How to Download Putlocker Videos

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How to Download Putlocker Videos

If you’re one of those who prefers to enjoy Putlocker videos offline, you’re right here to learn three effective ways to download Putlocker videos to your local hard drive. One of the best Putlocker video downloaders is Video Keeper. You can click the button below to start your free trial now.

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One of the oldest movie streaming sites and still coping with the trend is Putlocker. This site is an online file hosting service that allows everyone to watch movies for free.At that time it was released it gained a lot of visitors per day. The website provides an extensive list of movies that can be watched on different servers and most importantly you can download videos for offline viewing. In spite of the popularity of the site, it faces a considerable controversy regarding copyright issues that cause the site to change its domain address multiple times. No matter how good the site, you might also want to consider downloading the videos you are watching so you can keep a copy just in case the site will be down. So, here are some of the best practical ways on how to get videos from Putlocker.

Video Keeper - Best Putlocker Video Downloader

video keeperAcethinker Video Keeper is a fresh and original software has advanced features that you can use to get videos from Putlockers and other video streaming sites. This tool is compatible almost on all sites that make it very tough. You can look forward to downloading several videos at the same time. In a maximum of 20 videos simultaneously you can enjoy watching and download. Aside from the downloading capability, the tool has a lot more to offer. It can also do a screen recording and convert downloaded videos, all of this incorporated in one tool. You can try to the tool by getting it using the download buttons below. Make sure to choose the right platform by checking the logo per icon.

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Step1 Download and Launch the Application

After downloading and installing the app, launch it and make sure to follow the prompt correctly. Next, go to “Download” to be ready with the next process


Step2 Download videos using the manual way

The usual process of downloading videos is by copying and pasting the URL of the video. Go to and search for the movie you want to download and play it. After playing the video, copy the video URL from the link field. Next, go to Video Keeper and under the “Download” tab of the tool, click the “Paste URL” button to add the video into the list of videos being downloaded.

download manually

Step3 Download videos using the auto-detector (built-in)

After learning the usual way of downloading videos, this time we will a new feature incorporated on the tool, which is the auto-detector. From “Download” go to “Detect”. From there you will see a browser where you can directly visit Putlocker Website to search for the movie directly. Next, turn on the detector by looking at the bottom left side of the interface. Click the “Enable Detector”. Once this feature is “on”, the video being played will be added to the download queue. Then you need to wait until the video is acquired. To check the downloaded video, check the next step below.

detect the video

Step4 Checked Downloaded file and play

To check the video downloaded, from “Detect” go back to “Download.” Under that tab, you will see some options on the left section. Click “Completed” and find the file name. To play the video, double-click the file name and the built-in media player will do the preview.

check the video

Step5 Optional Conversion

You can also convert videos from Putlocker to MP4 so that it can match your device’s format. This tool supports conversion to MP4, MP3, MOV, and any Apple devices format. To convert you can choose to right-click the name of the file then “Add to,”> “Convert” or switch from “Download” to “Convert” tab upload the file and “Profile” below. From there you can personalize what format you prefer.

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Video Download Helper

logo image The second tool on the list is a feasible way to download videos online. Video Download Helper is a free tool that can be found on the internet. This time instead of downloading software, you can use your browser to integrate a tool that can get the video you are watching. The first option was a professional tool that can do more than the next tool to be reviewed. For some, this is very popular since this tool is very accessible and reliable. This tool works like the auto-detection feature of Video Keeper. Stream the video on your browser and the tool will detect it. If you want to see how the tool works, here is a guide below.

Step1 Integrate the app to your browser

First, go to the Chrome store and add the tool as an extension by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button. Next, stream any video from Putlocker then play it. Wait until the video is recognized by the tool.

stream the video

Step2 Check the video

Once the video analyzed, you will see that the logo of the tool will start to be highlighted with different colors. That means there are download links ready to be used to get the video. Hover your computer mouse to the logo and choose which format is necessary to be downloaded.

check the list

Step3 Download the video

To get the video, click the arrow pointing to the right to see more download options. You can choose whether you want to do a quick download or you can choose the rest. If you are decided, just click which one you prefer and click it.

download the video

Flash Video Downloader for Chrome

main image Flash video downloader does not need further installation. Instead, you integrate the tool to Google Chrome Browser. That means the tool, is an added software to function like one. To better understand it, it is like the Auto-detection of Video Keeper. You have to stream the video from Putlocker, and the tool will analyze the video just like how the Video Keeper is doing it. The difference is you are using a regular browser. To use this tool is simple; just follow through the steps below.

Step1 Add the app to your browser and stream

Add the tool into your browser. Just like the Video Download Helper, the tool’s icon shows from the extension bar at the upper right side of the webpage. Now, stream Putlocker and play the movie you want to watch.

add as an extension

Step2 Choose a video to download

Wait until the tool analyzed and recognize the video you wish to download, then once the icon is highlighted in color and will give you a list of several download links to choose from. To download the video, click the arrow down button to save the video into your computer drive.

download the video


Downloading a movie or TV show from Putlocker seems to be a harsh task without a third-party tool. However, if you have the right tools, you will soon realize that it is not all that cumbersome. We have rounded up a list of the best alternatives for Putlocker in case you want to explore some new content or you just simply do not like Putlocker. Each site has slightly different features and a slightly different collection of movies, so try all the sites listed in the article and see which one suits your needs the most.

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