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These days more and more educational sites are getting popular. These sites can provide better and simple ways on how to study without attending in a classroom set up. Educational websites are appearing every now and then, which is why many find it hard to choose the right platform for them. Luckily, this article features some of the best e-Learning platform that are proven effective, but also has high educational standards as well. Read on to learn more information about these websites, and find out how you can start learning the easy way.

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Download Educational Videos with AceThinker Video Keeper

video keeper icon AceThinker Video Keeper is one of the educational video downloader that you can use. This tool is capable of downloading videos from thousands of websites, including educational videos. There are two ways to download using Video Keeper, one is by using the manual way, which is copying and pasting the video URL. The other, is the automatic way which is by using the auto-detect feature. Aside from the download feature, Video Keeper is also equipped with a screen recorder. Additionally, it is also equipped with a video converter feature, which makes it a very versatile software. Follow the steps below to learn how you can download videos from educational websites, Udemy for example, as illustrated below.

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Step1 Download and install Video Keeper

First, download the installer of AceThinker Video Keeper by clicking one of the “Download” buttons above. After that, run the installer and then follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. Launch the tool immediately after installation. Then, create an account to Udemy so you can use the website. You can register using your Gmail or Facebook account.


Step2 Start Downloading using Auto-detection

Click the “Detect” tab and use the built-in browser to search for the video directly. Go to or any educational website and log in using your credentials. From there search for a free online course that you can watch. Next, click the “Enable Detector” button located at the bottom-left part the screen. After that, play the video that you want to download and then a notification will appear saying that the video is added to the download queue.

search for free courses

Step3 Play the tutorial course

To check the download progress, click the “Download” tab and you will see the status of the video. Once the download process is finished, the video will be moved to the “Completed” section, and from there, you will be able to watch the downloaded video.

check the video playback

Top 5 E-Learning Websites

1. Udemy

Udemy is one website that you should not miss, if you are looking for the best online education platform. The courses on Udemy are really extensive, that they have over 30 million enrolled students. Additionally, the instructors at Udemy are all top-notch and professionals in their own field, which adds credibility to the website. Udemy offers courses in various languages, to increase the number of enrolled students, and to help them understand the courses well. Udemy has a lot of students, ranging from adults, to students who wants to learn a new skill and add to their portfolio. Without a doubt, this is one of the best website that you can enroll to. If you want to save the video on your computer, then you can refer to the steps above.


2. Coursera

Next, we have Coursera which started in 2012. Coursera is a US-based online education system that offers various courses. Coursera has various courses, from engineering, medicine, social science and other academic courses. Aside from that, it offers academic degree as well, which is on the same level of education that you can achieve from a regular school setup. Coursera is so well-trusted, that it is partnered with various credible educational organizations, like the University of Michigan, Princeton University, Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvannia. The courses are offered in different languages like Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish and many more.

coursera homepage

3. EdX

edX is one of the top e-Learning platforms that offers more than 2,500 courses. The site is a joint project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, which aims to provide quality education to those who can’t physically attend school. The courses offered varies from different practices and field, free of charge. EdX brands itself as a non-profit organization despite having university level courses, which is why it is one the top choices. Courses are offered in Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and many other languages.

edx homepage

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is free online tutorial website started by Salman Khan in 2008. This website offers free online video courses. Khan Academy has a lot of different videos that are useful for students, and educators at the same time. The website gets its funds from donation from different organization, which is why it stays free. The videos on the website are concise and easy to understand. Aside from that, they are filled with practical exercises that to help put what they have learned to practice.

khan academy interface

5. Howcast

Howcast is a video sharing site that offers various how-to videos. Everything, from dance tutorials, to magic lessons, you will surely find it on Howcast. The site is filled with user contributed videos by everyday people, which gives it a fun easy-going feels. The videos on the website are short but informative, which ensures that anyone will be able to learn something from them. Howcast is free, and does not require any account registration.

howcast homepage


Learning never stops. That is the reason why the websites mentioned above were launched in the first place. There are a lot of e-Learning platforms on the internet, but we listed down some of the best for you, to save you time. The basis of the list above is based on the credentials and effectiveness of each websites. However, it is still up to the viewer if they will absorb every lesson quickly. Luckily, each site provides their lessons in easy to follow video formats to aid in the information retention process. On that note, you can also save the videos offline using AceThinker Video Keeper, so that you can watch them anytime and anywhere.

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