its capabilities.

To use the Freemake Video downloader, all you have to do is choose the clips from the web and then select what type of file format you wish to download them to. You can do one at a time or do multiple files at once to save time. Of course, larger file sizes and doing more than one at the same time will slow the process down. If you have a few videos that you need to download ASAP, it is a good idea to do it individually.

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Video Keeper – Best Mac Alternative to Freemake Video Downloader

video keeper icon The Freemake Video Downloader is an excellent program without hesitation, but there have been some issues brought to light that concern its compatibility with various distances. For example, it is not yet available for Mac systems. If you want an alternative that will work on your Macintosh or Apple device, you should click the button below and try out a more robust option for Freemake Video Downloader. This software is the famous AceThinker Video Keeper. Similar to Freemake Video Downloader, this program for Mac allows you to grab videos from YouTube quickly. Also, it can convert to pretty much any video/audio format you want. Enjoy this video the way you like. Here are the simple steps to do it.

Step1 Download and Install the Software

Click the “Download” button below that is categorized for Mac and follow the wizard to install the program into your Mac. Launch it once installed.

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Step2 Download Video

Open the video you want in browser and copy the video URL. After that, go to the main interface of the program and click Paste URL on the top left corner of the main interface to start the downloading. You can keep on to download more and you’ll find the downloading files in Downloading tab and finished tasks in Downloaded tab. Pretty straight forward.

download video with vk on mac

Step3 Convert the Video

When you finish downloading, you can watch the videos directly or convert them to any format you want. Right-click on the video clip you need and choose “Open Folder” from the pop-up menu, then click Profile to choose the output format. When you are done choosing output format, click the Convert button to start the conversion.

convert the video

Compared with Freemake Video Downloader, this versatile tool possesses more functions as listed:

  • Work in batches of up to 24 video files at the same time
  • Give you three methods for downloading: Internet-based streaming, copying and pasting the URL or navigating to your chosen video clip with the built-in browser
  • Use the intuitive interface and helpful wizard to guide you to a successful file conversion
Miro Video Downloader

miro downloader logo When it comes to free programs for video conversion, the Freemake Video downloader stands at the top of the list. It is especially powerful due to its ability to download files into a wide array of formats including MP3, MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, MKV, MPEG and even VOB for DVDs. If you are unfortunately unable to use Freemake on your system, you may try this alternative.

The Miro Video downloader (supports Win/Mac) offers very similar capabilities also at no cost to you. However, it does not convert to nearly as many file formats as Freemake does. It only offers MP4, WebM and OGG file types, but it also converts clips into files that can be played on both android and Apple mobile devices. Despite it, Miro has the distinctive function of creating videos that can be played on PSP’s and the Kindle fire.

Miro is not only completely free, but it is also open source so that frequent updates and additions are made by the developers and other users. If you have knowledge of programming and working with applications like this, you are welcome to tweak it in order to function exactly how you want. Even out-of-the-box, the Miro Video downloader allows for super simple file conversion one by one or in batches.

Using Virtual Machine for Mac

parallels desktop logo The developers of Freemake already warn Mac users to don’t trust any websites that offers Freemake Video products for Mac. In fact, there are other tools that has their trademark name (e.g., Freemake, Free make, etc.) but all of those software have nothing to do with their company.

Another alternative for using Freemake on Mac is to download and install virtual machines. Virtual machines for mac are type of operating systems that is available for Mac devices and it allows users to activate Windows or Linux within a specific app. Since Freemake is not compatible on Mac OS, by default, users need to use virtual machines like Parallels Desktop or Virtual box if they want to have Freemake on Mac. Although you will use a Windows OS on your Mac device, it would only be temporary and activated when you run it. Aside from that, there are still restrictions set so not all software can fully run using them. To use this alternative for Mac devices, follow these steps below.


  1. Using your Mac device, launch the App Store.
  2. Go to the search engine then find Parallels Desktop or Virtual box.
  3. Try to download and install the software into your Mac.
  4. Once installed, run the installed application and start the Windows OS. Please note you should have a license copy of Windows OS on a CD, a DVD, or a USB drive; Please be sure that you must have a licensed copy of the Windows OS in your CD, DCD, or Flash Drive.
  5. run the virtual machine

  6. Once you set up the installed virtual machine, visit the official website of Freemake.
  7. From the web page you accessed, download and install the Freemake software..
  8. Run the Freemake on Mac using the downloaded virtual machine

Be careful on downloading virtual machines as they require some time and technical knowledge. Additionally, it is not fully guaranteed that all of the options for Freemake is available when you use them. Another is that a virtual machine will take a large part of your storage space in your hard drive.

Future Plans and Drawback of Freemake Development for Mac

We all know that Mac users are growing continually and many of them expect they could use Freemake on Mac easily. However, creating a Mac version of a product is not that easy since developers need to start from scratch. Regarding, Freemake developers need a lot of human resources, time, funds, and Mac equipment to create and develop their Mac software. So, they are asking for donations to their avid users to develop their products that would be available in Mac.

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