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Easy Ways to Download VR Video

Last updated on August 8, 2019 by JoKelly

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Easy Ways to Download VR Video

Virtual Reality or VR video downloader is a new form of computer technology that is making waves in video, game, and other areas. It creates realistic images, sounds and other live sensations for users relating to a particular environment, to make users feel they are in such an environment in the flesh. In other words, it is able to replicate any environment in real time and stimulate the physical presence of the user into that environment. Currently, there are several sites that offer various VR video content. Having the ability to access VR video content on portable devices such as androids and iPhones will come in handy for lots of persons. We would look at ways via which users can get VR videos on their devices. Before we begin, you need to know where to get VR videos. There are sites such as Vrideo and the 360 Videos Channel on YouTube, and lots more from where users can get access to a vast array of VR videos. With that in mind, let’s see how you can download VR videos to your devices.

AceThinker Video Master

AceThinker Video Master supports loads of video/audio formats in media entertainment and more for different needs. It also has output presets to convert your source video to a portable mobile, tablet and more format in a single click. In perfect quality, you will receive the file. Within a click, you can quickly capture screen recording videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and many other sites. On top of that, AceThinker Video Master enables you to download any video by entering its URL and adding 12 clips simultaneously. You can also automatically stream and download videos by turning on the detector. Furthermore, it offers a various range of useful editing features including clips, trimming, cropping, rotating, effects, subtitles, watermarks, and etc.

Step1 Download and Install

To download and install the app, you just have to click the Download button to directly get the app and, install it on your computer.

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Step2 Copy and Paste the URL

Copy the link from the video source. Next, go to the video master and click download tab. After that, paste the URL into the link field. Then, to start downloading click add to download.

vm copy paste url step2

Free Online Video Downloader

This Free Online video downloader is your unique solution for downloading Video clips from almost all video sharing platforms. You can download online videos not only from YouTube but also from other websites such as Dailymotion, Metacafe, VEVO and other similar sites. Whichever website it is, the performance remains the same. No matter how many videos you want to download, you have the freedom to use this tool without any limitation. This powerful Video Downloader allows users to convert, download, edit and play video or audio in any format quickly. Furthermore, this video downloader fits you perfectly. By using this you will just have to copy and paste the URL and download the video in the exact format. Users can use the tool in the following way;

Step1 Copy video URL and paste

First and foremost, navigate to the video streaming site where you wish to download videos, find a video you want and copy its link. Next, paste the URL into the download bar below and click “Fetch” to detect the video. The program will analyze the video link and show the video available to download.


Step2 Download the Video

It will analyze first the video and a window will pop up showing the video information and a panel should appear containing the video’s information and list output formats for the video you are trying to acquire. Now, hover the pointer of your mouse to the “Download” button and select “Save link as” to finally save the video.

vd download and save button step4


airmore image Airmore provides an avenue for users who want VR video on their portable devices. It is free online to that affords users the opportunity to transfer data between PC and mobile devices. The user interface of the tool is easy to navigate and highly operational even for first-time users. To use the tool, install the app on your Android phone or iPhone. Then go to the Airmore site on your PC. Start the app on your smartphone and scan the QR code on the web page to connect your PC and smartphone. Select import then imports files and then select the Video icon on the website. After that, browse the downloaded VR video in your PC. You can easily use both options to download VR video to your mobile device and your PC as well. Select either option and see which you like best.


These are the tools that will help you make your life easy and simple. In downloading the VR video each of these programs can be useful. Now, if you are looking for ways on how to download Virtual reality video, give one of these tools a try.

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