Ways on How to Download WorldStar Videos

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Ways on How to Download WorldStar Videos

WorldStarHipHop was founded in 2005 by Lee “Q” O’Denat of Worldstar LLC. These site aggregate videos from different sources to provide information through media. This site collects videos and links about Entertainment, News, Music, and controversial topics that are timely. That means this is accessible to anyone. Even without registering an account you can maximize the website. Being that said, parents must watch their kids just in case they come across this site because it contains sensitive graphics such as violence, sexual acts, shaming and abuse that are not suitable for minors. Since videos collected by the site are from different video sharing sites there is a tendency that videos that you might have watched before will still be available in the near future. One of the site links with WorlStarHipHop is YouTube, of course, the biggest video sharing where you get a lot of information of any events. At times because of copyright issues or sensitivity of the video, it may not be going to be available anymore. Hence, sites might experience downtime. Just in case this happens you can download WorldStar videos instead to keep a copy of the video.

Download WorldStarHipHop Videos with Video Keeper

worldstarhiphop video downloadBeing that said you need a reliable downloader that you can trust and use. Acethinker Video Keeper is one of the best Video downloaders there is. This tool is a one versatile and easy to use that can download videos on all websites with the use of the new “Detect” feature that can allow getting videos even on restricted movie sites. Not only that it can download videos, you can also use its built-in screen recorder to capture your computer screen just in case the downloader is restricted on the site, which is really rare. Aside from that, you can also convert videos in a different format and the most commonly used ones like Mp3, Mp4, MOV for iOS devices and a lot more. If you are worried about malware or extensions apps this tool is safe to download. Unlike other downloaders, it comes with a mandatory installation of anti-virus apps. To get started here is a guide on how to properly use the tool for your convenience.

Step1 Download and Launch the Application

Download the app by clicking the shortcut buttons below according to the Operating system of your PC. After the download, follow the set-up wizard until the tool is launched.

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Step2 Copy and Paste the Video URL

Visit WorldstarHipHop or any video/movie sharing site of your choice and copy the link of the video from the URL Bar. You can also use the “Detect” tab and use the built-in browser to directly search for the site where you wish to download videos.

Step3 Download the File

As mentioned paste the copied link to the URL bar and hit “Enter” on your computer keyboard. Then, choose and click the video that you wish to download. Notice that there is an “Arrow Down” that represent the “Download” button at the right-hand side of the video being played, you have to click it to initiate the download. Nevertheless, the icon doesn’t often appear, it still depends on the site where you are trying to download. Most of the time the auto-detection of the tool does it all. To check the progress of the download, switch tab from “Detect” to “Download” the queue then will appear. Once the download is done, choose the section that says “ Completed”. Use your mouse “right-click” on the name of the file then, choose “Play”. You can also convert the video downloaded to the format supported by your phone or computer. To begin the conversion, switch tabs from “Download” to “Convert”. Drag the file to the interface or click “Add files”. You can convert multiple files at the same time. Click the arrow down icon from “Profile” choose whether you want to convert it as MP4, MP3 or format suitable for your device.

download button

Tip! Make sure to toggle “Enable Detector” to “On” to initiate and detect the video being downloaded. Though you might not need to enable this for video streaming sites like Youtube, this is helpful for those restrictive movie sites. You can also get the videos by using the “Download” tab by clicking the “Paste URL” button. However, this tab only works for none restrictive sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other community video sharing sites.

Aside from using a downloader you can also consider using free screen recorders to have a copy of those videos. It is practical and easy because there are several applications online that you can use to record videos. Below is the list of free screen recorders that works for both Mac and Windows Computer.

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Pixel Prospector Screen Recorder

pixel feature imagePixel Prospector Screen Recorder is a free web-based screen recorder and an alternative to downloading Worldstar videos online. That means you don’t have to download any software on your computer. With the click of a Single button, you can record any video that you may like. However, the downside of the tool is that it will only allow you to record a video up to 5minutes in maximum as a part of its limitation.

Once the recording is done, the tool will require you to Log-in using your twitter account to be able to save the video that you just recorded. It is mandatory that cannot be skipped. Anyway, it will only take you a minute to do that.

ScreenToaster Screen Recorder

screen toaster feature imageScreenToaster Screen Recorder is a free app that you can use as an alternative to get videos online. Just like other screen recorders, it captures all the activities of your computer screen. So whether you are watching videos or having a simple conversation via Skype or other communication apps you can use it to keep a copy. Just like Pixel screen recorder, you must register an account before you can download the video that you recorded. In addition to that, this supports embed the link to directly share it to different social networking sites.

Note: due to technical reasons, ScreenToaster is no longer available. You may check alternative to ScreenToaster at here.

Acethinker Free Screen Recorder

free screen recorder onlineAcethinker Free Screen Recorder is by far the most diverse tool among the three. Unlike the other two mentioned tool above this has no limitation when it comes to usage. No time limit and no need to register an account to use the service. Though all of them are free web-based app this is far most convenient one to use. Not only it can give you the best screen resolution, you can also annotate by adding shapes, lines, and text while you are recording the video. To demonstrate the process on how to use the app we will download worldstar videos online.

Step1 Launch the App

Once you land on the official site, info about screen recorder is the first thing that you will see just click read more and you will be routed to the page where you can start using the tool click “Read More”. To start using the application, click the green “start” button.


Step2 Adjust the Region and Start Recording

Adjust the frame size according to this size of the screen that you are trying to record by dragging the four side of the frame. One feature that is very interesting about this tool is that you can write, add text, lines, and shapes while recording if you want to highlight some important part in the video.

add text while recording

Step3 Save and Share

Once done recording press the same button when you started recording the video but as the recording starts the color of the button changes into “Blue”.Then, click the “Check” icon to save the video. You can save it to your Pc or directly share it to your social networking sites account. Aside from that, you can directly save it to google drive to save some space on your computer as well as access it anywhere.

save and share


To conclude all of these application can help you get videos online most especially on WorldStarHipHop. Not all downloaders are capable of getting videos here since downloading via link is not working for other web-based applications. But if you are looking for an app that can do everything for you it is best to use Acethinker Video Keeper since it can download videos and also screen record just in case the video is not available for download.

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