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How to Find and Restore Deleted Files in Windows 10

Last updated on September 24, 2018 by Bryan

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How to Find and Restore Deleted Files in Windows 10

“I was trying to free up some memory on my Windows 10 computer but accidentally deleted files i shouldn’t. How can I retrieve those deleted files?” It must have happened to all of us: we delete a file and then we soon realize that it was not a good idea at all. We want to get the file back desperately, but is there a way? Fortunately, there are many ways indeed to recover deleted files in Windows 10. Here we are going to talk about the best way to restore Windows 10 deleted files. You can just follow this guide to undelete files in Windows 10 or earlier versions.

Disk Recovery - Best File Recovery Software for Windows 10

acethinker disk recoveryAceThinker Disk Recovery is one of the best data recovery tool for Windows 10. With it, will be able to recover images, music, documents, and many other file types easily. It’s Deep scan feature will let you search for and recover anything you need. You can recover your lost or deleted files from your Windows Recycle Bin, Desktop and even recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10 in few minutes.

Below are the detailed steps to retrieve deleted files in Windows 10 using Disk Recovery:

Step1 Download and Install Disk Recovery

Click the download button below to get the right version of this Windows 10 data recovery tool. Install it by following the steps in the installation wizard. When done, launch the program if it has not done so automatically.

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Step2 Select the Data Type

You then have to select the type of files you wish to recover. If the deleted file was a video file, then check the small box next to “Video”. Hit “Next” when done.

select the data

Step3 Select the Location of Scan

Now you have to choose where you want to recover the file from. You can click “Don’t Remember” Scan the whole PC device with the tool to find the deleted files and click “Next” to start the scan.

scan whole computer device

Step4 Restore Deleted Files Windows 10

The program will now scan your computer in an attempt to find deleted files in Windows 10. Once the scan is over, you will be returned with a list of files that the toll has managed to restore. Tick the one(s) you want to get back and hit “Recover” to undelete files in Windows 10.

disk recovery files

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Other Tips on Retrieving Deleted Files Windows 10

Step1 Check If You Really Deleted the File

delted file It could be that you have just accidentally misplaced the file. If you suspect that this might have happened, perform a search on the file name in File Explorer. Also, check your Recycle Bin. The files you delete get moved to the Recycle Bin from where you can easily restore them. This is Windows 10 undo delete function, which is quite useful. But do keep in mind that if you have emptied your Recycling Bin, then restoring the files will be a lot more difficult. Programs such as CCleaner empty your Recycle Bin by default when you run them. To prevent this from happening, make sure you disable automatic Recycle Bin emptying when you use such tools. So you might be asking “How can I retrieve deleted files if I have emptied my Recycle Bin?”. The answer is: you have to use a data recovery tool, which we will write about in more detail later. Win 10 undelete files are illustrated below: If you deleted the file from your cloud storage account (Google Drive, Dropbox etc), then also check among your deleted files – the equivalent of the Recycle Bin in Windows.

Step2 Check Your Back-up Files

recover windows 10 from backupRestore files Windows 10 or earlier versions by checking your backups. Backing up your data regularly is very useful in case you lose your files for some reason. Everyone should be making use of Windows’ built-in backup tools such as File History. Trust us, it will save yourself a headache when your files vanish. So, if you do have a backup from sometime in the near past, make sure to check it thoroughly, because the file you are looking for might just be there.

Step3 Scan the Hard Drives

hdd-ssd It is important to distinguish between a Solid-state Drive and a Magnetic Hard Drive. When you delete a file from the latter, the file is not deleted instantly. The pointer to the file is removed instead, making the data available for overwriting. Therefore, with a data recovery tool, you scan for any leftover data that is still present. Conversely, when you delete a file from a Solid-state Drive, the data is permanently deleted. Modern solid-state drives support the TRIM command, which immediately wipes data immediately to free up space. So, unfortunately, if you have a solid-state drive, the bad news is you have no way of getting your files back.


It’s not bad to try and learn to fix the problems on a computer by yourself. But since we do not know everything about a computer system, we sometimes end up creating another problem instead of fixing it. Most of the time, when we delete an important file from the system, Windows 10 will surely have a problem. When this happens, it better to leave the job of undeleting the lost data to a professional data recovery tool like Disk Recovery. The compact and powerful tool that will do the job fast and efficiently to avoid unnecessary problems. This is the best course of action because not only it will undelete Windows 10 lost data, but can also recover any other file that you need.

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