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Last updated on March 25, 2020 by Trafalgar Law
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One of the best torrent sites on the net, Bobtor, is constantly providing latest titles in various genres and sub-genres. Here you will find all what you need to download or stream the content from all over the world’s finest studios and companies, which provide HD movies of 2017 or any other year of production. A wide and vivid catalog will please any fan or enthusiast.

In addition, we try to deliver the best possible quality for the titles, which are enlisted here. If there is a remaster in higher definition or with some nice modern addition like colorizing of frame count improvement, we make sure it appears here first. New movies, will be added as soon as they are available for everyone to consume. B advised, however, that in order to watch a movie without actually downloading it to the hard drive, you will need to register and log in. No other restrictions will ever be provided, and it is for free. Everything you need to do that is your email.

Usability and main features

In order to make our user’s experience as smooth and satisfying as he should expect, Bobtor features numerous ways to search for the preferred title. The bar on top can be used to enter a name of the flick, with a few major additions to the process. For example, you are able to enter a name partially, and the engine will still recognize a title or provide with a more extensive look on available genres. This will be useful if user wants to download torrent movies, but can’t recall the correct name.

bobtor streaming video

The main page delivers the most anticipated titles to the upper side of the page by a section called TOP Movies. Here you can quickly jump to the most popular recent title. Bear in mind, the movies on Bobtor are appearing much faster, that on any other sites, so rest assured, that you won’t ever miss anything. In addition, you can see the same info in wider form by pressing a TOP 300 button on the left side. The navigation menu on the left side is divided to such items:

  • Home – standard way to return to the starting point.
  • Movies 2018 – the hottest and the latest titles to watch.
  • Top IMDB – the best cinematography achievements, as seen by the most respected user-driven web site about movies.
  • HD Movies – high picture and sound quality is assured.
  • Serials – TV shows from all over the world to enjoy and follow.
  • Cartoons – achievements in 3D animation or traditional hand-painted masterpieces of any genre or country.

The navigation button PICK UP FILM simplifies the search process even further by letting user to pick a genre and estimated time gap of production. This ensures you will find a needed motion picture even if there’s no confidence in what to watch whatsoever.

bobtor playback window

User Experience

There are lots of similar web sites to download movies, but our approach to content delivery is more efficient. Any movie page already has the information about it, user rating and a mark for the trusted resource. Colorful screenshots provide a user with a clear and visible information on an image quality. Technical data helps to avoid misconceptions and errors. You can easily get the information on the crew, length and country of production.

Downloading is very easy and presented in two ways – as a torrent file or as a magnet link. An actual size of the file helps in making the decision. Additional button can reveal other useful data – picture resolution, running time, language, subtitle availability and so on.

Rating: 4.3 / 5 (based on 93 ratings) Thanks for your rating!

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Review of Bobtor – Fantastic Movie Streaming Site

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