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How to Download RuTube Videos

DownloadersFimageRuTube is essentially the Russian version of YouTube. A video streaming site targeted specifically at Russian viewers, RuTube features videos uploaded by private individuals as well as videos that have been created by official entertainment companies. In terms of layout the site is clear and user-friendly and in some aspects inevitably resembles the video streaming giant, YouTube’s, design. If you will be a regular user of RuTube it is worth creating an account at the very start as registered users will enjoy a number of benefits such as commenting, liking and uploading videos. Plus, since the 2012 integration of Facebook with RuTube, users are now able to discover and watch videos on RuTube that their friends have watched and shared on Facebook. Unfortunately though, there is no option for downloading videos straight from RuTube, so we have to look for other means to do so if we want to download video from RuTube for offline viewing. In this article we have collected the 3 best tools for you by which you can save any RuTube video easily to your computer.

AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker’s Video Keeper is our number one choice when it comes to downloading videos not just from RuTube but basically any other video streaming site. With this great RuTube video downloader, downloading can be done in two simple steps and thanks to the multi-threading technology, downloading will be faster than ever before. The program also features a built-in converter which lets you convert your downloaded media files to any other common audio or video format. The interface of the program is very intuitive and user-friendly so there is virtually no learning curve for users. Follow the steps below to find out more about how to download videos from RuTube using Video Keeper.

Step1 Download and install Video Keeper

Video Keeper can be downloaded by clicking the link provided above, which will take you to AceThinker’s official website. After installing the program, launch it from your computer.

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Step2 Copy and Paste video link

Open RuTube from your browser and search for the video you want to download. After starting to stream the video, copy the link in the address bar of your browser. In the top-left corner of Video Keeper’s interface click the blue “Paste URL” button. This will automatically paste the link you have just copied from your clipboard.

video keeper download rutube - step1

Step3 Manage downloads

After you have pasted a link, the program will automatically start downloading your file. The process of the ongoing downloads can be tracked in the “Downloading” menu on the left. Once a download is complete, it will be moved to the “Completed” menu from where you can view, rename and convert your file.

video keeper download rutube - step2

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Jaksta Media Recorder

Jaksta is not your typical lightweight video downloader. This bulky, over 100MB software is for users that are looking for much more than a simple video downloader. Jaksta supports the downloading of videos from over 100.000 websites which you can convert to dozens of different formats and presets so you can watch them on any device instantly. Jaksta also features a built-in screen capturing tool which also comes with a built-in task scheduler for scheduling unattended live streams. The interface of the program is not as simple and clear as most video downloaders but if you have this many settings and options as with Jaksta, you can expect an interface that might at first seem a bit intimidating. Here is how to use Jaksta to save videos from RuTube.

Step1 Download and install Jaksta

Grab a copy of Jaksta from the link above in the program description. Expect the installation process to be a bit longer with this one due to the software being quite large. Launch the program once installed.


Step2 Copy and Paste RuTube video link

Open RuTube from your browser, search for the video you want to download and start playing it. Just below the video, click the share button and copy the link of the video.


Go back to Jaksta and paste the link into the field on top where it says “Enter the URL of a video page to download”. Then pick an output format of your choice using the drop-down menu, and finally, click the small blue download icon next to the field.

Step3 Download video

The program will not process your video and will give you a list of available qualities of the format of your choice. If there is only one, you will have to go with that one. Double click the item and click “Close”. Downloading of the file will now begin.


Video Grabber

Last but not least on our list is a RuTube online downloader that is capable of downloading videos from RuTube apart from many other streaming sites. An excellent RuTube downloader Chrome, Firefox and other popular browsers. After pasting the link of your video you will be given a list of the different formats and qualities available of the same media file and you only have to pick the one that best fits your needs and downloading will start. Simple as that.

Step1 Open Video Grabber

You can access the tool by clicking here.

video grabber interface

Step2 Copy and paste video link

Open RuTube in a new tab and search for the video you want to download. Copy the video’s link from your address bar by left-clicking your mouse and selecting “Copy”.

video grabber - copy URL

Now switch back to Video Grabber and in the given field paste the link from the clipboard.

video grabber - paste url

Step3 Choose format and quality

Hit the blue “Download” button and the program will now analyze and process your video. It will return a list of the available formats and qualities for the same video. Choose the one that best fits your needs and download it.

video grabber - download video


As you have seen, the concept behind downloading videos from RuTube is the same downloading YouTube videos, however, as RuTube is a smaller, not as popular site as YouTube, not all video downloaders will work interchangeably for the two sites. Finding a downloader that works for RuTube videos takes some more searching and looking around. The list above summarizes the 3 best programs for downloading RuTube videos. While all of the 3 do a pretty good job in terms of both speed and performance, the ultimate best RuTube downloader for us was AceThinker’s Video Keeper due to its versatility and ease of use.

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