Workable Tools to Download Free Anime Videos

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Workable Tools to Download Free Anime Videos

featured imageAnime is a very popular TV shows originated from Japan. It comes with various types like a movie type, short clip or a TV series. These days everyone has a popular anime which they patronize. Many people are hooked up watching these TV shows. Sometimes, we find the need to download our favorite shows. This article will guide you on how you can download an anime video fast and easy.

Top Anime Sites for Anime Fanatics

Due to their increasing demand, website that host anime videos increase tremendously as time goes by. However, for the sake of all anime fanatics we have been able to sort out the top anime site just for you.
crunychrollCrunchyroll – This first anime video site on our list do have a huge collection of most famous anime favorites. Aside from anime videos you can also view other video – If you are looking for a top-quality anime videos you can always try Animecrazy. This site also caters a bunch of anime videos all that are currently in demand. You can watch every episode of your favorite anime for free. – If you are looking for an alternative anime video site with a twist, then you must try this site. Aside from varieties of anime videos to choose from, you can also interact with your co-anime fanatic by using its chatroom feature. – The last on our list do also have a wide range of anime videos just like the other sites on our list. What makes this site different is that it has a category for you to read manga comics for free.

Video Keeper

If you are looking for a very powerful tool to download videos from all anime websites without any hassle, the AceThinker Video Keeper is the most suited program for this task. This is a professional video downloader that will help you get videos with 3x faster compare with other video downloader. Furthermore, it has a built-in comprehensive interface that will help you sort out every videos you have download. Aside from that, you may use this program to convert your saved videos offline. You may choose from its wide variety of formats.
To download anime with this program, you may simple follow these guidelines:

Step1 Download the program

First and foremost, you need to safely download this application.You may simply click these accessible buttons below.
button macred-download-btn-win

Step2 Get your target video

Once done installing the application, go to the official website of Crunchyroll where your target anime episode or movie located. From there you may copy its link.
copy the link
Then go back to Video Keeper and start detecting your video by simply pasting the copied link in the URL box located in the “Detect” tab.
paste the URL

Step3 Enable detection

Once done getting the url of your video, you may now enable the detection, just wait on for a few seconds and your video will be automatically downloaded when detected.

You may preview the downloading process in the “Download” tab after your video has been detected.
download tab

Step4 Watch your downloaded video

Finally, you can now watch and enjoy your downloaded anime episode. You may found your downloaded videos in “Completed” section right below the “Dowloading” section.
completed videos

Get your Favorute Anime Using SaveVid

SaveVid is another excellent online video downloader that will allows you to download not just anime videos but also videos from other video sharing websites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo. Ustream, Vine and many more. You can utilize the website by simply copying the URL of your target video then paste it in the URL box located in the main website of this program.
Follow these steps to get your favorite anime episodes:

Step1 Go to SaveVid Wesbite

SaveVid is a web-based video downloader, to download videos from here, the first thing you need to do is visit SaveVid website here.

Step2 Copy and Paste your target video URL

After that, you may go to your target video. Copy its link and paste it in the URL Box in the SaveVid website.
URL box

Step3 Download video

Once done getting the URL, you may now download your anime video by clicking the “Download” button.
download video

Video Grabber

Another brilliant video downloader you can free to use it the Video Grabber. Like AceThinker Online Video downloader, it is a web-based video downloader. You can download Youtube videos from here and othe popular video sharing sites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Vevo. Veoh and many more. This website also contains additional features to convert online or record your screen activity without headache.
To utilize Video Grabber, simply follow these steps:

Step1 Insert your video URL

First and foremost you need to visit its website at After that, you may copy the link of your target video. After that you may paste it in the main website.

Step2 Choose format

Once the video has been analyzed, you may choose the format for your anime video. This program offers various choices to enhance your video. After choosing download your video in your computer.
videograbber step2

AceThinker Online Video Downloader

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to watch and download your favorite anime. You may choose from these helpful websites or program to download your favorite anime videos without headache and enjoy watching them offline. All these tools are reliable and very east to use.

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