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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and commonly used browsers until today. It is also considered second-largest everyone compared to others based on the number of downloads. As of this moment, the latest version of Firefox 3.6 has 126.5 million worldwide. Though you can use Firefox to view countless media content in the Internet, sometimes you may still want to download streaming videos in Firefox so that you can get access to the media when there is no Internet, right? Looking for a Firefox video downloader that you can try to download videos from the Internet? Now simply check this article about the flash video downloaders for Firefox!

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Free Video Downloader

online downloader Start downloading videos from different social networking sites and video sharing sites with Acethinker Online Free Downloader one of the best free flash video downloaders for Firefox. It is free software that works almost on all browsers without any problems. Furthermore, it will not require you to download the software; simply use it over Wi-Fi and experience fast and safe download. Equally important to that, is the ability of the downloader to get videos online via links. Download videos without restriction no matter how long the video may be, or no matter how many videos you will download.

Step1 Copy and Paste Video Link

Use the shortcut URL field below and paste the link directly without going to the official site. Go to YouTube , search a video of your choice then paste it below. Click the “download” button to initiate the process.

Step2 Download the Video

Once done pasting the link of the video to given URL box above, you will be given options for the resolution and format from the pop-up window. Determine which file format that will suit your device and the video quality you prefer. Then, click the blue download button next to the file size of the video.

download the video

If you are looking for a tool that will not limit, you should try a desktop application called AceThinker Video Keeper. This tool is a video downloader that works on every site that you might think of. You can just use the built-in Firefox browser to navigate to view the media you like and download them instantly. Not only it works as a downloader, but the developer also incorporated two more features that can be useful for you. The added screen recording capability of the tool can help you record the important conversation. Equally important to that is the ability of the tool to convert videos among different formats. In other words, it is an all in one tool that you can use anytime.

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Video Download Helper

video downloadhelper logo Video Downloader Helper is a Firefox add-on so you can easily download videos from Youtube. Since it is added in the browser the tool automatically analyzes the detected video playing. Just surf the internet like you used to then the tool will do all the Job for you. This extension works with Liveleak, UStream, Fox, RAI, Metacafe and hundreds of video sharing sites. Aside from downloading Video DownloadHelper can make video conversion from video format to audio and combining 2 audios or videos to a single file. To help you with the right usage of the software, here is a simple guide that you can follow.

Step1 Add the Tool as an Extension

Next add the tool as an extention by typing “Firefox Add-ons” on your the search bar of your browser, or click the hyperlink to be routed directly to the add-ons market page.Once landed on the page, locate the search bar from the upper right-side of the webpage and type “Video Downloader Helper”. To add it on your browser click “add extension” then choose okay.

Step2 Stream the Target Video

Visit any video streaming site of your choice than play the video. As soon as the downloader detected the media playing, it will show up from the list under the shortcut button from the extension bar. The extension bar is located at the upper right-hand side of the webpage as shown in the photo below.

locate the video

Step3 Download the Video

To download the video click the Logo from your extension bar, find the video and click it. After that choose your action whether you want to save it to your hard drive or convert and save it. Depending on your need to see other options available also.

Video Downloader Professional

Video Downloader Pro Gone are the days where you have to wait long before the download finishes as this next solution allows you to acquire videos in a fast and easy manner. Video Downloader professional is also a browser extension enabling users to download videos directly from any video sharing source. There’s no need, therefore, for you to copy and paste the link just to get the video you wish to stream. All you need is a working internet connection and a browser and you are good to go. In addition to its quick and efficient way of downloading videos, all the videos are undoubtedly of good quality. In order for you to take advantage of this tool, be guided with the instruction outlined below.

Step1 Install the browser extension

The first that you have to do is to install the Video Downloader professional extension on your browser. Visit the “Firefox Add-ons” official website by typing in “” on your Firefox address bar. From the homepage, search for the extension by typing its name on the search bar located on the right portion of the page. Next, click the “+ Add to Firefox” button associated with the extension.

Step2 Watch and download the video

At this point, visit the video streaming site where you want to get videos. Next, play the video that you like to download. When the tool detected that there’s a video playing, it should turn to color green indicating that video can be downloaded. Click the icon of video download professional at the upper right-side of the browser. Then, select “Add video to list” to get the video.

save the video using video downloader pro

Step3 Play the acquired video

After following the above steps, the acquired video will be saved on video downloader professional library. To locate the video, click again on its icon and select “Show video list”. From here, you should see all the videos you downloaded.

locate the video on video downloader pro library

Ant Video Downloader logo You can also give Ant Video Downloader a try. This works pretty much the same with the browser extensions. With this infused with your browser, you will be able to save your favorite videos. The thing is you only have one format option when it comes to downloading a video and the download speed is relatively slow when downloading full-length videos. Nevertheless, if you are interested in downloading videos for audio streaming, the tool allows its users to download only the audio of the video directly from the source. You don’t need any additional application just to convert videos into audio. To be able to use this tool, you may refer to the steps listed below.

Step1 Integrate the extension

First step is to visit Firefox Add-ons webpage. Use the search bar tool of the page to search for Ant Video Downloader. After searching for the add-ons, click the “+ Add to Firefox” button and click the “Add” button from the notification that will appear from the page to finally integrate the extension to your browser.

integrate ant video downloader to browser

Step2 Play the chosen video

This time, play the video that you like to grab. To do so, visit any video streaming site and look for the video then stream it. Once the tool detected that there are videos playing, it will give you a list of all video links present on the page.

Step3 Download the video

Make sure to select the right video from the list. Then, click the “Download” button next to the chosen video. Finally, select the file location on your computer to save it on your local drive.


saviero logo If you are not satisfied with the tools mentioned above, Savieo might be the right fit for you. This is also a browser dependent that allows you to download videos online. But what sets this apart from the other solution is that you don’t need to integrate an extension on your browser to download videos. Instead, you will just copy and paste the URL of the video into the tool then it will automatically be downloaded and saved on your computer. It can grab tracks or videos from video sites like YouTube, Vine, Vimeo and much more. Also, this web-based app is compatible with major browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. As long as you have internet access and a browser, you can easily get videos online using Savieo. Now, here’s a simple guide for you to learn how it works.

Step1 Get the link of the video

First of all, you have to visit any video site where you intend to download videos. Once on the page, look for your favorite video, play it, and copy its link from the address bar of your browser.

Step2 Paste the video link

Next step to paste the link of the video into the URL bar of Savieo. Using your computer’s mouse right-click on the address bar and select “Paste” from the menu list. You can also key in “Ctrl+V” on your keyboard for the keyboard shortcut of paste command.

paste the video link to savieo

Step3 Download the video

Now, let the tool detect the video. Once the video has been analyzed, it will show you a list of different formats for the video you want to download. Select an output format and click the “Download” button next to the format. The video then will be downloaded automatically and the video playback shows up under a new tab.

download the video with savieo


In fact, downloading videos in Firefox has been an easy task with the help of web-based downloaders, desktop video downloaders and Firefox add-ons. You can simply choose one and start to downloading streaming flash videos in Firefox for offline viewing. By the way, do you know any better Firefor video downloaders that are not mentioned here? If yes, please let us know by dropping a message from the comments below.

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