How to Download Twitch Clips Online for Free

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How to Download Twitch Clips Online for Free

Twitch featured Logo If you’re a game or sports enthusiast, you must be very familiar with Twitch, a popular platform specializing in live broadcasting real-time games or sports events, giving users the ability to chat with other users plus there are occasional product announcements as well. There must be times when you want to download Twitch videos for offline playback, either to study more videos, review your opportunities, learn game techniques, etc. However, Twitch doesn’t offer a one-click download option. To save videos from Twitch, you will need to get a video downloader that supports Twitch. Here we have listed the best 5 solutions to get videos from Twitch using freeware and stand-alone apps.

Download Twitch Videos with Video Keeper (Win/Mac)


Just like any other tool, these tools have their own advantages and disadvantages as well. Though, all of them will allow you to download videos from community sites, not all video sharing websites will be supported as part of their limitations. AceThinker’s Video Keeper is something that you should consider using because of its versatility and flexibility when it comes to video downloads, output formats, and conversion. Not only that, you can also screen record important live stream videos on your computer. To learn more on how to use this software continue reading the guidelines below.

Step1 Downloading Video Keeper

Video Keeper can be downloaded either from AceThinker’s official website or by clicking on one of the links below. After installation, launch the program.

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Step2 Download Preparation

First, find the video or movie on the web that you wish to download. Then copy the video’s URL to your clipboard. Next, launch Video Keeper and choose “Detect” tab and paste the URL copied.


Note: You can also directly search the site or video from the URL box. By default, all videos are being downloaded in the “Download” tab. But, if the video link can’t be downloaded, another pop-up window will appear asking you to switch to “Detect” to download the video.

Step3 Turn on Enable Detection

To initiate the download, make sure that the “Enable Detection” is turned on located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface, then a notification window will show up on the opposite side of the interface.


Step4 Check Status

Lastly, check the status of the download by switching tabs from “Detect” to “Download”. Once the download is complete go to “Completed” and locate your downloaded file. To play the video double click or right click and choose play.


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Acethinker's Online Free Video Downloader

FOV website

Acethinker Online Video Downloader is a web-based application that you can use to download Twitch videos online. This online application doesn’t need installation, simply launch the application by using your web-browser and it’s ready to go. This tool provides different formats that may suit your device format. You can also use this free download to get videos from the most popular streaming sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, and a lot more. To start using the app you can refer to the step by step below.
Disclaimer: All tools reviewed here all tried and tested on Twitch.

Step1 Paste The link of the video

Visit Acethinker’s Downloader Website Copy the link of the video that you want to download. Then click the “Download” button to proceed to the next step.


Step2 Select the Video Format and download

Next, you will be given formats available with different video quality. Simply match your device’s needs. Then, download the chosen video in two ways: click the blue download button or use your mouse to right-click and choose “Save the link and target as”. Finally, Check the downloaded file as shown in the picture below.


Fast and easy right? You can now download videos with the assurance of not having malware being downloaded along with the ones you are trying to download. Moving on, there are some sites similar to this. Check the list below for more options.

Amoyshare Free Video Finder

FVFdownloaderFree Video Finder or FVF is another way to download a Twitch video for free. It can download videos on, mp4 and WebM format with no ads, virus, spyware or plugins. Aside from Twitch, you can also download videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video sharing sites. Moreover, you can also do batch download on Youtube which is not supported by other free downloader’s online. To start using the tool simply visit their official website and paste the link into the URL box and press enter on your keyboard. Then, a “Download” button will appear below the URL box. Lastly simply click the button to save it on your computer’s drive.

Save the

STVimageSave the is another free web-based app where you can download Twitch Streams videos. Not only that it downloads, it also converts videos from more than 10,000 websites. Just like the two tool mentioned above, you simply just need to copy the link containing the video and paste it in the URL box then choose necessary actions if you want to download, directly convert or cut a video. Next, click the “Enter button “on your Keyboard.

Acethinker’s Free Screen Recorder

Acethinker’s Free Screen Recorder is a web-based application to record videos from any sites without any limitation it can also be an alternative if downloaders doesn’t suit you well . This tool lets you record the video that you are watching while annotating if you want to emphasize specific parts of the video while reviewing. You can adjust the region according to your need and preference. To help you with its usage here is a simple guide on how to.

Step1 Check Acethinker Site

Run your web browser and visit Acethinker Online Screen Recorder, Acethinker is a web-based recording app, compatible with all browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Step2 Play the target Video

Open a Twitch video you want to record, and play the video.

Step3 Start Recording

Adjust the recording area and click “REC” to run the recording. During the recording, you can edit on the screen, it will be stored to highlight the video. This feature is good for annotation.


Step4 Stop and Play

Once the recording is finished, click “Stop” to end the process, you can click ‘Open folder’ to locate the recorded video on your computer.


Step5 Save the Video

Finally, save the video to your computer by clicking the “Floppy Disk” icon and choose the file location where to save it. You can also directly share the video to your SNS accounts easily.



All these application listed can help you to get Videos from Twitch with no problem. You just have to choose the right tool that will suit your device and need. Choose the one that perfectly works well on you. However, if you are looking for a tool where you can do more you can consider using Video Keeper. It has all the things that other tools have incorporated into one tool. You can download almost on all website, convert the video from famous formats and screen record just in case download is not possible but it is really rare that Video keeper won’t work.

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