How to Download Netflix Movies with Ease

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Netflix is one of the most popular subscription-based streaming platforms around the world. It has an extensive collection of TV series, movies, and documentaries in its library. Netflix is available across platforms such as Windows and Mac computers, and also Android and iOS smartphones. Streaming on Netflix is fast and stable, but it constantly needs an internet connection. However, you can download Netflix videos instead of streaming them to save your internet bandwidth. With that being said, here are the ways to download Netflix movies within the app. Also featured below is an alternative Netflix video downloader that you can also use.

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Common Netflix Download Restrictions

Like any other subscription-based streaming platform, Netflix places restrictions on downloads. Saving videos using the Netflix download button doesn’t entirely mean the video will stay on your device. However, some videos don’t have the download option and are only available for streaming. There are specific ways where Netflix can prevent you from downloading videos any further, and the most common are the following.

1. Netflix Error code 10016-22005 – This error message appears during a download attempt, and it means you have reached the maximum number of downloaded videos allowed by the service. Netflix once confirmed that an account could download 100 videos at a time.

vpn error

2. Netflix Error code 10016-23000 – This error code means that you have too many downloaded videos across multiple devices. This is common for those who use their Netflix account on different devices. As much as possible, you need to download using a single device alone, to avoid this type of error.

netflix download limit

3. Netflix Error code 10016-22007 – Lastly, this error code means that you have exceeded the allotted download limit for a single video.

download availability

Download Netflix Videos on Mobile (Android and iOS)

User-friendliness: Since Netflix introduced the download feature back in 2016, users have been continually using it. You can save movies with just a single tap of the button.

Mobile users have the most benefits when it comes to downloading videos from Netflix. This is because users can watch their videos anywhere using their smartphones. Downloading videos on your mobile devices like Android and iOS can be done within the Netflix app. However, the app only allows you to keep the video for a maximum of 30 days. After that, the video will expire, and you’ll need to redownload it again on your device for another 30 days. You can follow the simple guide below to start downloading Netflix videos on your Android and iOS devices.

download on mobile app

User Guide to Download Videos on Mobile

  • Install Netflix on your device by launching the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Search for Netflix and then tap the install button from the product page.
  • Launch the app immediately after installation. Next, tap the “Settings” option from the home screen.
  • From the settings panel, set the quality that you want for the download. Choose between Standard Definition or SD, and High Definition or HD.
  • Next, choose the video that you want, and then tap the “Download button” represented by a downward arrow. The download process will start immediately after that.
  • Once the download finished, you can head to the “Download” panel and watch the video anytime.

Tip: You can download from different mobile devices using the same Netflix account. Also, you can share a single account with multiple users by creating different profiles.

Save Netflix Videos on Windows 10

User-friendliness: You can easily manage your downloaded movies on a desktop. This way, you will be able to save space on your hard-drive because you can organize your downloads.

Aside from mobile, you can also watch Netflix from a Windows 10 PC for a bigger screen. The Netflix app on Windows 10 is highly similar to the mobile app in terms of interface. Additionally, it also has a download button to save videos for offline viewing. The only downside, is that its not portable, and you can’t take your videos with you wherever you go. If you want to download Netflix movies on Windows 10, follow the simple guide below.

download netflix movie on windows10

How to download Netflix videos on Windows 10

  • Install Netflix by launching “Microsoft Store.” From the search field, type “Netflix” and hit the “Enter” key from your keyboard. Click the “Get” button from the product page that will appear, and lastly, click “Install.”
  • Sign in to your Netflix account, and then look for the downloadable movie or episode you want from its library.
  • Finally, click the “Download” button that will appear from the “My List” and “Rate” buttons. The movie will then be saved on your Windows 10 PC for a maximum of 30 days before it expires.

Tip: If you are using a Windows 10 laptop, you can connect it to your regular TV via HDMI cable. This way, you can watch from an even bigger screen.

Watch Netflix Videos on Mac via Screen Mirroring

User-friendliness: You can save a lot of internet bandwidth while streaming Netflix using your iPad or iPhone.

Officially, there is no Netflix app that you can install on Mac. This means that the only way to access Netflix from a Mac device is by using a web browser. However, as most of you know, Netflix on web-browsers don’t have a download button. In general, there is no way to download Netflix videos directly on Mac. On the other hand, you can still watch Netflix videos on Mac by mirroring iOS screen. Screen mirroring is not an exact way to download Netflix videos on Mac. Still, it provides an alternative way to watch from a Mac device.

play via airplay

Watch Netflix Videos on Mac

  • Install Netflix on your iOS device and follow the steps to download Netflix videos on mobile provided in the first section.
  • Next, connect both Mac and iPad to the same WiFi network, and then launch the “Control Center” from the iPad. To do so, swipe up from the bottom part of the screen.
  • Tap the “Screen Mirroring” button from the Control Center, and then let the iPad detect your Mac device. Tap the Mac device name from the options that will appear on the iPad to start pairing.
  • The iPad screen will immediately appear on the Mac, and you can now watch the Netflix video that you downloaded on a bigger screen.
Alternative Video Downloader for Netflix on Windows and Mac

Key Feature: Aside from downloading videos, Video Keeper is also capable of recording screen activities on your desktop. Apart from that, it also has a video converter feature that you can use.

Lastly, we have an alternative way to download Netflix films on Windows and even on Mac. The tool is called AceThinker Video Keeper. This is a desktop downloader that supports downloading videos from more than 100 websites. These websites include video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Apart from that, it can download videos from social media websites Facebook and Twitter. Video Keeper is capable of downloading videos in high-resolution like 720p, 1080p, and even 4K videos when its available. This reason makes Video Keeper the perfect way to download Netflix videos with high-resolution. If you want to learn how you can download Netflix videos with Video Keeper, follow the steps below.

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Step1 Install Video Keeper on Your Computer

Click one of the download buttons above to get the installer package of Video Keeper. After that, run the installer, and the setup wizard will appear. Follow the instructions provided by the wizard to install the tool correctly, and the main interface will appear.

main interface

Step2 Log in to Your Netflix Account

To download from Netflix, click the “Detect” tab. Using the built-in browser within the tool, log-in to your Netflix account. After that, select the movie or video that you want to download from Netflix.

use the detect feature

Step3 Download the Video from Netflix

Click the “Enable Detector” button from the bottom-left part of the screen. After that, go ahead and stream the video, and it will be added to the download queue.

enable the detector

Tip: You can also utilize the URL of videos to download them on Video Keeper. To do so, copy the URL of any video that you want. After that, click the “Paste URL” button from the main interface, and the tool will fetch the video from its website. It will appear on the download queue shortly afterward.

Step4 Watch and Locate the Video

A notification will appear once the video is added to the download queue. To check the download progress, click the “Download” tab. Once the download is finished, the video will be transferred to the “Completed” panel. Right-click on the video, and from the menu that will appear, select “Play.” The preview panel window will then appear, and you can watch the video from there. On the other hand, you can open the file location by clicking the “Folder” icon.


Top Netflix Movies and TV Shows To Download

As mentioned above, Netflix is home to more than 100 movies and TV episodes. From time to time, there will be shows and films that will trend on Netflix. Below are some of the notable shows, and movies that you can start binge-watching now.

One Punch Man – Anime lovers, rejoice! One Puch Man, the anime that broke stereotypes, is finally on Netflix! The story is about a bored hero wannabe who, for some reason, gained godlike strength by doing basic physical exercises. The hero, Saitama, is on a quest to find the villain that can give him the thrill of fighting seriously. However, he is too strong that every opponent he faces, vanish with just a single punch.

one punch man

Money Heist – A group plans the heist of the century. Money Heist is the story about the plan to commit a heist on the Royal Mint of Spain by printing their own money. The plan was successful, but the group’s personal feelings cause their downfall. This suspense drama will surely be worth your time.

las casas de papel

Sherlock – Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, this take on the classic novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle takes the greatest detective of all time to the 21st century. With his partner, Dr. John Watson, Sherlock Holmes runs around London, solving mysterious crimes. With a run-time of more than an hour per episode, you will get the feeling that you are watching movies every time.

sherlock banner

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