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How to Undo Delete to Restore Your Files

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How to Undo Delete to Restore Your Files

Organizing the things on your workspace is important. It makes the space look neat and tidy to avoid confusion and other things that can affect work efficiency. Same thing is applicable for your PC device, as we all know, you can store a lot of things on your PC device. So organizing the files on your PC device is important as well. But most of us have experienced, that while organizing our files, they got duplicated or worst, got deleted. When we accidentally delete a file, it does not mean that it’s gone permanently from the device. However, the file that was deleted is still there somewhere and all we just need to do is restore it. Read on to know different ways to undo delete and restore the files that were accidentally deleted.

Robust Tool to Undo Delete in both Windows and Mac OS

Both Windows and Mac have their own trash bin. But these bins have their limitations, for instance, the recycle bin of Windows have a storage limit. If that limit is reached, Recycle bin will automatically replace the old files with the new ones. Same goes with Mac’s trash bin. For instances when the file you want to recover is still in the bin, or have been permanently deleted from the system. You can use Acethinker Disk Recovery to undo deleted files. This powerful tool is able to recover files that were deleted permanently from the system. And it works well with both Windows and Mac. The interface is also the same so there won’t be any problem. Here are the steps on how to use Acethinker Disk Recovery to undo deleted files from both Windows and Mac.

Step1 Download the Installer

Click the button below to get the right version of this data recovery program and then follow the wizard to install it on your Windows or Mac device to continue.

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Step2 Choose What Type of File to Restore

After installation, on the home screen, you will be given the choices of which type of files to restore. Click the right file type and click “Next”.

select file type

Step3 Select Recycle/Trash Bin to Scan

On the next screen, select the storage drive, in this case click the Recycle/Trash bin and click “Next” to start the scan.

scan recycle bin

Step4 Restore the Correct File

Once the scan is complete, the list of the deleted files from the Recycle/Trash bin will appear, just click the file you need and click “Recover” to save the file/s.

recover the file

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Manually Undo Deletion on Windows

Windows have a built-in undo action options. These are the undo/redo functions. For advanced Windows users, they can use this option by pressing the shortcut keys. The other tool is the restore option which is only accessible on the recycle bin. Here are the steps on how to undo accidental deletion on Windows.

2.1 Windows Undelete Shortcut Key

Windows have tools or option to restore recently deleted files. One of them is by using the “CTRL + Z” keys simultaneously. This is the shortcut key for the Undo option on Windows which allows you to revert the actions that you did previously. Let’s say for example, you were dragging a file to a different folder and accidentally deleted it, you can undo that by using the said Shortcut keys. Here are the steps on how use the “CTRL + Z” shortcut keys to undo unwanted deletion.

Step1 Open the File Location

Open the file folder where the deleted files was, before it got deleted.

accidental deletion

Step2 Press the CTRL+Z keys

Make sure that you are on the correct folder. Next press the “CTRL” key for two seconds, followed by the “Z” key to undo the deletion on that folder.

undo shortcut keys

2.2 Windows Recycle Bin Restore Option

Recycle bin is the go to place of the files that are being deleted. The files that were deleted before are all stored there, until they get replaced by a new deleted file, or be deleted from the system permanently. The reason why the files go to recycle bin is to give the user a chance to recover the file if they still need it. But the time the file can stay on the recycle bin is limited. Recycle bin have a maximum storage space capacity, once it reached its maximum, it will delete the files that have been there the longest. So this is recommended for recently deleted files. Here are the steps on how to restore deleted files from the recycle bin.

Step1 Open the Recycle Bin from the Desktop

From the Desktop, click the Recycle bin icon and right click it to open the menu, click the “Open” option to expand the recycle bin window and see the contents of recycle bin.

click recycle bin

Step2 Select the Right File

Among the contents of the recycle bin, search for the right file that was mistakenly deleted. Once the deleted file is in sight, click it and right click to open the extended menu.

select the file

Step3 Restore the File Deleted by Mistake

From the menu, hover the mouse pointer over the other option, until you reach the Restore option. Click the “Restore” option to get the file back to it’s original folder or location.

restore deleted file

Undelete Files on Mac

Mac OS was created without any recovery tool. That is why if a file is deleted permanently from the system, then it’s going to be a hard task to get them back. However, for files that were just recently deleted, or by mistake were put into trash, there is a way to get them back. Here are the steps on how to undo delete from a Mac device.

Step1 Open the Trash bin

For deleted Mac files, like Windows, Mac have a place where deleted files are stored, and that is the Trash bin. First thing to do is to open the Trash bin, which is on the “Dock”.

open trash bin

Step2 Recover the Right File

From the contents of the Trash bin, select the right file and drag it to the desktop, or right click on the selected file and click the “Put back” option.

restore the file


Accidentally deleting an important file can frustrate all people. This is most common for people with not much experience operating a PC device. But with the right knowledge and methods, there won’t be anything to worry about as there are several ways to undo deleted files in both Windows and Mac. Just follow the steps above and you will be fine. If all else fails, you can always use recovery tools like use Acethinker Disk Recovery to efficiently do the job. Recovering accidentally deleted files has never been this fast and safe.

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