Reviews of aTube Catcher for Mac (EL Capitan Included)

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Reviews of aTube Catcher for Mac (EL Capitan Included)

aTube Catcher is a free application that can be used to download videos from online video sharing sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube and many more. It allows you to save the downloaded videos in an array of formats, including MP4, MPG, AVI, FLV, 3PG, etc. for playing on a wide variety of devices. However, it only runs on Windows PCs and there is no aTube Cather for Mac version. If you’re using a Mac and want to get a Mac program that is similar to aTube Catcher, you should not miss this article. Here the best aTube Mac alternatives that are even better than aTube Catcher are reviewed. Simply get one and you won’t be bothered by how to download videos on Mac anymore.

Best aTube Catcher for Mac - Video Keeper

Video Keeper for Mac is a very good alternative to aTube Catcher for Mac OS X that offers an easy way to download online videos. It allows you to download videos from over 1000 different sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and so many others. Moreover, it also enables you to convert downloaded video files to the exact format you need, which makes it possible to enjoy the videos on your portable devices on the go. Once you download aTube Catcher for Mac, take a moment to read the guide to get an idea of just how easy it is to capture videos.

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Step1 Copy the Video Link

Make sure to download the app using the shortcut buttons given above. After installing and launching the app copy the video you wish to download. Use the short-cut keys “command+c” to copy text on Mac.
copy video link

Step2 Paste the Video Link

Go back to video keeper and head up to the “Download” tab, click the “Paste URL” button to initiate the download. The from there you will also see the progress of the download.

Vk copy the link

Step3 View the acquired video

Notice that the video being downloaded will then disappear, that means the download is successful. To watch it look for the “Completed” option form the sidebar on the left side of the interface.

VK preview

Aside from the download tab you can also use “Detect” tab to get videos online. In fact, it is recommended to use the “auto-detection” because this feature will do all the job for you. All you have to do is used the built-in browser to search for any video or movie sites, turn on “detect” located at the bottom left corner of the interface. Next, play the video and the tool will recognize the media being played then will download it in no time.

Step4 Convert Videos(Optional)

You will be able to view a video by clicking on it in the “Downloaded” menu as soon as the downloading completes. Double-clicking the video will let you view it in the built-in video player. You can also right-click the video you want and select “Open Folder” to check it in the output directory. If you want to play your videos on a specific device, you can convert them to the format you need. All that you need to do is navigate to the Converter tab and add the video you need to convert.

After the video has been loaded for conversion, you can then click Profile to select from a number of output presets for Apple devices. When you click on the “Apple” tab, you will be presented with icons of all the popular Apple devices.You are not just limited to Apple devices here, though, as there is a wide variety of different audio and video formats available for you to choose from. With a few moments depending on the size of files, you will have files that you can instantly play on your device with the need for an internet connection. When all the settings are done, click Convert to start the video conversion.

device output format

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Let’s have a little diversity on downloaders for Mac by getting to know Airy. As we all know how Apple value security on their software. That is why if you are an Apple user you might think that you can only do a little with it. Unlike Windows, you have many options. However, as the technology innovates Apple started to adopt some of the features supported by Windows. Though only a few apps will only compatible on Mac, it is nice to know that Apple allowed some Video Downloaders. Most especially by integrating apps on Safari. Airy is a free downloader app that can be integrated on Safari browser and easily download videos while streaming. If you are familiar with how do browser extensions work on Windows, then this will be just a piece of cake. The only difference is that it has a separate interface.It is like bookmarking a video that you want to get. Get started with Airy by reading the guide below.

Step1 Visit the Official Website

First go to the official website of Airy. Download the application to your computer.

airy adding process

Step2 Integrate the Extension

After acquiring the app add it as an extension. Head to the menu bar at the upper left-hand side of the screen. Click “Airy” scroll down to “Integrate to browser” then choose okay.

airy add to safari

Step3 Paste and Download video

Browse a video then copy the link and paste it to the airy application. Adjust the resolution by clicking the drop-down button then click the red “Download” button to download the video.

download the video

Video Downloader Free Online (Simple Alternative)

free screen recorder onlineIf you need a quick solution on downloading several video clips, then our site’s video downloader app will be an eligible one. Besides this option, there is another solution to the problem. Just look KeepVid, where you can download videos too without compromise. There is a video downloader called AceThinker Video Downloader Free Online which is the easiest website from other sharing websites. This contains a clear and easy-to-use site. First, choose the video what you want to download. Secondly, copy the URL into the searching zone on the AceThinker website. The video will automatically be downloaded in that form what you want. Here you should not backup for your computer if it is running in the cloud.

Once the app completes analyzing the video clip, it will then offer you a list of media formats available for saving your video file. You can choose one format you like, right-click on the smaller download icon beside it, and then select “Save Link as”. Such action will start downloading the video to a local drive. Wait a few moments and you could get the video file.

Step1 Copy URL

To start with this tool, you only need to fetch the link of the video you need to grab, copy & paste it into above field, and then click “Download”. It is compatible with other browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc.

analyze video link

Step2 Download your most liked video

Once the app completes analyzing the video clip, it will then offer you a list of media formats available for saving your video file. You can choose one format you like, right-click on the smaller download icon beside it, and then select “Save Link as”. Such action will start downloading the video to the local drive. Wait a few moments and you could get the video file.

choose video to download

VidMate – aTube Catcher for Android

vid mate for androidIf you like the experience of downloading videos on Android just like on computer, then the Video Downloader for Android will be an ideal choice. This free app can be found on Google Play Store and works as a simple download manager on your mobile. Once installed, you can access its built-in browser which lets you stream and download the video directly. You will also get a task list for browsing through the video clips being downloaded or complete. This app supports several video sites currently but may have some problems in downloading from YouTube depending on different devices.

It’s a pity that iOS users can hardly find a parallel app for downloading videos on their app. However, you may try to visit on your mobile. The app which has been reviewed in the above sections works for mobile as well. You can enter the URL of the desired video and grab it like working with a computer.

Look at these steps to know more about downloading and using the tool.

You can legally download videos from YouTube if you use the latest version of it. Just push the download button.

Step1 Download and get your software

Set up the app and run it on your android mobile.

Step2 Look for the right video

Search the video what you want to download. You get different downloading options if you push the pointed down arrow.

Step3 Configure the download

When you click on the arrow, you will see many variations for downloading. You can select the video’s size or quality if you just want to download in an audio file ( MPS, M4A). The downloading will automatically start after you choose the video’s format. Tap on the area in fluorescent lime. Now you accessed the downloading.

Step4 Save the process

The app will save your downloaded videos to the Download List in the Downloaded section. Access this operation through the mobile’s file manager, called Vidmate folder. You can add subtitles in Vidmate if it has implanted music.

AVGO Free Video Downloader

Watch your favorite movies and vies without being connected to the internet with AVGO downloader. This downloader for Mac will give you the ability to get videos online using your computer. Not only that it can also help you convert the video into the format you need. You might find it difficult to download videos on Hulu and other restrictive sites, this tool break that norm and soon will be supporting Netflix. AVGO is not your regular downloader. Many people find it really easy to use. Try the downloader by following steps below.

Step1 Download and install the app

Visit the official site of Avgo by clicking the hyperlink. Download and Install the app by following the installation process until the app is launched.

Step2 Copy and Paste the Link of the Video

Once the application is launched. Go to the site where you are going to grab a video. Copy the Link then click “paste URL” to download the video. Below the URL bar, you will see the download progress.
acquire a video

Step3 Download the Video

Another window will then show up where you can choose the format that you prefer. Click the format that you like then finally click “Download”.
select format and download


These are the most sought-after solutions that sharp-eyedou have a suitable alternative of the aTube Catcher in case you do not find the original program useful to your needs. However, these tools are very versatile and you shall be sharp eyed to locate the best application for yourself. For our recommendation, you should definitely try out the AceThinker tool for this purpose, as it is a professional program that will surely be helpful to all your needs. If you have better suggestions on aTube Catcher alternative solutions, feel free to discuss it below.

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