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How to Embed YouTube Video in Keynote

Last updated on October 29, 2018 by Charles

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How to Embed YouTube Video in Keynote

key note noe Keynote is a presentation platform which is built-in for Mac computers. When it comes to usability this presentation maker is definitely easy to use and very flexible. Moreover, it is also great for photos and videos because it is designed to work perfectly with multimedia files. In addition, both transition and animation effects help you blend an image with the slide’s background. Keynote is continuously improving in this aspect. Most people think that Keynote is very complicated to use but in fact, If you compare this to PowerPoint, they are equally useful and easy to use. Moreover, if you want your presentation appealing enough to leave an impression to your audience, consider adding videos on it. It is one of the best ways to draw your listener’s attention and concentration. Thus, this also can make the presentation more interactive and interesting. In line with it, you might have to download videos from YouTube to infuse in it. However, not all video format types work with Keynote, only MOV and Mp4 are supported. So you must find a video with this kind or use a video converter to alter the format of the video. That being said, we will make it easier for you to get videos from YouTube that provides the same format needed.

Steps on to Embed YouTube Videos in Keynote

For the meantime, if you need a guide on how to embed videos on Keynote, read through the guide below. These steps are applicable to all the tools mentioned below. After that, discover more alternative downloader that you can use.

Step1 Download a Video

Use an online video downloader that can produce formats that are compatible with Keynote.Acethinker Video Download Free is one of the best downloader that you can utilize. Simply use the link of the video to acquire it. Let’s get started by going to Youtube and copy the link of the video, then paste it to the URL field below.

Step2 Embed the Video in Keynote

After the video is downloaded, go to your Keynote presentation and look for the “Insert” then “Choose”. From there, find the video you wish to add. Just wait until the video is processed and appears in the slide.

insert video click choose

Step3 Trim the Video

If you want to cut some parts of the video you can trim it by going to “Movie” tab located on the left side of the interface and look for “Trim.” You have to make sure that the video is highlighted so it can be edited.

trim the video

Step4 Play the Video

Adjust the size of the video according to your need or preference. After that, click the “play” button as seen in the picture below.

play the video and adjust

Video Keeper

Although using an online downloader is a good way to acquire videos from YouTube, we cannot disregard the fact that they have certain limitations compared to a desktop downloader. A premium downloading software is far better because it has more features to offer than online downloaders. Like the capability to download videos on all types of websites and convert large files. That is why Video Keeper is developed to meet these needs With Video Keeper you can download multiple videos almost on every site and convert the videos on formats that you need. Get started and experience fast download and conversion of videos for your presentation. Use the download button below to start your free trial.

Try It Free

Step1 Launch Video Keeper

After downloading the tool from the shortcut button given above, launch of the application and click the download tab.

Step2 Copy the Video link

Go to YouTube or other video sharing site. Search for the video that you need, once decided head up to the URL bar above and copy the video link.

copy the video link

Step3 Paste the Video link

Next, go back to Video Keeper. From there click “Paste URL” and wait until the video download progress appears. Once the download is done, check the video downloaded by clicking “Completed” and look for the file name.

download the video

Step4 Add the Video to Keynote

Lastly, embed the video downloaded to Keynote by going to your presentation, head up to the “Menu” bar located at upper left-hand side of the screen. Then choose insert, look for the video saved in your hard drive, finally click “Okay”.

insert video click choose


YouTubNow is an online video downloader design to get videos from YouTube. It is a great free video grabber to help you embed videos in your Keynote presentation. You can download as many videos as you can. Aside from that, it supports multiple formats like MP4, which works perfectly with Keynote. Just like any online downloader you can use the “Link” to acquire it. Thus, you can search for videos using “Name” or any keyword you remember then the tool will show video suggestions that might help you find the video easily. Moreover, this also acts as a converter. The tool automatically extracts the audio in mp3 format and will be available for download along with the other formats. Maximize the tool even without registering an account. You only need a computer, an Internet connection and a browser that works on the site. On the other hand, you can follow these steps to use this program to download videos.

Step1 Do Keyword Search or Copy the link of the Video

First, visit the official site of YoutubNow. Search for the video keyword or add another tab and go to YouTube next, search for the video you want to download. Copy the link after that switch back to YoutubNow and paste the link into the URL field given.

youtubnow paste the video link

Step2 Select Format and Download

The tool detects the video in no time as soon as you typed a keyword or paste the link. Once results are out, click the drop-down to choose for the format you need. After deciding click the red “Download” button to get the video.

youtubnow choose-format is a free online video downloading software that does not require any registration and software to download onto your computer. You can use it anywhere as long as you have a computer, a browser and an Internet connection available. Just like Acethinker Free downloader and YouTubNow it also produces several formats to choose from upon detection of the video. If you are familiar on how to use the tools mentioned above, then this will be easy for you to use.

Step1 Copy and Paste the Video Link

Visit’s official website and open another tab for Youtube. Find the video that you will add in Keynote then copy the link. Go back to and paste it into the URL box shown in the picture below.

Step2 Choose a Format and Download

Next, the video will then be detected. Scroll down to see formats available for download. Choose the one that you need and click the download button.
choose format


This article contains useful solutions on how you can add a Youtube video to your Keynote. The tools are great, safe and easy to use. However, the desktop version is more advanced as compared with the online one. The online one cannot detect any video automatically and it cannot download multiple videos which the desktop tool can do. For more detailed comparison between the two tools, refer to the table below.

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