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Mozilla Firefox is an outstanding open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation that uses the Gecko engine on rendering websites with its set standards. It was released on September 23, 2002, and it still provides an excellent service until now. Within this web browser, you can search almost anything, as much as you like for free. For the time being, Firefox keeps on upgrading its browser for users to see how many data-collecting trackers are blocked with its Enhanced Tracking Protection. It also allows you to set a password in Firefox on all your devices. Despite being a great web-browser, Firefox is also adept in streaming and playing videos online. Lots of media content on different websites can be watched on Firefox without a problem. Sometimes, you want to download those videos played in Firefox and watch them offline, right? Therefore, we took our time and effort to search for the best video downloader to save Firefox videos to watch them without an internet connection. We listed all the excellent software in this article to help you get all the videos you want from Firefox. Just keep on reading further to see the best video downloaders as of today.

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AceThinker Video Keeper

If you want to get all the videos being streamed on the Firefox web browser, AceThinker Video Keeper is the most excellent video downloader that you can use on both Windows and Mac. Dissimilar to other video downloaders that you can find online, this tool can get your desired videos from Firefox with a few simple steps. In fact, Video Keeper is not just a video downloader; it can also help you to convert downloaded videos to your preferred video format whenever you want to play it on your flat-screen TV or mobile phone. With the help of this tool, you can get all the videos you want for free, though you can purchase its VIP license to use its unique features. You can also have a lifetime free update and tech support whenever you encountered a problem with this tool.

This tool works for students or professionals to download videos whenever they need it for their project. It is also helpful for users who want to enjoy videos from video sharing sites by watching them offline. By downloading HD quality videos using Video Keeper, you can enjoy watching them clearly with no ads appearing on your screen. On the other hand, we have listed the easy steps on how to use the Video Keeper below.

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User guide

  • Install the Video Keeper on your computer: First of all, you can refer to the “Download” buttons above to get its installer. Then, run it, and follow the guidelines on installing the tool to your computer. After installing, simply open the software to see its interface.
  • firefox-video-downloader-step1

  • Customize your preferred settings: To customize the settings of this tool for downloading videos, click on the “Menu” button at the upper right part of the tool. Then, select “Settings” and set the hotkeys, video format, and output folder. Click the “OK” button to confirm the settings.
  • firefox-video-downloader-step2

  • Initiate downloading videos: Next, search the video that you want to download on Firefox and copy its video link. Go to Video Keeper, and click the “Paste URL” button at the upper top part of the tool under the “Download” section. The downloading process will start, and you can check it on the “Download” tab.
  • firefox-video-downloader-step3

  • Play the downloaded Firefox videos: Once done downloading, go to the “Completed” tab, right-click on the video, and select “Play” to watch the downloaded video. You can also simply double-click on the downloaded Firefox video to view it quickly.
  • firefox-video-downloader-step4

    Platform: It can be downloaded and installed on both Windows and Mac for free.


    • Video Keeper supports downloading videos from over 100 video sharing sites
    • Supports video conversion and screen recording


    • Needs a good internet connection to download videos

Distinctive feature:

  • Can download videos up to 4K resolution
  • It can do manual and automatic download
  • Its inbuilt search browser can visit any video site and stream their videos
  • Allows you to organize your downloaded videos however you like
  • There are no limits on downloading videos with its VIP license
video downloadhelper


Firefox Video DownloadHelper

Firefox Video DownloadHelper, coming from its name, is a browser extension that can get videos from YouTube, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion, and other video sharing sites. This downloader also supports extracting all the embedded videos, audios, images on a website. By installing this add-on to your Firefox web browser, it will detect the videos on a website and make it downloadable for you.

Aside from downloading videos, this add-on can also do video conversions like changing video to audio, and vice versa. Meaning, it is helpful whenever you want to extra the sound from the video and put it on the clip that you are editing. Since lots of students do video editing for their projects, Video DownloadHelper is so reliable when it comes to this kind of task.

Platform: This add-on works for the Firefox web browser and can be used to Windows and Mac.


  • Video DownloadHelper can download videos to any site visited by Firefox browser
  • It can convert videos and turn them to audio files


  • Needs to pay to avoid QR code scanning

Distinctive feature:

  • Allows you to configure the file naming when using gallery download
  • Lets you request a download and convert operation from DASH streaming
  • SaveAs dialogs sorts the file names in a case-sensitive way
download star


Download Star

If you like using “DownloadThemAll” on Google Chrome to download videos, then you will love the Firefox version of it, which is called the Download Star. However, this add-on does not have a download manager for you to monitor the downloading process. This Firefox extension allows you to specify a filter to download multiple Firefox videos at once. Also, it enables you to access your data for all websites, thus, required to scrape links and images from other tabs.

As my personal experience, I kept on using Firefox instead of other web browsers because it organized all of its browser extensions, and they always fixed some bugs. I use Download Star on Firefox whenever I want to download lots of videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Crunchyroll, and more. It is fast, reliable, and so easy to use. However, the downloads API in this web add-on is lacking many features. You can only place downloads inside of Firefox’s default output folder. Also, files are served using the “Content-Disposition” header to set a filename that cannot be handled correctly.


Platform: Download Star only works for Firefox.


  • You can download multiple videos from popular video sharing sites at the same time
  • It works with the native download manager


  • Does not allow you to pause and resume downloads
  • It doesn’t have its own download manager
  • All the downloads are only put to the default Firefox download folder

Distinctive feature:

  • Automatically detect and analyze the video that being stream and make it downloadable
  • Displays its icon on the downloadable content
  • It can work properly with VPN
  • Can set refine search filter to look for videos easily


Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is known for its amazing BitTorrent support. It allows you to adjust traffic usage, organize downloads, control torrent files, and download large size videos from the Firefox browser. This add-on of Firefox can boost all your downloads up to 10 times faster than normal, and process media files from different video formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and the likes. You can also drag and drop multiple video links from a video sharing site to the FDM to download all of them at once.

This Firefox extension is helpful whenever you need to pause a download and resume it later. It can also help you to continue downloading videos that got interrupted by downloading. Also, there are lots of traffic usage mode that lets you adjust the traffic usage for browsing the internet and downloading files with Free Download Manager. Rest assured that this tool is free, open-source, and safe to use with its GPL license.


Platform: Free Download Manager works for Firefox web browser


  • Free Download Manager is highly customizable
  • You can also download the whole website with this add-on


  • Does not support Windows shortcut keys
  • It has complicated menus

Distinctive feature:

  • Free Download Manager can download files using the BitTorrent protocol
  • It can translate 30 languages
  • Check for viruses after you download videos automatically.
  • Supports many different types of Proxy servers
  • It can restore and resume failed file downloads
ant video downloader


Ant Video Downloader

Ant Video Downloader is a Firefox extension that helps you to get videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and the likes. This extension integrates a “Download” button in the menu bar of the browser. Simply by clicking the icon, this add-on will open a sub-menu that shows the list of all available downloadable videos on Firefox. Also, you can use the “Gear” icon to adjust the video and audio quality if various settings are available.

Users have been reviewing this add-on as a great video downloader for Firefox because it can download from many sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc. in an open tab. It works with more than sites than any other Firefox extension. However, Ant video Downloader only works on the Windows platform.



  • Works only with Firefox
  • It is only available on Windows OS


  • Has no intrusive on the web browser
  • Can download videos to almost any site


  • Playback size is too small

Distinctive feature:

  • It has a category review content
  • Does have a download list and sorting options
  • It supports multiple languages
  • Supports multithreaded video downloading
  • It also supports HTTP, FTP, and RTMP protocols

What is a good video downloader?

There are many things to consider to say that a video downloader is good or can download videos without having any trouble. Of course, the video downloader that you are going to use needs to meet your expectations. Here are the things that make a video downloader efficient.


Things to know:

  • Fast and reliable: A video downloader should download a video in its highest speed.
  • Reliability: It should continue downloading videos whenever its it interrupted.
  • Video Quality: No one wants to watch a blurry video, so a video downloader can download videos from 1080p to 4k resolution.
  • Accessiblity: A video downloader should be easy-to-use that even non-techy users could use it comfortably.
  • Video Formats: More importantly, a video downloader should download videos to popular video formats like MP4. MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.

It is also essential for a video recorder to have lots of features like video conversion, screen recording, and organize video library. You must even know that downloading Ultra-HD and large file size videos will take time whatever video recorder you use. If you can’t wait to watch the video that you are downloading, then choose the lesser video quality and size.

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