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Mobile gadgets have become very vital for users as they carry out every task via the device. In case you are connected to the internet and desire to watch YouTube videos on android gadgets, it is extremely hard because of the sluggish internet connection.

It takes a lengthy period for the video buffering to finish the task. As the buffering comes to a completion, the user may become uninterested in paying attention to the song. Images and sounds which are irregular are very irritating and one may sympathize with a person who wants to listen to online music. Android video downloader can be an answer for people can download the video to their computer from the internet and move the content to mobile gadgets.

Videos are present in varied file formats such as AVI and FLV; so they should be transformed to an appropriate set-up for users. Users are able to link to varied applications present on the website; here, it is possible to download YouTube videos and transform into a single package.

TubeMate (Android App)

tubemate for android
2 - 4 mins
Android Only

Android TubeMate YouTube downloader is simple to download and utilize. Users can embark on a search for videos they desire to download from YouTube. They simply need adhere to the wizards. Through this application, videos are downloaded promptly and can be saved straight in your mobile phone for Android. It is full of various options also to tailor your download. Downloading multiple files simultaneously is simple to do. It is able to search video files and download them from YouTube prior to download and after also. With Android TubeMate YouTube downloader, users can form their personal playlists also.

The application’s interface also presents data on the video being played or downloaded. Overall, Android TubeMate YouTube downloader backs ID3 also for extra information on the album, title and artist.

Videoder (Android App)

2-5 Mins
YouTube Only

Videoder is an app for downloading video which is simple; it enables you to download web videos. A user just needs to conduct a search in the web browser of the video, which is combined with the app. Following the search of the video in web browser, catalogue of videos is shown which matches your search.

After this, scroll to get the video you are looking for and press on the video. After clicking on the video, the video specifics are shown together with links for downloading relevant resolutions. When any of the links are clicked on, the video is downloaded and saved to your default storage.

FVD (Computer Software)

3-5 Mins
Play to Grab

The app for Free Video downloader allows you to download videos which are not distributed in the internet. When the app is opened, a screen is displayed which has a button for ‘Open Browser.’ After you press on this button, it takes you to a combined web browser that is similar to your interface’s regular web browser. You are now able to search any browser’s video and after getting the video you want, just press on the video and it instantly shows a pop up; this saves the video on your gadget. You have a choice to give the video another name also and save it.

Easy Downloader (Android App)

The 2Easy team created the application for Easy Downloader. They are the ones who presented Easy downloader pro, Easy Battery Saver, Easy Task Killer Advanced, Easy App Lock – Manager and Easy Ads Killer and Easy Downloader Pro. Among Android Play Store app developers, they are among the most reliable.

easy downloader android

The app presents an uncomplicated interface and you should download a suitable web browser for the app. After the browser is downloaded or if already your gadget has it established, run the video and press the share option. The share option activates your mobile gadget’s popup share options where the Easy downloader is found. When you choose the app for Easy downloader in share options, the video is going to be downloaded to your gadget.

Download Manager (Android App)

The app for Download manager is an app which is a superior cooldownloader which allows you to download any file, despite the size or layout. The app consists of a web browser which is tailored and combined with it.

download manager android

After opening this browser in the app, it is going to guide you to a page that will present you with some fast links to websites which have music, video and other files for downloading. Choose any link from the group of video and press on the video which you desire to download. Now the video is going to be downloaded to your gadget.

Tips to Download and Transfer Videos onto Android

If the above Android apps do not fit your need or you feel it more convenient to download videos on computer, you can also go through the tips here to put videos on your gadgets properly. However, it involves two steps that you need to download video clips on computer and then transfer them to your mobile.

Step1 Download Videos on Computer

First of all, go to and load the free downloader on your web browser. You can simply copy and paste the URL of a video clip into the download field. After clicking “Download”, this tool will expand a list of downlodable media formats including MP3, MP4, AVI, etc. Right-click on a media format you like and then select “Save link as”. It will then take a short while to save what you need from the web.

keepvid online

If you’re looking forward to downloading multiple video clips with better control on video management, you may also check the desktop software like Video Keeper. This tool works smoothly for downloading videos from multiple platforms and turning them into desired formats. It can also export the downloaded files to device compatible formats with presets of output profile. Furthermore, it has the versatile functions of video transfer, video recorder, player and more.

2-4 Mins
Very Easy

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Step2 Transfer Videos to Android Phone

Secondly. you need to transfer downloaded files to your mobile, you can go through the steps below to do the trick:

  • – Turn on your Android mobile and connect it to your computer. Wait for your system detect the connection and scan your memory card in your phone.
  • – Tap the notification window which comes up your mobile screen and then tap "USB Connection" (or ‘USB Connected’) depending on the version of Android you’re using.
  • – Tap "Turn on USB Storage" or similar button and then go through "Mount", "USB Mass Storage" (or ‘Disk Drive’). When you’re done, return to your computer.
  • – Press "Windows" and "E" buttons to activate File Explorer, click "File" on ribbon bar and then "Open New Window". Now you got several windows on your screen.
  • – In File Explorer, navigate to "Videos" link on left-side, double click the drive letter on the Android’s memory card in right-side file explorer window. Now you can click into the "Movie" or "Videos" folder.
  • – Now you can check the videos in your local directory and then drag them into the Android’s video folder.
  • – Wait for the process completes and then tap he notification windows on your mobile to turn off USB storage.
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