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How to Download Crackle Movies

Last updated on January 14, 2019 by Mary

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How to Download Crackle Movies

Sony Crackles is a free movie and TV shows Streaming service. It is a site to watch your favorite TV shows and original series from Sony, including “The Oath” and more. This site is compatible with multiple devices. In fact, almost on all devices that can access the internet including, Standalone Cable boxes, Smart TV’s, PS3, Mac, Windows and even on mobile devices even without registering for an account. Equally important to that is the multitasking capability of the site. You can minimize the video you are watching while still running in the foreground of the screen. Then choose other videos to watch just in case you are not satisfied with it. In addition to that, the website updates on a weekly basis, every Friday there will be 2 additional movies in the catalog. In case you’d like to download Crackle movies for offline viewing, here the best way to download videos from Crackle is introduced for your reference and also some sites similar to Sony Crackle are listed

Download Crackle Movies with Video Keeper

video keeperSince downloading videos from this site is not restricted, it will be easier to download using a reliable tool that is compatible with it. Acethinker Video Keeper is the perfect tool that can give you the best downloading experience possible. This tool is very flexible when it comes to downloading, screen recording and converting videos. Most downloaders nowadays can only download videos from few sites mostly video sharing sites. Unlike Video Keeper, it can download almost on all websites. Most especially movie streaming sites that are restrictive. To start using this tool to check the step by step procedure below.

Step1 Download and Install the application

Download the application by clicking the shortcut buttons below. Then, follow the set-up wizard to launch the app. To fully maximize the app log-in or register an account to the given options on the interface.

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Tip! To be eligible for the free three days of trial, log-in using an email address. You can use any Gmail account or Link your Social networking accounts like Facebook or Twitter. After the trial you can choose to continue and not to continue with the program.

Step2 Download a Video

There are two ways to download a video using this tool. The first one is the “Detect” tab. This tab has a built-in browser to directly search and download movies from Crackle. Once landed on the main page, Scroll up to see more movies or choose by category. Then, click the movie that you want to watch, then make sure that the “Enable Detector” is toggled to “ON”. Enable detector is located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface as shown in the photo below. The tool now will detect and automatically download the video being played.

vk detect video

The other way is by using the “Download” tab, can download one or multiple videos with a single click of the mouse. Simply copy a video link from any site of your choice, then click “Paste URL”. For a playlist link, you have to put a checkmark beside the video that you wish to download so that it will be easier for the tool to identify what to download. Mostly, this tab is commonly used when downloading video from video sharing sites like Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion and more. Please see the picture below for more details.

vk playlist detection

Step3 Check the Download Progress

To check the status of the download switch back tabs from “Detect” to “Download”, from them you will see the progress of the video being download.

download crackle video

Step4 Check for Preview

Once the download is complete (still under download tab) look for “Completed” section from the left side, and look for the name of the video downloaded. Use your computer mouse, right click and choose play.

check video downloaded

In any case that you cannot find the movie that you want to watch with Crackle, you can also look for different movie streaming sites available online. The internet nowadays is becoming an ocean of information. To make it easier for you to get into the most visited and recommended sites, we collected some sites that you may like. Below is the list of free Movie Streaming sites that you may want to visit.

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Free Movie Streaming Websites Like Sony Crackle

1. WatchFree

watch free featured is another free movie streaming site. You can find movies and TV shows from different genre’s in HD or Cam quality. Each movie has a brief description from IMDB once you hover your mouse to the movie being flashed on the screen. To set your expectation not all movies are on HD, most of the newly released movies in theaters are Cam taken. You will see a label in yellow at the upper right-hand side of the movie if its “CAM” or “HD” quality. When it comes to downloading movies here, regular web-based downloader won’t work because some videos are or have embedded links from different video hosting sites.

2. Xmovies8

Xmovies8.Tv is also a movie and TV streaming site. It has a bigger list of TV series compared to If you want to watch past or ongoing TV series this site is for you. What is good about watching on this site is, there are no video interruptions like annoying ads or slowness of video load, unless if your internet is really slow. Aside from that, if you cannot find the TV show or movie that you wish to watch you can send an email requesting to have them in their catalog.


katv or also known as Kickasstorrent is a web hosting service and a movie and TV streaming sites that has been running for years now. After facing several issues it is re-branded as with a new server domain. It is one of the largest and updated streaming sites for it updates Tv series a day after the show has been broadcast. This site is highly recommended because the loading speed is fast. When it comes to downloading videos from here, you need a torrent compatible downloader like BitTorrent and more. All videos are embedded from different hosting services just like the That means Video Keeper is also an alternative for this site to get videos from here.

4. SeeHD

seehd featured image from the word itself implies to be able to watch movies and TV shows in HD quality. This streaming website updates Daily that is why it is always updated. Aside from that videos from this site are easy to download. Once landed on the page you will notice that there the interface is very straightforward and user-friendly that makes it very easy to use. All videos are categorized according to Age, Genre, what’s hot and what are the featured movies that you might not have watched yet. Also, all TV shows being uploaded are in HD quality. Simply click the video that you want to watch. Just like any free streaming site this site is run by Ads that are [being played at the beginning of the video being watched. Also be mindful of the pop-up add upon click when trying to play the video depending on the browser that you use. Some browser will prompt you to stay on the page some will show a different tab for the ad.


As you see, Video Keeper offers a quite easy way to download videos from Crackle. You can just get it installed on your computer and save Crackle videos without any fuss. By the way, all the sites similar to Crackle can provide the latest and the most commonly watched Tv shows these days. They only differ on the quality and service provided. You can choose which one you prefer the most. All of these sites mentioned about works perfectly fine with the video downloader from AceThinker.

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