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These days more and more educational sites are getting popular. One of them is It is a site that provides better and simple ways on how to study without going to a lesson in a classroom set up. Udemy is one of the most popular sites these days because of the easy to access. You simply need an active email account to associate with the site as your log-in credentials. After that, you can now search for free tutorials available. When it comes to numbers, Udemy has over 80,000 online courses that draw over 89.03 million visits per day. Also, one thing that is very distinct with the site is its GURU and clients that are known for having high-standards on their field. So you are sure that the quality of each video that you watch are worth subscribing for.

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How to download video on Udemy using Video Keeper

video keeper icon If you are looking for a professional tool that can do more for you, AceThinker Video Keeper is all you need. This is a tool where you can download almost on all websites. With this tool, you can download via URL or by auto-detection.In case the video you are trying to download that needs extra permission to download, you won’t have to worry. That is why a screen recorder was infused after foreseen this possibility. This way you won’t need a separate software to record it since it is built-in on the tool. On top of that, you can also use the tool as a converter. Basically, everything you need is in this tool. To start your free trial, use the download buttons below by choosing the right platform. The first method to acquire videos on this site will be as follows.

Step1 Associate Log-ins into Video Keeper

First, download the AceThinker Video Keeper by clicking one of the “Download” buttons below. Then, create an account to Udemy so you can use the website. You can register using your Gmail or Facebook account. After successfully registering, save your credentials to the tool. That way you won’t have to log-in each time you visit the website using the built-in browser of the tool. To do that click on the “ellipsis” (represented as three dots in vertical) located at the upper right side of the interface. Choose “Settings”, >”Account” from the drop-down option. Finally, input your username and password under the name of the site given. See photo below for a proper demonstration.

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Step2 Start Downloading using Auto-detection

Head up to “Detect” tab and use the built-in browser to search for the video directly. Go to, log in using your credentials. From there search for a free online course that you can watch. In any case that the video is not detected, make sure the detector is enable located at the bottom left side of the interface. Click to enable it.

search for free courses

Step3 Play the tutorial course

Next, click the course chosen. In Udemy, you must enroll before you can watch each course. You must find the button that says “Enroll now” to proceed. Then finally click “Start course” to play the video. The video then will play. Once the tool recognized that there are a media being played, the tool automatically downloads it in no time.
start course

NOTE: To check the video that you just downloaded, switch tabs from “Detect” to “Download” then look for “Completed”. From there you will see list downloaded videos. Find the file name and double click it to play.

Alternative E-Learning: logo Now, with the use of the technology, you can study and acquire skills in Business Field, Technical Skills and Graphic Designs. By now, Lynda has over 3000 video tutorials available to watch via subscription. You just have to make sure to have a reliable Internet and computer at home. Furthermore, almost all intensive courses are 5-15 minutes long, that way it won’t be overwhelming for the learner. With, you can study anytime, and anywhere you are 24/7.

lynda main page

Get videos on via Screen Recording

Although being able to access the website for e-learning is good. However, according to research, only 10% of the lesson is adaptable, and only 20% of the information read can be retained. That is why it is advisable to download or record each training. Equally important, having a reliable tool that can download them for you. Compatibility of the downloader to the website is also a concern. Unfortunately, Lynda is a little too restrictive, so a screen recorder is advisable to use.

Step1 Initiate the Recording

From the tool’s interface, click on “Record” and choose “Start”. From there you can choose if you want to record the whole screen or specific parts only. “Around mouse”, recording is also available.

start the recording

Step2 Select a region

So, let us say we will record a specific part of the computer screen, from the options choose “Region”. Then use your mouse to drag the frame to your desired size. Once decided, let go of the mouse then click “Okay” twice to begin the recording.

start recording by selecting region

Step3 Annotate while recording

One feature that you may also find interesting is the capability of the tool to multitask. While recording videos you can annotate by clicking the “Pencil” icon to add shapes, lines, and texts on the video.

annotate while recording videos

NOTE: After annotating and after the video tutorial is done, click the “Square button” to stop the recording. From the interface, under the “Record” tab you will see the latest recorded file. It is the shortcut so you can easily view the file, but files are also being saved directly on your computer.


The above solutions are only some of the best ones. If you are looking for a tool where you can get everything for spending try Video Keeper, everything that you might need for your downloading needs is there. It is a downloader, converter and a screen recorder. By the way, if you have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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