How to Embed YouTube Video in Keynote

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How to Embed YouTube Video in Keynote

Keynote is a presentation tool exclusive for Mac computers. It comes with transition and animation effects that can help you enhance your presentation. Yet, many people think that Keynote is complicated to use when in fact, Keynote is quite simple and easy to use as PowerPoint. Moreover, the tool lets you add multimedia files like videos and photos in your presentation. This is great way if you want your presentation to be more informative yet manages to stay entertaining. It will also draw your audience’s concentration and focus to the discussion. On that note, you might want to embed YouTube video in Keynote. Through the top applications listed below, you will be able to add your desired video from YouTube into your Keynote presentation easily. So, without further discussion, read along and learn some of the best ways to add video in Keynote.

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How to Embed YouTube Videos in Keynote

For the meantime, if you need a guide on how to embed videos on Keynote, read through the guide below. These steps apply to all the tools mentioned below. After that, discover more alternative downloader that you can use.

Step1 Download the video

Keynote does not allow you to add YouTube video using the URL. That means you need to download the video first from YouTube. AceThinker Free Video Downloader is one of the best downloaders that you can utilize. Copy the link of YouTube video and go to the official website of the free online downloader. Paste the link into the download field and click the “Download” button. From the appearing window of video formats, select and right-click the chosen format then choose “Save link as”. Finally select a file location to save the video.

download video online downloader

Step2 Embed the Video in Keynote

When the video is successfully downloaded, you will now be able to insert YouTube video into Keynote. open Keynote and click “Insert” followed by “Choose” option. Locate the video you’ve just downloaded and insert the video. You may specify the part that you want to be played. Switch tab to “Movie” from the right menu and drag the “Trim” handle to set the part that you want play.

insert video click choose

Step3 Set up the video to play automically

To play the video automatically without pressing any key on your computer, you can uncheck the “Start movie on click” box located at the very bottom of the “Movie” tab. In this way, the video will play automatically as soon as the presentation reaches the slide where the video is placed.

play the video automatically

NOTE: Adjust the size of the video according to your need or preference. After that, click the “Play” button as seen in the picture below. If you want to stop the video, you can click the same button. You can embed as many videos as you please. Just repeat the same procedure.

Video Keeper

Although using an online downloader is a good way to acquire videos from YouTube, we cannot disregard the fact that they have certain limitations compared to a desktop downloader. A premium downloading software is far better because it has more features to offer than online downloaders. Like the capability to download videos on all types of websites and convert large files. That is why Video Keeper is developed to meet these needs. With Video Keeper you can download multiple videos almost on every site and convert the videos on formats that you need. Get started and experience fast download and conversion of videos for your presentation. Use the download button below to start your free trial.

Step1 Install the Video Keeper on your PC

First, download the AceThinker Video Keeper by clicking one of the “Download” buttons below. Then, run the driver, and follow the steps on installing the tool on your PC.

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Step2 Paste the Video link

Next, go back to Video Keeper. From there click “Paste URL” and wait until the video download progress appears. Once the download is done, check the video downloaded by clicking “Completed” and look for the file name.

download the video

Step3 Check Downloaded video

Once the video is completely downloaded, under the same tab, head on the left panel of the tool. Click “Completed” to see the list of videos you downloaded.

insert video click choose

NOTE: Once the link is copied, highlight the video by clicking it. Use your computer mouse to do so. Then head up to the upper left side of the page. To play the video click “play.” You can also trim the video if you want to emphasize specific parts of the video. You will then see the editing feature on the left side of the Keynote page.


YouTubNow is an online video downloader design to get videos from YouTube. It is a great free video grabber to help you embed videos in your Keynote presentation. You can download as many videos as you can. Aside from that, it supports multiple formats like MP4, which works perfectly with Keynote. Just like any online downloader you can use the “Link” to acquire it. Thus, you can search for videos using “Name” or any keyword you remember then the tool will show video suggestions that might help you find the video easily.

Moreover, this also acts as a converter. The tool automatically extracts the audio in MP3 format and will be available for download along with the other formats. Maximize the tool even without registering an account. You only need a computer, an Internet connection and a browser that works on the site. On the other hand, you can follow these steps to use this program to download videos.

youtubnow choose-format

User guide:

  • First, visit the official site of YoutubNow.
  • Search for the video you want to download, Copy the link after that switch back to YoutubNow and paste the link into the URL field given.
  • The tool detects the video in no time as soon as you typed a keyword or paste the link. Once results are out, click the drop-down to choose for the format you need.
  • After deciding, click the red “Download” button to get the video.
  • To insert YouTube into Keynote, follow the procedure written under section 1. is a free online video downloading software that does not require any registration and software to download onto your computer. You can use it anywhere as long as you have a computer, a browser and an Internet connection available. Just like Acethinker Free downloader and YouTubNow it also produces several formats to choose from upon detection of the video. If you are familiar with how to use the tools mentioned above, then this will be easy for you to use.

choose format

Steps on using

  • Visit‘s official website and open another tab for Youtube.
  • Find the video that you will add in Keynote then copy the link.
  • Go back to and paste it into the URL box shown in the picture below.
  • Next, the video will then be detected. Scroll down to see formats available for download.
  • Choose the one that you need and click the download button. Like wise please refer to section number one on how to insert a YouTube video into keynote.
QDownloader is another online downloading tool that helps you get videos online without paying for anything. It is one of the most visited online downloaders because it is compatible with more than 100 videos sharing sites. Also, it is fast and easy to use. Similarly, it works like a downloader and a converter. You can get the video you are trying to download on different formats. It provides several download links to choose from. Just by using the link of the video you can now easily download videos on your PC to inset YouTube video into Keynote. To use the tool, please refer to the following instructions.

paste the video link

Guides on using QDownloader:

  • First, go to YouTube and search for the video you wish to download and copy the link from the address bar.
  • Next, go to the official site of QDownloader. From the URL bar, paste the video link.
  • Finally, once the video is detected, another window will pop containing download links on different formats.
  • Just choose the one you prefer. Once decided, hover your computer mouse on the “Purple download” button then click “Save Link as.”
  • The video then will be downloaded on your PC. This time, to add the video to your Keynote presentation, follow the procedure written under section 1.


This article contains useful solutions on how you can add a YouTube video to your Keynote. Those are some of the solutions to embed YouTube in Keynote. Indeed, these tools are helpful and straight forward. They only differ in the featured offered. As you can see a free online downloader has certain restrictions as part of its limitation. On the other hand, the professional tool can do almost everything you might need for downloading and converting. You can also check the table created to compare each tools in detail.

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