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Last updated on September 15, 2017 by Christina Green
divx converterWe all store offline videos for the purpose of playing it later. Video files such as movies or music videos of popular artists or documentaries of BBC or National Geographic Channel are stored by people all over the world in the computer or mac’s hard drives for the purpose of sharing or playing later. These video files are available in a variety of formats which use different codecs. DivX is one such codec which is well known for its ability to compress big video files into acceptable sizes. However as all videos are not available in DivX format, it becomes essential to convert videos to DivX format from other formats using a video converter for the purpose of storing it. Here we will look at some DivX converters that you can use to convert videos of different formats into the DivX format using the DivX codec, or vise versa.

1. Best DivX Converter for Mac and Windows

AceThinker Video Master is high performing video converter that is fairly popular amongst video enthusiasts. It can convert videos to almost all formats and also suitable for you smart phones, PSPs and Play Stations. This converter is known to convert videos very fast without compromising on the quality of the file. There are customization options through which you can determine the length, breadth, and size of the videos you want. There is an additional grabber feature that lets you records videos if you come across one on the internet and also supports downloading of videos from popular video streaming websites. Editing features such trimming cutting, and copying videos are also available.

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2. Free Online DivX Converter

Acethinker online video converter is the best amongst all online video converters. It lets you convert offline videos to your chosen format online and that also for free. There are options to customize a video to add your own content to make a new video. A desktop tool is also available, and it has earned a lot of respect from users for being always operational, unlike most online converters which show errors every now and then.

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3. Handbrake

Handbrake is cross-platform open source software that has a minimalistic design and gets the job done without much fuss. It can convert any video to the format with the codec of your choice. Handbrake is fairly popular software that people use, and usually, there are no complaints with it. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu and as it is open-source, it is free. handbrake

4. Format Factory

Format Factory is a one-stop shop for all of your formatting needs. It’s free and available only on the windows platform. Format factory can convert videos from one format to another, audio from one format to another, images from one format to another and can also convert iso files and split iso files. The user interface is very pleasant and categorized. Free HD Video Converter

5. Aiseesoft Mac Video Converter

A well-known software converter for MAC that can convert any video file into DivX format. The best feature of the software is that you can create studio quality videos with this software and this software provides many video editing tools also. You can convert 2D videos to 3D and also add watermark to a video file. However, it is a bit pricey when compared to its competitors. aiseesoft mac video converter

6. AVS Media Converter

Windows only software that is a freeware. Best for converting videos to DivX formats suitable for viewing on mobile devices. It has multilingual support, and unlike other products, it gets the job done without pressurizing your system too much. It also has a document editor and converter inbuilt. The software also comes with a disc creator and a registry cleaner. avs video converter

7. DivX Converter

DivX converter is software that is available for Windows and Mac. With DivX converter transcoding videos of up to 4K resolution is possible. $K resolution videos will seem life like when seen on a supported screen. This software has to transcode presets which enable you to create cater made videos files for any particular device. DivX converter gives you full freedom in choosing the bitrate, video resolution, and file size. It is also possible to rotate the video wide before converting. All of this you get for free. divx converter

8. Free Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is usually not that much preferred but well if your system is not a powerful one. It uses the internet to convert video and gives a choice of the most common formats and codecs to choose from, DivX being one of them. The video, however, needs to be downloaded separately as a link to the converted video is sent to the user’s inbox. There is a limitation on the size of the video that can be uploaded for conversion and uploading also takes time.

9. Media Coder

MediaCoder is relatively an unknown name in the world of video converters. It is a free application and complex to use but once understood it is probably the most useful application in terms of features. It is a multi-threaded application that uses the hyper threading feature present in the recent windows processors. Other than video conversion it also supports audio and video enhancement through the application of various filters present in the software. Media Coder uses the different features of a CPU and a GPU to accelerate the video conversion. mediacoder

10. MacX Video Converter Pro

Available for both Mac and windows users, MacX Video Converter Pro is made to match the requirements of a basic as well as advanced user. The most common problem in DivX is that when converting into DivX or from DivX the audio tends to get lost. This application gives special attention towards retention of audio while converting video files to DivX or converting from DivX to other formats. It is fast and can use Intel Quick Sync Feature to convert videos fast into your chosen formats. macx-video-converter So, there you have it, the list of the most popular video format changes which support DivX and are available for use in Windows or Mac. Most of these applications are free and will serve you the purpose. Each has unique features of its own, and it is best if you choose the one that can add extra value and offer the best deal.

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  • I always used Free Online Video Converter but it has recently been giving me issues for some reason so I was looking for other options. Thanks for all this information. DivX is downloading right now!
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