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Feasible and Helpful Ways to Restore Deleted Partition

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Feasible and Helpful Ways to Restore Deleted Partition

People generally run into a dilemma when they click on the delete button to erase important file other wish they could return the hands of digital time and recover already lost files. It’s terrible that your partition was deleted due to accidental deletion, power failures, data corruption, broken sections, and so on. Now you’ve lost all the important data on the partition. However, you never have to be desperate because the deleted partition can be restored with the right tool. In this post, we will discuss how to recover deleted partition using different methods.

How to Restore Deleted Partition Using CMD

This built-in utility allows Windows users to perform many operations under Windows through a number of commands, such as shutting down computers, running programs, checking and repairing system errors, etc. Many users have had the experience of deleting files with a command prompt command, but only a few know that they can also recover deleted partition through CMD.

CMD is an effective data recovery solution if you have accidentally deleted files on a hard drive, formatted USB stick, or unintentionally emptied the trash, or if the SD card becomes corrupted, you can use the command prompt to restore lost files, such as photos, pictures, or Word files. Normally, we only suggest the user who already has a lot of experience with computer technology to recover deleted partition with CMD.

Step1 Press key R and enter cmd

Press Windows key + R and enter “cmd”.

press to open

Step2 Press Enter and open cmd

Press Enter and open “cmd.exe” as administrator; Then enter ” chkdsk X: / f ” and press Enter (Where X stands for your disk).

open cmd administrator

Step3 Press Y to continue

Press “Y” to continue the process.

press Y to continue

Step4 Restore deleted data

Type ” X: ” again; Enter ” [X: \> attrib -h -r -s / s / d *. *] “. This command will restore any deleted data on the disk.

restore deleted data on disk

Recover Files from Deleted Partition with Disk Recovery

Sometimes the CMD way to retrieve deleted partition doesn’t work. If it’s the case, you’d better turn to professional third party data recovery programs like AceThinker Disk Recovery. It’s a powerful partition recovery tool that can help you recover lost information from your partitions. Equipped with a intuitive interface, the process to recover deleted partition can be quite easy. You can follow the steps below to recover your data.

Step1 Install and Launch The Program

Install the program, by clicking the download button below. Then, after installation, let the software run.

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Step2 Select What to Recover from Deleted Partition

When launching and opening the application to restore deleted partition, you will encounter three categories in which the search for lost files will be necessary: “all files”, “multimedia files” and “documents, archives, and emails”. Tick one or multiple according to your needs and click Next to proceed.

Step3 Select Location to Search for Files

What you need to carry out to recover deleted partition next would be to choose the specific device that you intend to restore files and click “Next”, the tool will thus perform an analysis of your device selected.

connect disks

When you are faced with a circumstance in which you cannot find your device among the drives detected by the AceThinker, follow these steps:

  • Click on cannot find the drive
  • Choose a reader and click on search
  • Say you have truly found your very own desired partition; you want to click on “Scan”
  • And again, if perhaps you don’t find your desired partition out there, click on “advanced search” then you will get the stuff you want, and then start the analysis.

Step4 View the Files

At the end of the search process, the detected files would be programmed in various folders depending on the nature and path found, you will find these folders on the left side of the application, on the other side you would see the display details of each file searched. The additional data includes the names, the size, the dated file was created and the date it made changes, just in case you are still not sure if you chose the right file, click on the file and you would have a preview that will display the entire data.

preview a file

Step5 Recover Files from Deleted Partition

Once you have previewed the files, you can check the folders containing the files you want and then click “Recover” to restore the data. In a situation where you have not found the desired files, click on “Deep Scan”, the application would perform a more detailed search and recover the file you are looking to be restored. Furthermore, if you decide to opt out of the recovery process, click “Shut Down” and then “OK” in the dialog box that will appear to confirm the decision.

recover your files

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Sometimes it’s a virus infection, a power failure, or too fast a click on the wrong button, and then the entire hard drive partition is suddenly erased. Everything is gone, not only the files and folders but also the entire drive. At this point, you definitely want to recover the lost disk partition, and the AceThinker Disk Recovery will actually be the tool you can avail yourself with. It is a partition recovery tool that can examine the hard disk fast in this case at the hardware level and, without delay, restore deleted partition.

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