A Quick Guide for Users to Download Twitch Videos

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Twitch is the world’s leading live video streaming platform available on the internet which is designed for gamers. The main focus of Twitch is to stream some of the most popular eSports competitions of the well-known PVP games like Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG, and more. Due to the incredible growth of the eSport scene, there are a lot of gamers who watch popular streamers to acquire knowledge on how to play smart with the specific game. However, the livestreams are automatically deleted from Twitch’s server after 14 days. The best solution for this problem is to use a video downloader so you can save them on your device and watch them offline. There are countless downloaders available in the internet today but most of them could not download videos from Twitch. Well, we got your back here as we’ve collected the best and reliable Twitch video downloader that you can use.

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How to Download Video from My Broadcast

One drawback for the Twitch website is that it would not let you download streams from other users by default. However, there is an option to save your own broadcasts streamed on Twitch so your friends can watch it even offline, we have found a way for it. Twitch allows you to download your past broadcast without using third-party apps. Continue reading the guide below to start saving your previous broadcast on Twitch.

User Guide:

  • First, click the “Profile” icon on the upper right corner of the tool to expand the dropdown list. Then click the “Settings” option in order to preview the settings windows of Twitch.
  • go to settings

  • From the “Settings” window, go to the “Channel and Videos” tab at the upper part of the webpage. Next, enable the “Store past broadcast” option to automatically save the broadcast for up to 14 days.
  • enable the broadcast

  • After that, go to the “Video Producer” tab to and click the dropdown menu to select the “Past Broadcast” option to view your previous streams. From here, click the “Three Dots” on the file name of the broadcast to choose “Download” in order to save the past broadcast on your computer.
  • download videos

Download Twitch Videos Publish by Other on Win and Mac

Occupation of Hard Drive Space: 205 MB
Key Features: Allows you to download videos from different video-sharing platforms on the internet more efficiently on its auto-detection features.

Nowadays, people are interested in watching live streams from Twitch to scout their future opponents from different eSports competitions. However, some of the live streams from different leagues in various computer games are removed immediately. In order to watch videos from Twitch offline, you need to download the live stream first. However, many of us are struggling when it comes to obtaining videos from Twitch. Check the software below that can help you to solve your problem when it comes to how to download twitch videos.

Here is Acethinker Video Keeper which is one the best desktop software to download videos from Twitch. This tool is also composed of a built-in web browser that allows you to download videos directly without leaving its interface. Furthermore, it allows you to download videos more efficiently because of its auto-detection features. Besides, this tool allows you to convert videos from different multimedia formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and more. In doing this, the downloaded videos are ready to play on different multimedia devices and multimedia players. In addition, AceThinker Video Keeper enables users to record the entire screen and specific region of your computer screen. Continue reading the steps provided below to obtain videos from Twitch.

Step1 Download and Install AceThinker Video Keeper

Download the desktop software by clicking one of the “Download” buttons below. Then, follow the installation set-up wizard to launch the app. To fully maximize the app, log-in, or register an account so you can also get updates if you want.

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log in ace thinker

Step2 Set up Video Keeper

Once you’re log-in, click the “Three Dots” on the upper-right part of the main interface of the tool to choose “Settings”. From here, you can set-up the output folder, file format, record settings, conversion settings, and more. After configuring, click the “Ok” button to save the changes.

set up video keeper

Step3 Download Videos from Twitch

Launch your web browser on your computer to visit the official website of Twitch. From here, copy the URL of the video you want to obtain. Then, go back to the main interface of tool to click the “Paste URL” button. To move the video on the download queue of the tool.

paste URL

Step4 Move the Downloaded Video to Convert Tab

Once done, go to the “Completed” panel on the left part of the main interface of the tool to look for the downloaded video. Right-click the file name of video to expand the menu list. From here, select “Add to” menu to choose “Convert” button to move the video to convert tab.

move to convert tab

Step5 Convert the Video to Another Video Formats

From the “Convert” tab, click the “Profile” dropdown menu to select from different video formats available. Next, click the “Folder” icon to locate the converted video. Lastly, click the “Convert” button to start the converting process. Once done, click the “Ok” button on the window will appear to locate the converted file.

convert videos


  • It enables users to download simultaneously up 20 videos and audio files at the same time
  • Suitable for downloading HD quality videos like 3D, 4K, Full HD and more.
  • Can convert downloaded videos to different formats like MP3, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV and more.

Cons: If you are only using its free trial version it only allows you to download 1 video at the same time.

Other Solution to Obtain Videos from Twitch

Occupation of Hard Drive Space: 83.9 MB
Key Features: Capable of saving the entire YouTube channels and playlist.

4K Video Downloader is another free desktop software available for different platforms like Windows, Mac Os and Linux. This tool is capable of downloading high definition videos including 1080p from several video-sharing sites. Aside from video downloading, you can also extract the audio from the videos itself. In addition, this tool is suitable of grabbing videos from the internet in 3D format. Furthermore, this tool has a Smart Mode feature to download videos in one click. You just need to choose format, quality, and output directory, and 4K Video Downloader will apply your settings to all downloads.

4k interface


  • Allows you to download annotations and subtitles from YouTube.
  • Enables users to get videos and songs downloaded directly to iTunes.


  • This software only supports limited video-sharing platforms on the internet.
  • It will only allows you to download 24 videos on its free trial version.
Save Twitch Video using Online Tool

Occupation of Hard Drive Space: 0 MB
Key Features: This tool can access from Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms and even from different mobile phones.

Twitch Video Downloader can be the simplest online tool that you can rely on downloading videos from Twitch. Aside from Twitch, this tool supports different sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Youku, and more. You can download the videos easily by just pasting the URL of the Twitch video in the URL box of the tool. Aside from video downloading, this tool allows you to convert from different audio and format like MP3, AAC, AVI, MP4, and more so you can play it in various devices. Furthermore, you can access this online tool using different web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. On top of all these, the app can be used for free and does not require account registration.

twitch online downloader

Pros: Capable of downloading videos from different video-sharing platforms for free.


  • There are instances that every time you click in the webpage it will redirect you to a new tab.
  • This online tool is not capable of downloading videos HD quality definition.
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A Quick Guide for Users to Download Twitch Videos

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