Ways on How to Download Livestream Video

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Livestream is a professional streaming platform where you can broadcast important events online. These days live streaming has been a trend, as it makes it easier to reach more real-time viewers. Although Livestream is a new player compared to those majors live streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, hence, it continuously adopts changes for the better. In fact, this platform can bring you more professional broadcast, by providing the highest video quality and first-class real-time customer service that can assist you during the live event. Just in case that you missed the broadcast played or when you are on the go and won’t be online for some time, you may need to downoad Livestream video after the broadcasting. Here we have compiled some of the best downloaders and included detailed steps on how to save Livestream video.

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Video Keeper

video keeper iconIf you are looking for a tool to get Livestream videos, AceThinker Video Keeper is perfect for that job. Since most online free downloader cannot detect Livestream video, Video keeper is made to give you the freedom to download Livestream videos without any restriction. With the use of the auto-detection feature, it is now easier to acquire videos online. Compared to other downloading desktop software, this is easier to use. Just stream, and the tool will do the download for you. To begin, follow the steps below to learn on how to use this software.

Step1 Download and install Video Keeper

First, start your free trial with Video Keeper by downloading the application. Use the shortcut download buttons below to directly download it without visiting the official website. After downloading, install the application by following the set-up wizard. Next, launch the application and click the “Detect” tab. This tab has a built-in browser where you can directly search for the video you wish to download. From there, go to the Livestream, search for the video and play it. By default, auto-detection is enabled, so once the tool recognized that there are media being played it will be downloaded immediately. Just in case the detector is not on, click it to enable. It is located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface.

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Step2 Check the download progress

To check if the video was successfully detected, switch tabs from “Detect” to “Download”. Make sure to be under the “Downloading” section to see the progress bar.

vk step 3

Step3 Check the acquired Video

To check the fully downloaded video, under the same tab choose “Completed”. To play the video, right-click and choose play.

vk step 4

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Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader is an online Livestream video downloader that you can utilize for free. This tool is a Chrome extension that needs to be added to the browser. The app is integrated on Chrome so that it is easier to download the video. Similarly, it is more convenient since you do not need to move from one site to another. As long as you have Chrome and working internet, the tool will work. It automatically recognizes the video being played and give you the list to download. On the other hand, you can check out the detailed guide on how to use the tool below.


User Guide:

  • First, add the Flash Video Downloader to your Chrome extension.
  • Next, go to Vimeo Livestream and watch the live broadcast.
  • While streaming the video, make sure that your internet connection is stable while streaming to avoid errors while the video is being detected.
  • From the upper right side of the webpage, look for the “Lightning” icon and click it to see the detected video.
  • To download the video, click the “arrow down” button to get it. See the picture below for a clear demonstration.

flash downloader step 3


The third on the list is Videoder. This tool is an online video downloader that can save Livestream video online from over 1000 sites, including Vimeo Livestream. As I mentioned a while ago, not all downloaders can work with Vimeo Livestream, but this site does. Besides, you can easily download videos by getting the video’s URL and entering it to the URL bar. On top of that, it can provide up to 4K video resolution. On the other hand, you can also download its desktop version to get more privileges compared to the free online version of the tool. This tool only requires you a web browser, a working internet, and the link to download live stream video.


User Guide:

  • Go to Livestream and play the live broadcast. Then, copy the URL of the video from the address bar located at the top-left side of the web page as shown in the picture.
  • Next, go to main website of Videoder to see the URL field where you are going to paste the link.
  • Once landed on the main page, look for the URL field then paste the copied video link. To start the Download, click enter on your computer keyboard.
  • Once the video is detected, it will show you the available video formats and quality that you can choose.
  • Then, click the “Download” icon button, and it will automatically start downloading.

videoder step 2

Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro Other than to download Livestream video online, you can also save Livestream video by recording it, and the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is your best choice. This tool lets you easily screencast your display screen, no matter what activity you are doing, it will record it without fail. Besides, you can record in a full-screen view, or regional mode along with the audio of the video. Furthermore, you can put annotations on the recording in real-time. It can help you, especially when you want to point out something important. You can have your desired video, at any video sites by recording using this tool. Keep on reading below to see the guide on how to use this tool.

Step1 Download the app

You can get the installer of this app by visiting AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro official website. You can also choose one of the “Download” buttons if you are using Windows, or Mac OS. Then, proceed on installing the tool by following the installation guide.

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Step2 Launch the app

After installing the app, launch it, then click the “Record” dropdown button. It will show you the video output like Fullscreen, Region mode, and more. Once you choose one of them, the recording will start automatically. When the recording started, it will show you a floating toolbar that you can use to navigate the record. You can use that toolbar for ending the record, adjust the volume, and enhance your recording. If you are done recording the video, simply click the “Stop” button from the toolbar

sgp step 2

Step3 Play or locate the video

Finally, after you finish the recording, you can preview it within the tool’s interface. Just select the file, right-click on it, and it will show you a list where you can play, edit, share, and locate the file location. You also use the tools from the bottom leftmost part of the tool.

sgp step 4

QDownloader on Android device

qdownloader iconQDownloader is a web-based video downloader that lets you convert Livestream to MP4 to watch it offline later. With this tool, you can quickly get a live video by simply copying and pasting its URL to the tool’s URL bar. Also, choosing various films and TV shows won’t be a problem, because this website supports more than 800 video streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook videos, Instagram, Vimeo, and more. First and foremost, downloading videos in this tool is safe, faster, free, and you can also use it on Android phones. To know more about this tool, keep on reading below.


User Guide:

  • First, go to the video streaming site, then copy the URL of the live video that you want to download by right-clicking the mouse button, and choose “Copy.”
  • You can also press the “CTRL+C” on your keyboard to copy the URL quickly.
  • After you copy the video URL, go to QDownloader official website. From there, paste the link to the empty URL bar by pressing “CTRL+V” on your keyboard within the video site.
  • Once you paste the URL to the empty bar, click the download button, it will show you different video quality that you can pick.
  • To start downloading, select one quality then right-click the “Download” button,” and choose the “Save/Download” option. Then, it will instantly start downloading.

start downloading

YooDownloader on iOS device

yoodownloadThe next tool that can download live streaming videos is YooDownload. Although this site is primarily a YouTube to MP3 converter, you can also download videos from popular streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Furthermore, YooDownload is well-known as the fastest YouTube downloader without installing any extensions to your web browser, and it is accessible on iOS devices. With a few clicks, you can easily have the video that you are watching live. To understand more, we provided you the instructions on how to use this tool below.


User Guide:

  • The first thing you need to do is copy the video URL. Select the link the video, then right-click on it and choose “Copy.” You can also press “CTRL+C” on your keyboard to copy the link.
  • Next, paste the link of the video to the URL bar by merely clicking “CTRL+V” from your keyboard, or right-click your mouse then choose “Paste.” Then, click the “Download” button beside the URL bar.
  • After you click the “Download” button, it will show you various video quality and format. Choose your desired video output and click the “Download” button to start downloading.

yoodownload step 3


As you notice, we collected three different ways on how to obtain Livestream videos from Vimeo. These are the best in their class. The verdict will be yours to decide which suits you the best. If you are looking for a user without involving money, choose the free downloaders. However, if you are looking for the best experience possible then choose Video Keeper. If you have suggestion or questions, don’t forget to leave us a comment below. Or you can check this post to discover the best streaming video recorder.

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